How to Keep Couch Cushions from Sliding

Last Updated on January 14, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

  1. Use non-sliding rubber drawer liner
  2. Use Velcro strips underneath the couch
  3. Sew hooks and rings to the couch
  4. Place rubber underlay pad under the couch
  5. Buy a couch cover

One thing housekeepers are not ready to talk about is those annoying sliding cushions. Many will assume it’s normal, but they annoy you to death. They can also waste a lot of time when you have to pick them up every time and put them back in place.

So, how do you do away with this nuisance once and for all? Well, of course, you can keep your couch pillows from sliding off in many simple ways. And yes, all of them are DIY projects. Here’s how you can do it.

easy steps to keep couch cushions from sliding

Try Non-Sliding Rubber Drawer Liner

If those sliding pillows can’t give you peace in your own house, then it’s high time you try rubber drawer liners. These mats are available in many home improvement stores to include online ones like Amazon. They’re not expensive, and you can choose perforated ones that provide more surface area for the adhesive to stick well.

 One thing about rubber drawer liners is that you can also remove them easily. They’ll not leave any residue or sticky substance behind. You can also choose any pattern or color, and they won’t interfere with your décor. The couches will hide everything after all.

Cut the rubber drawer liner into sizes that will fit your cushion size. Place it underneath the cushion and the couch. You’ll then leave the rest of the work for the non-slip surface that will hold the cushion in place. You can go about your chores without anything disturbing your peace.

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Velcro Strips Work Well

Placing Velcro strips underneath your cushion is one of the easiest ways to solve this problem. All you have to do is place one side of the Velcro at the bottom of the cushion and attach the sticky part to it. Place the opposite side of the Velcro on the couch so that it meets the other part.

The Velcro will help keep your cushion in place by preventing unnecessary moving around. You can easily remove the Velcro whenever you lift the cushion. The Velcro strips will work well if you place them either underneath the cushion or at the back.

You can even avoid the trouble of buying Velcro strips as some couches come with them already installed. They’re used in different types of furniture, including living room chairs. Those sold separately may also come with different types of adhesive. They give you the freedom to place whenever you’re ready as they stick in place right away.

Use Hooks and Rings

Hooks and rings work well as the Velcro strips, so it will depend on what you can access. This method involves connecting hooks on the cushion. The hooks will then slot into the rings. The rings will do the work of holding the cushions together, so they don’t slide forward to ruin your day.

While this method is not hard, it can be a bit involving. If you don’t have some DIY skills, then this can leave you out. But sewing is easy to learn. Watch some simple YouTube videos or get a friend to take you through the process. Once you master how to do it, it will be the most convenient method as the hook and rings become parts of the couch.

 You need to sew the hooks and rings to fabrics. The fabrics should be small enough to sew into the couch cushions and the couch itself easily. Once you finish the sewing, you’ll hook up everything together, and your problem is solved. Make sure you buy blunt hooks, so they don’t end up hurting people. Plastic ones can work well.

Place Rubber Underlay Pad Under the Couch

couch cushions

This is an easy method to secure your cushions in place, so you don’t have to push them back every time they move forward. The pads are quite popular for this role, and they don’t disappoint. You can get the perfect T size that will suit your cushion and couch size. You should use smaller underlay pads for efficiency. This will also ensure they’re not visible.

Rubber underlay under the couch is also quite easy to fix. In fact, you don’t have to do any DIY work. You need to place the pad and lay the pillow above it. Make sure the pillow is not wet for the pad to have a firm grip.

Try a Couch Cover

A simple thing such as a couch cover might be the solution you’re looking for to keep your cushions from sliding off. Couch covers also double up as a layer of protection against dirt and every day wear and tear. There are couch covers made of various materials that will blend well with your cushions. Shop around for one that will look stunning and comfortable in your living room.

To make sure they serve the purpose that you got them for, they come with drawstrings you can use for tightening. You need to pull the drawstrings to wrap your couch tightly. Once you tighten them enough, they should prevent your pillows from moving about.

You will love couch covers because they’re simple to fix on the couch. They also serve a dual purpose on the sofa. In fact, buying a couch cover is the easiest of all the methods. It’s a perfect solution for households with kids.

That’s How You Prevent Your Cushions From Sliding off the Couch

Solved! Try some of these methods and choose one that works well for you. You should also note that unless the cushions come permanently secured on the couch, preventing them from sliding off can be a nightmare. Once someone sits on the couch, it will still move a little bit.

But still, we hope these methods will become of help to you. Kindly share them with your loved ones so they can also benefit from the simple fixes. You can also leave comments on the methods that have worked for you. We love success stories.