35+ Best Deck Bench Ideas and Designs (With Pictures)

Last Updated on July 26, 2023 by Kimberly Crawford

Why compromise for seating that isn’t as inspiring as you’ve fought hard to imagine and create your perfect backyard deck? The built-in deck seat layout not only welcomes visitors with comfort and ease but also serves as the ideal deck structure. 

Your deck bench, whether it’s curved or backless, tucked into a personal nook or running the distance of your deck area, is your opportunity to sit along and seat your visitors in the fashion to which you’ve no doubt grown accustomed and to which they most definitely deserve.

Outdoor furniture is great, but what happens when the sitting capacity is surpassed or a more casual arrangement is required?

Lounging is a breeze in a built-in deck bench, and owing to the various appealing designs available, one that doesn’t get in the way of seamless flair and limitless repose.

best deck bench ideas designs

1. Bench with No Back

1 deck bench ideas

The backless bench is probably the most common style of built-in deck furniture that people envision when they think about deck seats.

These styles are adaptable, comfy, and appealing to the eye. You can do a lot with this design, like adding storage to make it more utilitarian. 

If you don’t like the feel of the bench without a back, you may purchase a back that snaps onto the bench.

This is a simple and classic approach to a deck bench that people opt for if they like it to remain subtle and not the focus of attention.

2. U-Shaped

2 deck bench ideas

You can join two L-shaped seats to make a U-shaped bench rather than two L-shaped benches. Because of the size of the space, it is ideal for those who hold larger events.

Because various individuals like different types of sitting, you may design this to include both supported and backless chairs.

While stretching over your deck, this U-shape nevertheless provides storage space, making it an ideal space saver.

You won’t have to bother about moving seats or setting up decorations. All you have to do now is put the bench in place.

3. Seating made of stone

3 deck bench ideas

Wood decks aren’t for everyone; other homeowners like stone patios. Even so, stone benches may be used to create the same type of ‘built-in’ sitting.

The stone bench gives a lovely, elegant touch to your outdoor environment while also saving you room.

You may select between concrete and stone (designers recommend stone), as well as the design you desire for your stone seat.

You may even include single chairs, it’s all up to you! Another advantage of a stone seating is its durability and its absolutely unique look.

4. Your Multi-Level Deck Can Have Built-In Seating

4 deck bench ideas

Some people have multi-level decks that would be ideal for integrating built-in seats.

Some people prefer to have the dining space on the upper level, leaving the lower level free to be used as a hangout area or dance floor. Others prefer to put seats both on top and bottom of the stairs.

It doesn’t matter how you arrange the seating as long as you’re satisfied with it. After all, it is you, not us, who must utilize the space.

5. Floating Bench

5 deck bench ideas

Floating chairs are one design that has gained appeal. Anything from hovering desks and shelving to floating multimedia units is now available. As a result, it’s only natural that hovering deck benches be incorporated.

The floating bench for your deck is supported by pillars beneath it that are hidden from view. The term comes from the fact that it appears to be floating.

This is an innovative deck bench idea that will surely amaze both you and your guests. It’s perfect for occasions like parties and catching up with friends.

6. Logs

6 deck bench ideas

Have you ever had a downed tree and don’t know what to do about it? Or perhaps your next-door neighbor does. If that’s the case, now is the time to make some seats!

All you must do is chop the trunk with a chainsaw. Logs may be used to make deck benches.

But, before you begin cutting, double-check that the logs are the correct height. This can be done by either measurement or estimate.

You may also cut the logs into children’s sizes for child-friendly sitting. This is perfect for a rustic vibe if that is what you’re aiming for. 

7. Seats made of brick

7 deck bench ideas

When it pertains to the sitting area on your outdoor patio or deck, individuality is key, so why not take it a step further and build additional brick seats?

To give your garden a new atmosphere, you may use brick for the structure and add timber for the seating area. 

In addition, if you create a pit for the fire, you may use the same type of stones that you used to build the seat to make the place stand out.

