Polyester Couch Reviews: Pros and Cons, Durability, Best Brands

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Couches are vital sources of comfort both in our living rooms and in outdoor spaces. They add beauty to the home and also help in keeping the internal temperatures within the desired ranges.

Couches are available in a wide range of options. This may be in terms of color, the type of fabric used, and the extent of comfort they offer, among others.

One of the common types you’ll find in the market is polyester couches.

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polyester couch pros and cons

What is a Polyester Couch?

A Polyester couch is a sofa whose fabric is made of synthetic fibers. This is usually canvas, leathers, faux, microfiber, Velour, satin, or tweed. Depending on one’s specific needs, Polyester couches can blend so well with the other furniture already in the living room. 

Polyester Couch Pros and Cons



Polyester couches are hypoallergenic, which means that they don’t usually cause any allergic reactions in the body. Also, they don’t produce any smell that might cause such reactions. This is one of the reasons why most people find them friendly to have in the home.

Resistant to Most Common Stains

Even though polyester materials struggle with oil, they perform well against many other stains. This might be an added advantage to most homeowners since they can’t usually tell when their kids or pets will spill some stuff over the couch. 

Resistance to stains also makes it a bit easier to take care of polyester couches. They’ll require minimal cleaning, which adds greatly to the durability of the fabrics. 

Highly Consistent In Different Conditions

Polyester couches display an incredibly consistent nature regardless of which conditions they’re exposed to. For instance, they tend to retain their original color even if exposed to outdoor light. The fabric’s insulation properties also remain the same for longer durations. 

Breathability Options

 Two to three decades ago, you could not sit on your sofa long enough before your back was completely wet due to sweating. The polyester fabrics used have been manufactured with excellent breathability, reducing the degree of sweat accumulation by a greater margin. 

Resistant to Physical Damage

While no furniture material can promise a 100% resistance to physical damage, polyester couches show significant survivability, which is a huge plus to their durability. 

Therefore, if your dogs are stubborn or your kids ruthless with their toys at home, then the polyester couches could be your next buy. 

Blends Well With Your Other Furniture Already at Home

Many people like using polyester couches indoors. Some also find it great to use them in the outdoor extensions or spaces. Their unique appearance blends so well with whatever is already in the house or in the backyard to produce an excellently beautiful look. 


Highly Vulnerable to Heat

Even though polyester fabrics boast excellent resistance to outdoor light and physical damages, they perform poorly against heat. Polyester fabric will immediately melt if exposed to very high-temperature conditions. 

Non-Resistant to Oily Stains

While polyester couches offer an elegant resistance to other kinds of stain, they perform poorly against oily stains, even those on the skin. Oils and oily substances are a huge nightmare to polyester materials as they leave permanent marks that can never be washed away. 

Easily Trap Foreign Materials

Sofas that are made of polyester fabrics easily trap items or materials on your clothing. If this happens, the overall attractive look and quality of your couch get downgraded. Some clothing materials have extremely loosely attached items to make matters worse, which means you can’t even sit on your couch while wearing them. 

They Develop Static Charges With Time

Unless you maintain the appropriate humidity in the house, the polyester couches will always experience a buildup of static charges. This can cause a really bad experience with any slight movement, especially if the person using the sofa isn’t aware. 

Polyester Couch Durability

polyester couch

The durability of an item is something that we can take lightly. It matters to everyone because no one wants to make another purchase just a few months after the first one.

Owing to impeccable water resistance, most stains, outdoor light, and physical damages, polyester couches are among the most durable sofa options on the market today. So, if you value your money, then it might be what you’re looking for. 

How to Protect the Polyester Couch

Keeping your Polyester couch safe is one of the most sensible things to do if you want them to last. For example, ensure that your sofa is away from things like oils, heat, and foreign items that might lower its quality.

You should also ensure that you’re using the right material for cleaning to avoid unnecessary physical damages. 

Polypropylene vs. Polyester Couch 

In terms of durability, both the polypropylene and polyester couches perform incredibly well. As for comfort, the polyester seat carries the day because of its flexible nature.

However, a polypropylene couch is more resistant to water and stains than the polyester type. The Polyester is more resistant to UV light and could survive well outdoors with minimal worry. 

Microfiber vs. Polyester Couch

Polyester sofas are generally more durable than their microfiber counterparts. They’re also more resistant to water and UV light-related damages. However, when it comes to resistance to oil-based stains, then the microfiber couches carry the day. 

Polyester vs. Leather Couch

Both leather and polyester sofas are durable. However, leather is more resistant to water and stains. This makes leather couches easier to clean and maintain than those made of polyester fabrics. As for breathability, the polyester seat is relatively better since it does not suffer much sweat accumulation. 

Is Polyester Easy to Clean?

Well, for water-based stains, Polyester is impressively easy to clean. You need a soft wet cloth, and then you’re ready to go. The main challenge, however, comes in when trying to wash the greasy or oily food stains. This is because Polyester absorbs them.

How Do You Clean a 100% Polyester Couch?

Cleaning a 100% polyester couch isn’t a very demanding task. First, you’ll need a piece of soft cloth and clean water. Deep the cloth in water and then squeeze it until there’s only a little water remaining.

This is necessary because Polyester doesn’t offer a top-notch resistance to water. Next, you’ll gently wipe the dirt from the couch to avoid causing abrasion that would easily damage the seat.

Is Polyester Good for Cats or Dogs?

Polyester is, beyond any doubt, one of the best furniture materials available today. It has lots of benefits. However, it’s not good for cats or dogs.

The dogs and cats find the material very attractive, and they eventually end pricking the couch with their sharp claws and pointed canines.  If you want your sofa to serve you longer, keep it away from these pets.

Best Brands 

Some of the best brands of polyester couches available on the market today include Birch lane, Allform, and Wayfair, among others. 


Polyester couches offer lots of advantages and, at the same time, some drawbacks. Among the good sides include decent durability, resistance to water-based stains, resistance to UV light effect, and possession of breathability options. Some of the bad sides are the accumulation of static charges over time, trapping of foreign items, and a high vulnerability to heat. 

Overall, the polyester sofas perform well against most other materials such as microfiber, leather, and polypropylene. Do you have any questions about polyester couches? Please let us know in the comments section below. 

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