25+ Awesome Backyard Duck Pond Ideas and Designs

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A duck pond in your backyard gives it both the water feature and adds a natural segment. It introduces nature to your property in both an organic and appealing manner.

You’ll love how it turns it into a natural asylum. There are just so many reasons you should consider having one in your backyard. Here are some backyard pond ideas to consider.

best backyard duck pond ideas

1.  Floating House

Floating House

One thing about ducks is they love bathing in water. To make it more suitable for them, you can build their pond right under their home to keep them near the water.

Try connecting their house to the pond using bamboo sticks by creating a sloping bamboo walk. This will keep them from falling in as they walk out of their house.

2.  Create a Simple Waterfall Duck Pond

Create a Simple Waterfall Duck Pond

It is a very simple DIY duck pond. A simple waterfall duck pond in your backyard doesn’t require much. Just put a poly stock tank under a hole, and then use rocks to cover the edge.

To achieve a waterfall feature, create two mountains by moving soil over the large pond. Set the two containers in a place and fill them with water.

3.  Using a Bathtub As a Duck Pond

Using a Bathtub As a Duck Pond

You may be having a separate bathtub in your compound that no one is using. Why not use it as a pond for the ducks in your backyard? A separate tub usually is significant in size and can fit many ducks. Remember to add a ramp to make it easy for them to climb in and out of the pond.

4.  Pond With a Small Island

Pond With a Small Island

This can be a perfect alternative when you have nothing to use as a duck pond in your backyard. You can customize a lake pond for your ducks.  Though this takes time, it is worth the effort.

Dig a deep hole around a green land. Remember to align it with plastic before you think of filling it with water to act as a barrier between the earth and water.

5.  Go for a Large Galvanized Tank

Go for a Large Galvanized Tank

If you have many ducks in your backyard, then this would be a perfect choice. Give them the freedom to swim together while dunking their little heads in the water.

For a tall tank, insert a little bit of it into a hole to a good enough length for the ducks to jump in and out comfortably. Otherwise, provide an alternative way for them to use it.

6.  Consider a Kano Duck Pond

Consider a Kano Duck Pond

A Kano duck pond can work quite well. Most people don’t like digging, so they opt for other alternative ways to achieve the same result.

If you belong to this group of people, you may want to consider using a canoe as the duck pond in your backyard.  You can place it near big stones to allow ducks to jump in with ease.

7.  White Line Duck Pond

White Line Duck Pond

White and green are two bold colors that contrast each other creating a significant dissimilarity. If you already have a duck pond in your backyard, consider the possibility of adding the White Sea pebbles along the edge of the pond.

Green plants will later grow among these pebbles creating the beautiful contrast you envisioned.

8.  Create a Boomerang Pond

Create a Boomerang Pond

Design a boomerang shape of the duck pond in your backyard. It is a simple process, so pick up your tool and start digging. Ensure it is deep enough, put the pond liner, then cover it with stones.

You can pour mortar on its edge, attach it with slabs and let it dry before filling it up with water. One thing to note is that the pond should remain deep even after using stones.

9.  A Simple DIY Duck Pond Will Do

A Simple DIY Duck Pond Will Do

You can place a big pond in front of the duck’s house. The ducks would love jumping in and out of the duck pond right from their house. Surround the rough plastic’s edge with big stones to secure it and keep the water inside the pond.

Consider adding a fence around to keep the ducks away from predators. You can also grow plants near this setting to add a greenery look.

10. You Can Never Go Wrong With An Aquatic Look

You Can Never Go Wrong With An Aquatic Look

For some of us with huge backyards, you can build an aquatic backyard duck pond. This large pond will provide a playing ground for the ducks, enhancing their beauty with a natural look.

Put it where there are many trees to provide shade. You can sit under the shade when chilling out with family and friends as you watch the ducks play.

11.  Why Not A Rusty Duck Pond?

Why Not A Rusty Duck Pond?

The good thing about ducks is that they don’t care about how the pond looks.  As long as they can have their bath, they’re ok. You can use a rusty bathtub for this purpose.

The bathtub has a drainage hole to allow you to spill out the water and clean the pond with ease. You only need to attach a ramp to it to enable easier movement.

12.  Twins Waterfall Duck Pond

Twins Waterfall Duck Pond

This pond is for those who want to go the artistic way in their creation. A perfect location for a twins’ waterfall pond is under trees. Dig a deep hole, then line it with pond liner, cover it up with several stones.

Finally, to frame the pond, lay the rocks on top of one another. Put waterfall spill rocks on both the right and left sides of the pond for the twin waterfalls.

13.  Construct a Duck Pond under a Bridge

Construct a Duck Pond under a Bridge

This type of duck pond is extraordinary. Many pebbles surround this pond dividing the water from the ground. Stone rivers are placed on top of one another to keep the trees. A wooden bridge connects the duck coop with the green land next to the pond.