This will create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere for you, your family, and friends if you want to hang out and tell stories or reminisce memories after the sun has set. 

8. Maintaining Your Cool

8 deck bench ideas

Being outside and sweltering in the heat is not enjoyable. Your deck bench’s wood gets very hot, you can’t see much, and it’s simply a bad experience all around.

Incorporate backs on the seats and position them opposite from where the heat stands at its maximum peak of the day as a trick. Then, if possible, position them under a huge tree or an awning.

If your porch or deck does not have any coverings, consider integrating some shade sails to provide protection or a sunscreen. This will give your yard some oomph.

Simply make sure that the sails fit the rest of the environment or else it will look chaotic and funny.

9. Around the Tree on the Deck Bench

9 deck bench ideas

The more natural built-in deck bench options are some of the most inventive. In fact, building a seat around a preexisting tree is among the most efficient methods to integrate nature within your deck. This is not only appealing to the eye, but it’s also not difficult to do.

Furthermore, the tree may give enough shade to provide a wonderful little lounge area as an extra benefit.

Of course, finding the perfect tree to carry this off is the limiting issue with this notion. Do not cut down the tree if it is the ideal tree for the job. Simply build a bench around it to include it into the layout of your deck.

10. Built-in Storage on a Deck Bench

10 deck bench ideas

Who doesn’t appreciate a concept that is both lovely and practical? Finding methods to add storage to your deck after you’ve built it might be difficult.

One of the simplest and most appealing ways to add storage to your deck is to incorporate it into your deck seating. 

You’ll have quick access to a range of materials as needed, such as blankets, cooking utensils, and other outdoor requirements, if you organize it this way. 

While you could easily build your personal deck bench featuring storage, you could also buy one ready-made from internet retailers or your local hardware shop.

Remember that you should have a mechanism to secure your storing benches to keep intruders out.

11. Bench made of poured concrete on a deck

11 deck bench ideas

Weatherization will ultimately wear down even timber that has been treated with a protective stain. Fortunately, seats made of materials such as concrete, stone, or brick can assist overcome this problem.

The disadvantage of a cement deck bench which is more expensive than a traditional wooden one.

You should also make sure that your deck’s structural strength can withstand a concrete bench.

If that’s the case, selecting concrete as the primary material will result in a stunningly contemporary, trendy, and long-lasting deck bench. To increase comfort, place several pillows on top.

12. Modern

12 deck bench ideas

Contemporary deck seating, like any modern design, will emphasize simple lines, precise angles, and basic geometric patterns.

Contemporary deck seating, whether it’s a basic rectangular corner seat or a wide, triangular seat, looks best in a single solid hue.

Outdoor wall panels work well as separators and backgrounds for your outdoor furnishings. Add side table cubes and easy seat cushions to your basic patio deck bench arrangement.

To finish the modern look, replace traditional wooden deck handrail with window panes or diagonal wires.

13. Outdoor

13 deck bench ideas

If your deck is exposed to the elements, you’ll need a weather-resistant deck bench material. Regular lumber will not live as long as pressure-treated timber.

Although artificial decking is the most resilient of all decking products, it can overheat while exposed to intense sunlight.

If you plan on moving your outdoor sitting on a frequent basis, a freestanding bench may be the best option.

Built-in hardwood seats can be replaced with benches constructed of wrought iron, cast aluminum, powder-coated steel, or cast iron.

14. Patio

14 deck bench ideas

Although the terms “deck” and “patio” are sometimes used simultaneously, they refer to two distinct buildings. A patio is a paved region that is either covered or uncovered and is set firmly on the floor.

A deck is an exposed, frequently raised platform attached to a house that is often made of WPC decking, wood, or an artificial substance. 

Decks typically do not have a roof, but sections of them may be covered. The best spot to put a hot tub is on a patio, and encircling it with bench seats just adds to your backyard hideaway.

If your patio is limited in space, consider storage bench ideas to expand your outdoor storage options.

