28+ Best Gold Christmas Decor Ideas

Effective Christmas décor turns your house into a holiday home, ready for the festive season. Visitors will surely appreciate the time and effort taken to adorn your home using these golden decorations.

1- Golden embellishment on Christmas tree

A traditional, green Christmas tree can be adorned with golden star at the top. It can be complemented with golden corn stacks, ball ornaments, and golden leaves to match the look.

This design is a perfect example of what is meant by ‘Anything looks better with gold’.

2- Black and gold beaded wreath

In this design, a contemporary take on traditional farmhouse wreath is adopted. Instead of using flowers, hay or green leaves, this wreath can be made from black and golden Christmas ornaments stitched together in alternating fashion.

While stitching, one has to make sure that all ornaments are stacked closely with each other. Combine this with a black/golden ribbon in the middle.

3- Pure gold tree

Rather than a custom design, this variant of Christmas tree comes in golden color. All aspects of this tree including the stem, leaves, ornaments, star, and the corn stacks are gold embossed or painted.

Such options can be readily available in the market. To make this design, you may try using spray paint your existing Christmas tree golden.


4- Gold and silver fireplace design

You can decorate your white painted fireplace with golden and silver colored Christmas ornamental balls. One can try arranging them in a drooping fashion from the center of the fireplace.

Make sure that while arranging them along the strings, and keep additional length on the string so that extra ornaments can be glued together.

5- A golden Merry Christmas

In this design, one can suspend a ‘Merry Christmas’ décor sign, made in golden color against his/her fireplace slab. This will go very well with golden ornaments on the adjacent Christmas tree, and the silver candle stands/lanterns placed on top of the fireplace slab.


6- Golden eggs and ornaments

For creating this design aesthetic, use as many golden-foil covered faux eggs and Christmas ornaments as possible.

You may place them in small baskets or transparent pouches, to go well with the garland arrangement. While making the garland, make sure that a contrasting color such as light brown is selected for the ribbon/string. 

7- Gold-edged photo frame

You can match the Christmas tree design with empty photo frames placed behind the tree, on your dark-painted wall.

Make sure that the edge of each photo frame is covered with golden colored foil paper. You can also draw patterns on these edges.

8- Golden gift wraps

You can use golden-colored gift wraps for wrapping gifts for presenting to kids and visitors. This is a tasteful design choice, that also captures the spirit of Christmas. Tied together with twine threads, you can use a gold-and-white patterned feather to complete the look.


9- Golden ice skating shoes

You can add a touch of creativity by painting your white ice-skating shoe blades with golden color. You can also tie glitter-ribbons on the ankle portion of your skating shoes to complement this arrangement


10- Ornaments engraved with calligraphic wordings

In this design, golden ornamental balls can be engraved or written with beautifully styled Christmas messages.

Suspending them on your Christmas tree would improve the creative might of your Christmas décor. Also, you may use them for adorning your garlands over a fireplace.


11. Gold deer ornaments


12. Tree ornaments


13. Kate spade ornaments


14. Metal garland


15. Gold lantern


16. Black and gold Christmas


17. Gold Christmas Wreath

18. Gold and white fridge 


19-20. Gold candles

21. Gold table settings

22. White trees with gold glitter


23. Gold pine cone and pineapple

24. Gift wrapping in gold and white


25. Gold frame

26. Gold light from lanterns

27. Gold staircase lanterns

28. Gold and white cushions



Golden decoration elements in your Christmas décor ideas will heighten their overall charm and class. There are a countless number of gorgeous and breath-taking design options available in the market for you to try. A majority of golden Christmas ornaments can be homemade.


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