How to Use Houseplants in Holiday Decorating

How to use Houseplants in holiday decorating

Last Updated on February 23, 2024 by Kimberly Crawford

The holidays are just about here and it’s time to decorate! Don’t leave houseplants out of the fun-there are several ways to add beauty to any holiday decor with them!

As the holidays arrive once again its time to think about decorating, and houseplants can add beauty to holiday décor in many ways. Here are some tips and ideas that can be used with almost any houseplant collection!

Adding Houseplants to Existing Decorations

Simple Christmas Centerpieces with houseplants

Many houseplants can breathe new life into existing holiday decorations. For example, Ivy plants look charming tucked into a Cornucopia for a Thanksgiving centerpiece or among pine boughs and other trimmings for Christmas. Add a few glass ornaments in festive red and green, cool blue and white, or stylish silver and gold for a special and sparkling touch.

Ivy plants also look festive when allowed to trail across a mantel or around a staircase along with pine boughs or other evergreens, red bows, and pine cones, and can also be wound around candle sticks or holders.

Decorating Houseplants

Houseplant Inspiration
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Decorating houseplants can be fun if proper care is used. Good houseplants for decorating include Norfolk Island Pines, which look like mini Christmas trees, Ficus trees (Ficus can be very fussy so avoid moving them!) , Schefflera, and any large plant with sturdy branches.

Use lightweight, shatterproof ornaments or tie little red bows on the branches. Garlands and strings of popcorn can also be used. Use care to avoid damaging stems and branches.

Lights can be used, but they do generate some heat so use extreme care to avoid burning foliage. Never leave a lighted plant unattended.

Holiday Houseplants

DIY Christmas Tree Cactus
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This time of year also brings us traditional holiday houseplants like Poinsettias, Christmas Cactus, and Paperwhites which can all be enjoyed long after the holidays are over.

Poinsettias will need some special care in order to bloom again however, including at least 14 hours of darkness a day starting in the fall.

Avoid the small table top Christmas trees that are offered for sale unless you have the space to plant them outside after the holidays as they are not suitable for growing indoors.

Home design trends with houseplants
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Safety Tips

When using houseplants as part of a home’s holiday décor, it is very important to do so safely.

Use caution when using plants near candles or fireplaces, keep all toxic plants out of the reach of curious pets and children, and if using lights with plants, make sure they are unplugged and out of the way before watering. Also remember to water all plants well as dry plants can be fire hazards.

With a little care and creativity, houseplants can be a beautiful and festive part of anyone’s holiday décor!

How to Use Houseplants in Holiday Decorating