15. Pergola

15 deck bench ideas

Pergolas are open structures that are placed in gardens or over patios. It has an open roof sustained by columns and built of beams or grids.

Wisteria as well as other creeping vines are frequently planted at the bottom of trellises so that they ultimately cover the structure and provide a cool spot to relax.

Build a little deck underneath a pergola to install a comfortable garden bench. Use a preexisting bench which can be relocated to the pergola’s perimeter, or construct basic bench seats all around the perimeter.

16. Porch

16 deck bench ideas

Along a pre-existing porch railing is a fantastic area to put bench seating. At the front or backyard porch, standalone seats can be placed alongside the wall.

For a warm cottage-style feel, tuck a seat beneath a window—and don’t forget the throw cushions.

On a tiny porch, a bench is an excellent way to optimize sitting. If you just possess space for two porch seats, a bench is a better option. You can easily sit three or four people in the same amount of space this way.

17. Rustic

17 deck bench ideas

Behind lodges, cabins, and other informal dwellings, rustic deck designs work best. Stained timber deck boards are a traditional rustic deck option, but worn wood also has a welcoming rural feel. 

Rustic deck seats can be enhanced with dark galvanized metal accessories or wrought iron. To add to the rustic feel, use burlap cushions and an old window frame to hang over the bench.

18. Trex

18 deck bench ideas

Trex is the name of a brand for a type of material decking material. Trex decking is a composite of wood pulp and plastic film that is tougher and more robust than various wood deck boards.

This widely used material is also utilized to construct a range of outdoor furnishings, including benches.

Trex composite deck seats are available in a number of sizes and designs, ranging from traditional wooden benches to sleek, contemporary platforms.

Grey, black, dark green, and white are just a few of the hues available in Adirondack and other designs.

19. Planter Boxes on a Deck Bench

19 deck bench ideas

A deck seat with planting boxes is quite popular. You may select from a variety of deck bench designs with planter boxes.

This basic backless deck seat is one of them. On either end, there is a planter box. Furthermore, the natural wood hue makes it appealing. If you don’t stain it, the seat and the patio will become a lovely color.

20. Storage Deck Bench in L-Shape

20 deck bench ideas

The L-shape seat is among the most popular deck bench designs. However, there are other methods to make this style of bench appear less conventional.

Some of them are transforming this into a deck for storage seats with some distinctive features.

If you already have a storage bench, you may keep a variety of items on it to help organize your deck. Furthermore, the armrests enable you to comfortably recline on this deck.

21. Deck Railing Alternatives

21 deck bench ideas

If you position a built-in deck seat in the proper spot on a tiny deck, it may provide a lot of benefits.

Construct this railing patio bench and table if you really want to give your deck more usable without making it appear claustrophobic.

The deck railing may be replaced with those equipped with built furniture pieces. They may also function as a seat and a desk.

22. Planter Boxes on a Corner Deck Bench

22 deck bench ideas

This deck bench design is highly stylish and appealing. This bench is remarkable due to a number of factors. Its form is one of them.

This built-in furniture has a distinctive geometric form. Furthermore, the multiple-tone deck and bench treatments are beautiful and appealing. Furthermore, the planter containers are packed with lovely flowering plants to add to the beauty.

23. Deck Bench with Unstained Railing

23 deck bench ideas

This railing seat could be ideal for your deck. This bench’s design concept is straightforward. It does, however, provide you with several functions.

It’s big enough for both you and your friends to sit on. It also serves as a replacement for the deck railing. As a consequence, you’ve got a long, useful deck bench.

The untarnished rail deck bench is ideal for those who like a rustic and aged appearance from their deck and bench.

24. Backless Benches for Dining

24 deck bench ideas

Previously, you may have seen that the majority of deck benches are situated along the deck’s line. This is not the case with this bench design.

An eating area has been created using the seats and a picnic table. This is a better setup for a bigger deck.

Furthermore, the strong black hue of these backless seats adds to their appeal. This varnish color contrasts nicely with the chocolate deck.

