36+ Awesome Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

best kitchen wall decor ideas and photos

The kitchen is a vital part of any home. There are multiple ways to keep your kitchen but ultimately, a kitchen that looks good will make you happy, and we all know what happens to food when the cook is happy! (yum) If you’re tight on space, the walls are a perfect place to add some personal touches. Here are a few ideas to inspire you.


36+ Best Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas & Photos (elegant, country, ceramic, and inexpensive ideas)

1. Wall planters in the kitchen

Wall planters in the kitchenSource

2. Build your own vertical green garden with WallBOX

Wall planters in the kitchenSource

3. Farmhouse Bakery Signs

Farmhouse Bakery SignsSource

4. Another Bake Wall Sign

Another Bake Wall SignSource

5. DIY Wall Photo Clipboard

DIY Wall Photo ClipboardSource

6. DIY Barn Wood Wine Rack

DIY Barn Wood Wine Rack

7. Blessing wood sign

Blessing wood signSource

8. Gorgeous spices or coffee shelf with hanging jars

Gorgeous spices or coffee shelf with hanging jarsSource

9. DIY Menu Chalkboard

DIY Menu ChalkboardSource

10. DIY Coffee Bar

DIY Coffee BarSource

11. Vintage eat sign

Vintage eat signSource

12. Cubby-shelf for coffee bar

Cubby-shelf for coffee barSource

13. DIY Metal Letter Industrial Kitchen Sign

DIY Metal Letter Industrial Kitchen SignSource

14. Kitchen Wall Art With Fake Fruits

Kitchen Wall Art With Fake FruitsSource

15. DIY Chalkboard Menu

DIY Chalkboard MenuSource

16. Eat letters from reclaimed lumber

Eat letters from reclaimed lumberSource

17. Kitchen shelf

Kitchen shelfSource

18. Kitchen Shelf with Vintage Finds

Kitchen Shelf with Vintage FindsSource

19. DIY Pallet Wine Rack

DIY Pallet Wine Rack

20. Whitewashed Wall Clock

Whitewashed Wall ClockSource

21. Farmhouse kitchen shelves

Farmhouse kitchen shelvesSource

22. Recipe card frame

Recipe card frameSource

23. Silverware artwork

Silverware artworkSource

24. Wall mounted paper holder

Wall mounted paper holderSource

25. Attach wire baskets to the wall

Attach wire baskets to the wallSource

26. Coastal Boho Chic Basket Wall Decor

Coastal Boho Chic Basket Wall DecorSource

27. Gallery Wall

If you love to mix and match different design elements like old coke signs, tile signs and artwork, curate a small little gallery on a specific wall. You can change the elements every once in a while according to your wants and needs.

28. Home Wall Art

A little calming inspirational message goes a long way. Invest in a beautiful wall art piece with wood accents that carry a message that you fully support.

29. Framed Vintage Botanical Prints


Botanical prints are a very calming sight and are perfect for any kitchen where things can get pretty heated. This DIY is fairly easy and the prints are free to download as well, all that’s left to do is print and frame them.

30. Vertical Herb Garden


Nothing beats fresh herbs! Any self-respecting chef will tell you that. Keep your fresh herbs close by installing a vertical herb garden in your kitchen.

A little wood accent with a cute hand-painted label for each herb will turn your kitchen into a home chef’s dream.

31. DIY Glass Kitchen Sign

Add a minimalistic print to your kitchen walls and make use of that gorgeous wall! This DIY glass kitchen sign is perfect and comes with a free printable too!


32. Decorative Plates

Decorative plates are an age-old staple in any home. Hang your not-so-precious collectibles on the wall to delight everyone who lays their eyes on them.

Arrange them in any way you want; around your prints, photos or just above the window. The beauty of adding plates to the walls is you’ll never run out of plates if you have unexpected visitors *wink.


33. Breadboard Shelf

This cute DIY upcycled breadboard is perfect for keeping your fresh cut flowers or recipe books! Hang it up on your wall to make a unique decorative attraction that’s functional too!


34. DIY Oversized Letter Board Wall Plus Giant Holiday Wreath

Embrace the holiday spirit and this chic DIY! The oversized letter board is perfect for keeping daily notes where visible and simply leaving inspirational messages of comfort.


35. Invest in a Chalkboard Kitchen Wall Feature

The chalkboard wall trend has taken the world by storm, and why wouldn’t it? It’s a great idea on top of it being incredibly aesthetically pleasing!

There’s always a space for you to spend your creative juices by writing quotes, short messages, reminders or just doodling on the wall. Plus it’s so fun to look at! Try out a chalkboard calendar to keep track of special dates this holiday season.

36. Wooden Spoon Art Installation

Wooden spoons have been around for a long time. It only makes sense that they be a part of your kitchen’s aesthetic! Try your hand at replicating this art installation featuring wooden spoons or make your own! Your imagination is the limit!



Kitchen Wall Decor Tips

Here are some quick decorating tips anyone can apply in their home. You’ve probably seen the latest design magazines one time or another when it comes to kitchen decorating and design.

You then most likely sighed wistfully, knowing full well that you don’t have the budget and time to remodel the place in your home where culinary magic happens. Don’t fret! You don’t need to take out a bank loan any longer in order to get that remodeling job. Instead, you need to get creative to improve your kitchen presentation in an eye-pleasing fashion.

#1. Coming Up with Wall and Appliance Decorations:

The most noticeable changes you can do to your kitchen are done through its walls. We all see things at eye level first, after all. You can repaint the walls or decide which hooks or racks to put on it, for instance.

You can then move on to the appliances, countertops, and cooking gadgets. Decorate your wall by moving these things around so that it’s not left bare, even if it’s as simple as finding a place to hang your colander.

#2. The Secret to Color and Décor

A designer’s secret to color is all about knowing how colors correlate to one another. You can find analogous colors, contrasting colors, or different shades of the same color to match the color of your wall.

If your kitchen color can’t be changed because you lack money for painting, you can at least change the color, design, placement, or arrangement of utensils, tools, pots, pans, cabinets, and countertop.

#3. Start with a Focal Point of Your Kitchen

When coming up with a kitchen decorating idea or theme, you should start with a focal point when you first come across the kitchen and just stand there in admiration of its look.

Usually, your focal point is the focal wall, but it could be a focal oven or a focal faucet and sink instead. Figure out what you notice first when looking at your kitchen then use that focal point as the anchor or foundation for the rest of your design.

#4. Open Shelving and The Latest Kitchen Décor Trends

Once you’ve come up with a focal point or wall then updated your kitchen with fresh, fashion-forward colors, now it’s time to add trends to it. Decors should come in layers that contribute to the overall look, like in the case of decorating a Christmas tree properly so that all the decorations end up with a unifying look.

The latest trend in the 2010s is upper-cabinet-free kitchens that are open-shelf. This look creates visual space and is functionally practical to boot.

Tie Everything Up by Carefully Curating Your Décor

A focal point prevents chaos from happening with your design. Also, open shelving works by hiding away any mismatched Tupperware and glasses.

To tie all these design ideas up, you should set your kitchen apart using your personal taste. Make your boring wall or sink interesting by gathering objects together for decoration. You can add things like a variety of mirrors, vintage dishes, framed wallpaper, fabric swatches, baskets, album covers, and more to your kitchen gallery.


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