26 Ideas for Girls Who Want To Get Married on Halloween

When you marry the first thing you want (besides a good man, of course) is that your wedding is just like in your dreams. But what happens if your dreams are NIGHTMARES?

If you are a girl who loves horror movies, Halloween and the color black and you want a party that reflects your dark soul, these terrifying ideas will leave you with cold blood.

1. An old sewing machine can be an incredible table

2. Who said that women only get married in white?

3. If you do not want to wear black, maybe your bridesmaids will

4. The photographs will be incredible!

5. Very elegant sneakers to match the dress

6. Darks but elegant invitations

7. O creative ouija type

8. Even pranksters and terrifying!

9. A touch of black in the hood will make a difference

10. For an unforgettable kiss

11. Every little detail counts

12. Both will look great and different

13. Add a touch of gold to the black cake

14. Even the menu can match the decoration

15. The candles always remain with everything

16. You can use those fangs that we all had as little ones

17. If in addition to terror, yours is realism

18. It is not necessary to saturate black, a few details are enough

19. A candy table that will make you feel at Halloween

20. Use your imagination to create centerpieces that everyone will want to take

21. Make your favorite movie part of the wedding

22. So that the drinks are “well dead”

23. They’re even going to want you to marry again!

24. Some bloodthirsty shots

25. For a memorable toast

26. Allow your guests with beautiful memories


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