25. Corner Deck Benches in Pale Shade

25 deck bench ideas

If you don’t like dark wood colors like dark chocolate, red, or black, this pale-colored deck and seat is a good choice.

The beige deck featuring backless deck seats on the corners is a one-of-a-kind design. It adds a touch of warmth to the chilly gray wall. Colorful blooming plants may be grown in the flower pots to liven up the deck.

26. Shady and Cool

26 deck bench ideas

In the summer, some people choose to sit beneath the tree since it is warm and shaded. You may use this deck bench design if you have a large tree on the side of your deck.

Because they are positioned beneath a large tree, the seats with backs make a pleasant restful location. Furthermore, the welcoming throw cushions on them make them appear even more inviting.

27. Benches Placed Into the Railing on the Deck

27 deck bench ideas

These seats are intended to be used in conjunction with the deck railing installation. They are constructed at the same time as the rail, and the final result must fulfill all local railing code standards.

A bench may be integrated into any railing system in a number of ways. One of these is to employ ready-made brackets that have been custom-made for the job.

28. Bench with a Curve

28 deck bench ideas

Why not make the most of the space on your deck by converting a gorgeous curve into precious seating?

This also leaves the main space free for anything else you may need, such as a fire pit, ballroom, or snack table. This bench will appear both beautiful and unusual. Who wouldn’t want something like that on their deck?

29. Opt for an Octagonal Shape.

29 deck bench ideas

Have you decided to go with octagonal deck design? Create a comfortable discussion bench by tracing part of the curved perimeter with built-in deck seats.

For both your bench and deck, use a two-toned photo frame accent to emphasize the angles. Any deck featuring a hexagonal or octagonal part will look great with this.

30. Multi-Width Decking is a great option.

30 deck bench ideas

Are you looking for a basic seat with a little aesthetic interest? Choose an upright bench with a Multi-Width Decking seat.

A mix of narrow (3.5″), regular (5.5″), and broad (7.25″) boards creates a subtle yet sophisticated appearance that distinguishes your design. With a more modern appearance, it’s perfect for any length or kind of deck.

31. Keep your angles to the right.

31 deck bench ideas

A right-angled seat constructed into the nook of your deck has a sleek, minimalist appearance and takes up very little room.

The L-shaped seat provides a spot to sit and admire the scenery of your wonderful surroundings on the bottom deck without the need for a railing.

32. With a high backrest, you can increase your privacy.

32 deck bench ideas

A privacy screen adds to the utility of your built-in deck seating. Create a tall backrest to seal your place from prying eyes or incorporate your seat layout into a current privacy wall.

This is an innovative idea that will make you feel more comfortable and secure to move around the deck.

33. Seating Area with Trellis

33 deck bench ideas

This innovative deck with a concave trellis seating area was motivated by a requirement for solitude. The built-in seat complements the trellis’ curvature and defines the area as a relaxing retreat.

34. Seating in the Garden

34 deck bench ideas

A couple of built-in wooden benches give the ideal vantage point for admiring the courtyard’s verdant landscaping.

On hot summer days, a fan mounted on a suspended beam warms up the lounge area.

35. Benches made of mahogany

35 deck bench ideas

This deck gives a traditional Arts and Crafts backdrop for a beautiful vista, with a concrete foundation laid with flagstone. Mahogany seats act as railings along the deck’s borders and provide comfortable seating for gatherings.


There are numerous ways to personalize your outdoor area, but have you considered installing deck benches to conserve space, add more seats, and modify the design without incurring additional costs?

There are so many various styles you can make and numerous ways you can arrange your furnishings, and it’s all quite affordable.

Since you’re reading this, I’m assuming you’re a DIY aficionado or someone who is considering putting their fingers into the DIY realm. Since you can’t go wrong with a deck bench, it’s the ideal first DIY project.

It’s fairly simple to rectify and redo if a number is incorrect. This is the ideal time for everyone to let go and try something new!