England Sofa Reviews: Price, Quality, Durability, Pros and Cons

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If you intend to buy a sofa, you’ll always look for aspects like comfort, durability, and pricing. But not all companies can sell all the three qualities in one.

If it’s going to last long then it’s probably expensive and vice versa. But that’s not the case with the England sofa.

England furniture gives you more than you want on a sofa. Let’s answer all your questions in this England sofa review. 

england sofa reviews pros cons

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Furniture Scores

The England furniture ensures that you get quality for your money. Not only that, but the furniture from this manufacturer can transform the look of your sitting space. England furniture also maintains a high honesty level with healthy competition. 

Look no further if you want American custom-made products as you’ll find that in England furniture. They have all your desired choices and tastes to pick from. 

Who Makes England Furniture?

The company that makes England furniture has been in operation since 1964. It’s found in east Tennessee and is a division of La-Z-Boy. England furniture was founded by father Charles together with brother Eugene and Dwight England. The three had a goal of offering employment opportunities to Appalachia people and making quality upholstery.    

England Sofa Pros and Cons

Even though the England sofa has a reputation, it has both negative and positive sides. It would help if you considered both before committing to their upholstery. 


  • The sofa is made in the USA
  • Comes with a warranty
  • The sofa has a high price point


  • The shipping window for this sofa is long 
  • It has a fixed selection

England Furniture Specifics

The frame

The upholstery frames at England furniture are of the best quality and consist of hardwood. The frame has a measurement of three-quarter-inch with a plywood reinforcement. 

The spring types

England furniture uses wide loop springs, which exert less force on the frame. The springs are also widespread on the furniture covering a big area meaning your seat won’t have much. When there’s less pressure on the frame means you can use different materials on the frame. 

If you want the best furniture go for the one with narrow loop springs. A narrow loop can give your cushions enough support. A narrow loop spring will also make the seating area last longer.

Cardboard on the arm

Most Manufacturers make cardboard of 0.054 thick cardboard. The thickness of the cardboard allows the sofa to endure years of leaning and seating on it. The cardboard should be at least 0.0090, though.

What of spring backs

Your seat should have a spring that supports the cushions and keep them uniform longer. The “S” shaped springs ensure equal distribution of weight on your sofa. It also makes it comfortable and durable.


The cushion choice for England sofa is of high quality with quality density foam. The foam is wrapped in a blend of polyester and feather on both sides for a classy look. Less feather loss is common with down cushions. 

  • But if you do often vacuuming with an upholstery cushion, there will be no feather poking.
  • There’s deep seating because of the comfort it guarantees.
  • Concealed connectors stop part of the pieces from shifting.

The feet that are of espresso finishing allows for removal as you intend to do deliveries. It also has plastic glides that protect your floor from getting scratches.

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England Sofa Prices

The England furniture company’s collection includes custom made sofa, ottomans, chairs, and sectionals. However, the price of the England sofa varies from $1200 to $3300. Suppose you want cheaper sofas to go for loveseats. But the expensive ones are the sectionals or those consisting of leather.

England Sofa Quality

The England sofa is of high quality, the reason why they last for years. If you maintain and use your England sofa well, it can last up to 15 years. But this also depends on the material composition of the seat the manufacturer used. On the lower side, though, the England sofa should serve you for seven years if not ten years.

England Sofa Warranty

There are different types of England sofa warranty policies. There’s the lifetime limited warranty. In this policy, the company gives the original buyer of all frames from manufacturing defects. 

Then there’s the ten years limited warranty. Here the company gives the original retail purchaser conditions. The condition states that the purchaser shouldn’t lose more than 10% of the cushion’s original height standard in ten years. Don’t confuse loss of foam height and that of softness. 

Another warranty is for five years. Here the original retail purchaser receives a warranty on the springs, glider mechanism. It also covers the sleeper and reclining mechanism and that of the sleeper mattress. The materials are to be free of manufacturing for five years under normal use and condition. 

The other England warranty on the sofa lasts for three years. It covers for Visco sleeper mattresses to be free of manufacturing for up to three years. The original retail purchaser can also get a one-year warranty. It covers the sofa’s legs, caster, leather, and upholstery fabric. The warranty lasts for one year, and it’s against these items’ wear under normal use conditions. 

Be aware that this warranty doesn’t cover for cover fading, wrinkling, or pilling. The last warranty policy on England sofa is the optional component warranty. Some like trial and returns; financing depends on the retailer.

England Furniture Support

There’s a way of contacting the manufacturers If you have an interest in any of their products. Remember, you can also leave your positive or negative feedback on England furniture’s site. Don’t shy off asking England furniture any question if you’ve any.

Top 3 England Sofa’s Picks

The Del Mar Sectional

Del Mar Sectional

Del Mar sectional costs $2322. It has dimensions of 115″ W by 95.5″ D by 38″ H. The seat’s height is 20 inches. It has nine different colors which you can choose from. With del mar’s sofa, you’ll have both comfort and style at home. With its fine tailoring and double stitches, you’ll love it. It also has cushions with solid foam with leather wrappings. 

EZ Motion

EZ Motion sofa

Another top best England furniture collection is Ez motion. It’s a recliner sofa with a width of 81 inches, depth of 41 inches, and 43 inches in height. It also has a seat height of 20 inches while the width is 65 inches. It has a great design that will offer you comfort and style in your sitting room. 

Ez motion has a headrest good for relaxing. The price of Ez’s motion is prone to change according to your dealer’s choice.


Harmony sofa

Harmony collection has a double recliner sofa with cushions. It has back fiber with the arms padded with foam for comfort. The double recliner feature makes it the best choice for relaxing as it’s much more comfortable. The prices range from one dealer to the next. The sofa is of high quality with a unique style.

England Furniture vs. Ashley Furniture

England furniture is from the USA and is of high-quality fabrics. It also has a warranty though it is hand-made. The disadvantage of England furniture is that they have a high price point and offer buyers a limited selection. England furniture does online transactions and can ship to anywhere you want.

On the other side, Ashley furniture cares for its buyers by offering them various price points. It has various products for its customers. However, Ashley furniture doesn’t offer high-quality fabric, although they offer various furniture designs. Ashley furniture has both an online and physical shop.

Where to Buy an English Sofa?

You can buy an English sofa from any dealer worldwide. If you don’t know where to get an England furniture dealer go to their site and search for a dealer locator. You can also ask for a reference from a friend who’s got England furniture.


If you want comfort and style in your home, buy the England sofa. The manufacturers of this furniture don’t only ensure you get high standard products but also make beautiful sofas. Before settling for any choice, do a thorough search. Also, understand both pros and cons of each product.

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