How to Improve Your Interior With Unique Wall Patterns

Last Updated on February 10, 2022 by Kimberly Crawford

If you are tired of standard solutions for wall design, you can always create something new and extraordinary. You may experiment with colors until you find the most suitable pattern.

If you already have décor elements you want to hand on the wall, like wooden maps from, you can pick the wall patterns based on these decorations.

Top-7 Ideas for Wall Patterns

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The first thing you have to do is remove your old wallpapers and prepare the walls for the paint. You may notice some minor flaws that can be fixed before you paint the walls. Once you are done with it, pick the colors you like. Here are a few ideas on how to create your own unique wall patterns:

  1. Try the Dry Erase option for the children’s room. If you have a child there’s a way to control  the paintings that may appear occasionally on your walls. Allow your child to master creative skills, erasing drawings anytime you need;
  2. Chalkboard. This can be a stylish solution for your home. The best place for the wall as a chalkboard is the kitchen. You will be able not only to write down the list of necessary products but to make a unique photo zone for the whole family;
  3. Plaid ornaments. Everyone can paint it with the help of a ruler. You may use a stencil to make the ornament flawless. The stripes do not have to be painted in one color. You can experiment with angles as well;
  4. Use high gloss paint to create stylish patterns. Draw or print the template at first and cover it with high gloss on the walls. You can achieve incredible results with the room that looks like it came from the Victorian era;
  5. Stencil. This is also an affordable pattern that will turn your simple wall into a piece of art. You may find stencils in almost every craft supply store. Pick the one that suits the basic paint on the wall;
  6. Sponge. Have you ever played with sponge painting in your childhood? Now you can use the walls as your canvas. To create a unique design, you don’t have to be a painter. All you need is paint and a sponge. Choose the right texture of the sponge and leave your prints on the wall;
  7. Faux stone. Fake stones can be a great way to customize your room without spending a fortune. You will have to make a template. You can find designs already made online. Once you find it, download and print it. Use the pencil and paint to create the pattern.

How many walls in a room should be decorated?

The simple answer is: all of them.

Every empty part of your wall needs to be filled with some piece of art, pattern, shape – really anything that adds style and color. Even if you have a small room, the walls need to be painted with colors and patterns so as to at least look beautiful and comfortable. When a wall looks empty it gives a feeling that the room is either too small or too large. For a small room, you can paint all your walls with soft colors and patterns. Larger walls should be painted with bold colors and fascinating prints to make the room feel more cozy.

On what part of my wall should I place patterns?

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The location of your wall patterns should be decided upon the size of the room and how much furniture you use. You can either choose to make larger or smaller designs for each section depending on the number of pieces of furniture you have in that area.

If you like to keep your walls uncluttered, it is better if you only paint one wall with a pattern. If you have a lot of furniture, it would be better to have smaller patterns on each wall. The design for your wall should complement the design of the rest of your room based on color and pattern.

How can I create a unique pattern?

Unique or interesting patterns can be created by using non -rectangular shapes, repeating patterns in different sizes to create a larger pattern, or by applying an interesting color scheme. Repeating patterns are also great for your living room because it gives the feeling of motion and flow. This can be accomplished by painting walls with diagonal stripes or other non-linear designs.

How often should I change my wall design?

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You should change your wall design every now and then to avoid the feeling that you’re living in a museum. A good way to do this is by painting all your walls with one style such as stripes but changing the color of each wall. Your room will be transformed overnight simply by painting it! You can also try something new like an abstract pattern for your bedroom walls.

How many accent walls in a house is too many?

The right answer is that you can never have too many accent walls. It’s better to go overboard with all your walls painted than to leave one, two or three walls looking dull and bare. This will make your house look like a museum rather than a home.

Is there an order in which I should place patterns on my wall?

It is a good idea to start with your largest wall and scale down to the smaller walls. Starting with a larger pattern or one that has more colors can be overwhelming for the eye, which is why you should leave the smaller sections to simpler designs.

Can you have an accent wall in every room?

Yes. Having an accent wall in every room is a great idea because it provides continuity to your home and gives the rooms a distinctive look. This will also give you consistency as far as style and color are concerned, making your home feel more unified.

Where can I find ideas for wall patterns?

Patterns can be found everywhere around you and you just need to be able to identify them. For example, if you find a painting or photo that depicts a certain pattern that intrigues you, save this as reference material.

You can take the idea and implement it on your wall. Patterns can also be found online as there are numerous sites where you can choose from an infinite number of interesting designs.

What accent wall pattern looks good on a curved wall?

Curved walls look best with simple patterns because of the difficulty in drawing them. The easiest way to create patterns on these types of surfaces is by using abstract designs like circles, flowers, and ovals. You can also use swirly lines or words that are discernible from a distance.

Is it okay to create my own pattern for an accent wall?

An accent wall with your own pattern can be a great idea, as long as you know what you’re doing and you have the artistic skill needed to accomplish this task. You can draw inspiration from pictures of patterns that appeal to you or from abstract designs. If you are not very artistic, it is better to go with a pre-drawn pattern or an abstract design that can be easily recognized.

How should I place patterns on my wall?

It’s important to remember there are many ways of placing patterns on your walls. Some people prefer to create a focal point in the center of one wall while others prefer to divide the wall space between different patterns. Other people go crazy with multiple patterns all over their walls, using each separately or creating new designs by combining them.

Stylish Patterns for Everyone

Who said that interior design must be expensive? You can create your own paint patterns to decorate walls. It will only cost you your time, paint, and basic tools. You don’t have to be a famous painter or designer to make sure your house looks gorgeous inside. If you have more recommendations about patterns you can create by yourself, share them in the comments below. Have you ever decorated a room by yourself?