30+ Creative Plumbing Pipes Furniture Ideas and Designs

Last Updated on February 14, 2020 by Kimberly Crawford

Furniture made of plumbing pipes became very popular. The easy design and aesthetic looks can bring the most out of your home. Check them out.

20 Plumbing Pipes Furniture Designs that will completely change the way your home looks

best plumbing pipes furniture

It is easy to create a piece of furniture out of plumbing pipes. You can buy plumbing pipes in the store and with a little creativity – you can make your home look stunning.

With little money and focus, you can create some badass aesthetic new furniture with plumbing pipes. It will take less than 30 minutes to set every furniture up. It is easy. Check out these amazing 20 plumbing pipes furniture designs that will get you inspired to create one.

1. Table lamp

Table lamp

Whether you need a table lamp for your work, homework, or you just want to make a beautiful atmosphere… This awesome table lamp will do that. It is simple to set up. Just buy plumbing pipes and a lamp (with a wire). Connect them and you have your very own aesthetic table lamp.


2. Toilet paper holder

Toilet paper holder

Change your boring toilet paper holder with this awesome and fun pipe toilet paper holder. Just buy the pipes and install them on the wall. Next, add the toilet paper. Happy wiping!


3. Kitchen towel holder

Kitchen towel holder

I bet you have a normal towel holder in your kitchen. Bring something unique to your kitchen. Something that will add some style. Something like this pipe towel holder.


4. Bookshelf


Create an amazing bookshelf with cheap pipes. Get some pipes and install them on the wall. On them, add your favorite books.


5. Big shelf

Big shelf

Big shelf design here! Looks simple right? That’s because it is simple. Get some pipes and some wooden planks. Make two holes on the edge of the wooden planks (on the one side). And install the pipes in the wooden planks and on the wall.


6. Bench


If you have an old skateboard – that’s great. You can use the board to create a great bench. Create the leggings with the pipes. Attach the board on the pipes.

7. Dog bowl stand

Dog bowl stand

If you care for your little best friend – make him/her a cool dog bowl stand. You need pipes, planks, and your dog’s bowl. Make it like a little table and cut a hole in the center. Then, add the dog bowl.


8. Pipe lamp

Pipe lamp

Make a lamp on your ceiling from plumbing pipes. Just connect them and add the light bulbs. Easy and beautiful. You can use this in your dining room or your bar.


9. Glass shelf

Glass shelf

This is perfect for your bar. Imagine how great it would be to have this glass shelf in your bar. You can gather your friends and enjoy some wine in the bar. It brings the beauty out of the bar. You can also use it in your kitchen.

10. Little bed table

Little bed table

You don’t have to reach for the coffee on your table. You can just put your table, smoothie, beer, or other drink – on your little bed table. You can set this up in 5 minutes. Just connect the pipes and add the wooden plank. Enjoy your drink!

11. Shoe holder

Shoe holder

You can create a shoe or high heels holder from plumbing pipes. Add the pipes on the wall. Your shoes or high heels will have back support from the wall and they will stay on the pipes. You can add the pipes on the bottom of the wall or in the middle.


12. Stair fence

Stair fence

You can use your plumbing pipes to create a stair fence. Remember Safety first! So add some pipes on your stars so you can hold on to.


13. Flower vase

Flower vase

Make a flower vase from pipes. It is aesthetic and beautiful. You’re going to need one pipe and a pipe holder. Next, add the flower in.

14. Clothes hanger

Clothes hanger

Hang your clothes on your new plumbing pipe holder. You can spend more money on a wardrobe or you can create a beautiful pipe clothes holder – that will turn out to be a better idea. Because it is more beautiful.


15. Coat hanger

Coat hanger

Welcome your guests with a plumbing pipe coat hanger. Look below how easy it is to do. It won’t take you more than 45 minutes to install.

16. Pipe chair

Pipe chair

Instead of buying an expensive chair, create yourself a pipe chair. It won’t cost you much and it will take 50 minutes to do.


17. Bed fence

Bed fence

Protect your kids by adding a pipe fence to their beds. Connect the pipes and attach them to the wood part of the bed.


18. Trolley


Create a trolley from plumbing pipes that you are going to use for serving food. Whether it’s for your restaurant or your warm home… This trolley will help a lot and it will bring new looks to your home.


19. Stool

19 plumbing pipes furniture ideas

Don’t spend $400 on a stool. Create one yourself, it will cost you less than $100.


20. Wall desk

Wall desk

Wall desks are great for doing work or homework (depending on your age). Do your best work on the amazing pipe wall desk.


21. Pendant Light from Beer Bottles

Pendant Light from Beer Bottles


22. Clothes hanging from salvaged wood and galvanized steel

Clothes hanging from salvaged wood and galvanized steel


23. Industrial bar cart

Industrial bar cart


24. Pipeline pipe frame bed

Pipeline pipe frame bed


25. Radiator chair

Radiator chair


26. Plumbing pipe lamp

Plumbing pipe lamp


27. Towel hanging

Towel hanging

28. Human figure lamp

Human figure lamp

29. Coat rack

Coat rack

30. Pipe corner bookcase

Pipe corner bookcase


Final Thoughts

Plumbing pipe furniture will save you a fortune. While it’s cheap nature, these pip furniture are very aesthetic and will bring new looks to your home.

Enjoy your home more with these 20 unique plumbing pipe furniture designs. You can make them on your own and it won’t take much of your time, I promise.