14.  Try Rustic Waterfall

Try Rustic Waterfall

Building a water feature in a backyard with ducks is a plus. You get the beauty and a place for the ducks to swim. Consider a circular backyard duck pond with a rustic waterfall from bricks. You can complete this rustic look by pouring dark pebbles into the entire pond area.

15.  Ever Thought of A Pond On Duck Coop?

Ever Thought of A Pond On Duck Coop?

Do you love keeping ducks, but you lack space in your backyard? You can be creative enough to construct a pond on a duck coop. With this idea, you utilize the little space you have in your backyard and give the ducks a safe playground.

16. Consider Building a Duckponic

Consider Building a Duckponic

A duck pond near plants will help them grow fast. Use the right process to ensure they don’t step on the plants.

Build a coop pond with some pots of plants above it. Add two ramps to the pond. The first ramp helps the ducks reach the pond, and the second one to climb on the deck.

17. Natural Rocks Duck Pond

Natural Rocks Duck Pond

Align the big natural stones to form a pathway to this pond. This pond naturally forms on the lower grounds allowing water to flow freely from the higher grounds. You can add different shades of color to the ground to create a unique pond space.

18. A Blue Backyard Pond

A Blue Backyard Pond

Buy a sizeable portable pool, blue in color, to act like a duck pond. Connect a ramp to it to allow the duck to jump in and out of it.

The fact that it is portable makes cleaning it easy once the ducks finish swimming. Use a hosepipe to fill it up with water.

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19. Use A Truck Tier

Use A Truck Tier

Begin with collecting natural stones, tiers, and plastic for this pond. Dig a hole for the tier, cut the tier’s edge, and then put it in the hole.

The next step is to flatten the soil and remove anything that could tear the plastic. Spread the plastic in; arrange the natural stones until they form a wire-like fence. Fill it up with water.

20.  A No-Dig Backyard Duck Pond

A No-Dig Backyard Duck Pond

You need to have pieces of boards, furring strips, pond liner, and raised bed brackets to put this together.

Construct the frame with bed brackets and boards, and then spread the pond liner over the frame leaving approximately 3ft of the liner overlapping over each side. Neat the overlapping liner, then secure it with furring strips.

21. Sea Pond Idea

Sea Pond Idea

Get an ocean-themed container for the ducklings. The container will allow you to adjust the water depth since ducklings cannot swim in a deep pond. This type of pond is portable, with a low maintenance cost, and very easy to clean.

22. Customize A Rubbermaid Tub Into A Duck Pond

Customize A Rubbermaid Tub Into A Duck Pond

A Rubbermaid tub duck pond is perfect for few ducks and a small backyard space. You can buy this type from amazon. Dig a hole in a designated location, put a Rubbermaid tub in it, spread some pebble stones around the tub, and fill it with water.

23.  A Planted Zen Container Pond

A Planted Zen Container Pond


A zen container pond is perfect for placing in your backyard. The process of setting it up is not complicated at all. You only need an enormous container, plants, and water to make it happen. A planted zen container duck pond is typically used for small backyards. One disadvantage is that it can only serve few ducks.

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24.  A Fancy Backyard Duck Pond

A Fancy Backyard Duck Pond


Dig a deep hole, then place the pond liner inside the hole and cut the edges to fit perfectly. Pour river sand on top of the liner to keep it in place. Add a pump and hose to it to make sure the water is running till it fills up. You can then nail the panels together to create a nice frame and keep the pond liner from slipping inwards.

25. A Contemporary Garden Water Feature Duck Pond

A Contemporary Garden Water Feature Duck Pond

A contemporary Garden Water Feature Duck Pond is a remarkable solar-powered water feature. It combines the beauty of natural materials with a more modern design. It creates a perfect pond for your pet ducks where they could swim and duck their heads.

DIY Backyard Duck Pond Ideas – FAQS

How Deep Does A Duck Pond Need To Be?

A duck pond doesn’t have to be profound. 18″-24″ depth is enough to keep most ducks happy. Create a slop opening to the pond to allow ducks to move in and out of the pond easily.

What Can I Use For A Duck Pond?

Simple; a duck pond only requires water and a container or hole to store the water. Water should be clean all the time and also deep enough to allow the ducks to immerse their whole heads.

Do Backyard Ducks Need A Pond?

Backyard Ducks don’t need a pond to be happy, but they enjoy swimming in a pool of water. They also need deep enough water sources to keep their mucous membranes moist all the time.

Do Ducks Help Clean Ponds?

Yes. Ducks love to eat algae and are great for cutting down on algae that overrun ponds. They eat frogs’ eggs too; this minimizes the number of frogs in the pond. Small snakes are not spared either; they are food for the ducks.

How Do I Keep My Duck Pond Clean Naturally?

 Consider implementing barley straw when you first set your pond up. Barley straw will not be as effective if algae are already in the duck pond. Note that algae is good for the water and animals in the pond so don’t add too much barley straw.


I hope you find an ideal for your backyard duck pond idea for your backyard from the list above. Remember to leave feedback on the comment box below on how you have benefitted from this article.