How to Reset Samsung Fridge (Hard Reset, From Demo Mode…)

Last Updated on December 8, 2023 by Kimberly Crawford

Knowing how to reset a Samsung fridge may be as simple as holding the power cool and the power freeze button for a few seconds. Well, at least that’s what you’ll do to reset most Samsung fridge models.

Samsung fridges are one of the top models worldwide with a good reputation and incredible features. Having a Samsung fridge at home means you’ll be having easy work storing your foodstuffs.

But there’s a time when you feel your fridge is not serving you well, and you need to learn how to reset it. But do you know how to do so?

Read along to understand how to reset Samsung fridge and avoid hiring a technician for minor issues.

Why Do Refrigerators Need A Reset?

The refrigerator is one of the technological inventions which can’t lack shortcomings. Since it has a chip, expect it to suffer from computer bugs. Please keep this in mind though the smarter your fridge, the higher its chances of freezing up.

One main reason your fridge can need a reset is when it receives too many commands that it can’t fathom. The result will be confusion. When confused, it will fail to respond to any commands forcing you to do a reset.

When your fridge ice maker becomes unresponsive, resetting is the best solution you can use to make it work again.

When Do You Need to Reset Your Samsung Refrigerator?

Samsung error code

If you have a Samsung refrigerator, it will show you when it needs a reset.

It will do this by showing error codes on the screen. Some of the errors and meanings are; A 5E error code means its defrosted sensor is not working while 8E is a problem with the ice maker.

Other reasons are when it’s still in shop mode, when there’s a blackout, or when the fridge is showing the wrong temperature.

How to Find the Refrigerator Reset Instructions?

The safest and easiest way to reset your refrigerator is by following a particular instruction. If your Samsung fridge reset rules aren’t there, you can’t use that of another fridge of the same brand and model.

You can also find the instructions from Google. All you need to do in this case is to type the refrigerator’s model manual in PDF form. After getting the PDF, look for the section containing reset instructions, and you’ll be ready to go.

How to Hard Reset Your Samsung Fridge

If you find it challenging to reset your fridge using other smart methods, there’s always another option. You can decide to hard reset the refrigerator to the initial settings it had at purchase time. When you do this, all the settings and data it has will get lost. But if you want to have your data back after the reset, backup online.

Do the following to hard reset your fridge;

  • Turn off the refrigerator. Do this using the power button by pressing and holding it until the light goes off.
  • Disconnect the fridge from the socket to cut off the power supply. Discontinuing the power supply can help protect glitches that don’t turn off.
  • You need to wait for at least ten minutes to give room for the device to cool down.
  • Finally, connect the fridge to the power supply and switch it on. After this process, your refrigerator should be able to work well.

How to Reset Samsung Fridge Temperature

Usually, all Samsung fridges have a temperature of 40 degrees or below. The temperature is for preventing bacterial growth in the food you store there. But there are times when you want to lower the temperature for specific reasons. It can be challenging to change the temperature of the fridge if you don’t have a clue. Follow these steps.  

  • Search for the control panel.
  • Then press the fridge button to get the temperature you want.
  • Remember to give it time to adjust to the new set temperature since it does that slowly.
  • Afterward, it should show you the new temperature on the display panel.

However, it may take longer for it to stabilize to the new temperature. So, you can recheck the next day.

How to Reset Samsung Refrigerator After Power Outage

It’s wise to reset your Samsung fridge after a blackout to avoid locking it as soon as the power comes back. You can do the following after power returns;

  • First, switch off the fridge using the power button
  • Then you should unplug the unit from the wall
  • Give it 30 seconds break before returning the plug to the wall

Following these steps can help your refrigerator to power up in the right way. Although it may be showing the actual temperature and not the factory default, you had set. If this happens, set it afresh to power cool and power freeze modes up to the temperature you’d love.

Remember, a power outage can spoil your fridge. In this case, you can contact the Samsung service center.

How to Reset Samsung Fridge Ice Maker?

The methods of resetting a Samsung fridge ice maker are many. But they all depend on its model.  If you have a French door heated tray model, you can use the steps below;

Open the left door where you’ll get an ice bucket. Then press the release latch that’s on the right side to remove the bucket.

After removing the bucket, you’ll see a reset button on the right side of the ice maker. It’s a rubber that’s transparent and rectangular. If you have a new Samsung model, you’ll hear a sound when the reset begins. But the older versions will require you to long-press the button for up to 10 seconds.

Give the fridge at least 24 hours to start the production of ice. And remember to replace the ice bucket.

How to Reset Samsung Refrigerator from Demo Mode

The demo mode is when your fridge shows the “off” sign. It’s always a setting by the Samsung retailers. Retailers do this as a way of reducing power consumption. You’ll find that only the cooling system doesn’t work when in this mode. If the retailers don’t turn it on, you’ll have to do it. Use the following steps to guide you;

  • Press while holding both the energy saver and power freeze buttons until you hear a sound.
  • If you did press the correct buttons, the mode should be gone by now. But if not, continue with the next step.
  • Press and hold the power freeze, energy saver, and light button until it produces a chime.
  • After the above step, you should hear your fridge cooling down since the demo mode is no more.

How to Reset Samsung Fridge Water Filter

If you’ve got a French-door Samsung fridge, it’ll remind you to change the water filter. Changing the filter regularly will make your water clean and fresh. It would help if you changed them at least twice a year, depending on your water consumption rate.

Do the following to reset your Samsung water filter;

  1.   Remove the old filter, which is usually at the center of the fridge, and put the new one
  2.   Then press and hold the alarm button for the utmost 5 seconds
  3.   After that, the long-press also the ice type for at least 3 seconds
  4.   Then long-press the ice button for about 3 to 5 seconds. And then you’ll have the water filter reset

How to Reset Samsung Fridge Factory Settings

Suppose your Samsung fridge gives you a hard time with the settings you can do in a factory setting. By doing this, all the settings and important data you had on it will disappear. You can do this by following the two steps below;

  1.   Hold both the power freeze and power cool buttons for around five seconds. The two buttons are in almost all Samsung refrigerators.
  2.   Or you can check for error codes, which are always on display in such a case. You can then google how to solve the error. But if you’ve got a smart fridge, it should solve the problem by itself.

How to Reset Samsung Fridge Touch Screen

Suppose you have a touch screen, expect it to get into inactive mode anytime. Even though it should respond after you try a new activity, at times, it does fail. In this case, you should use the following steps to reset it;

  • Push the removable panel that’s always at the top of the fridge’s right door to open it
  • You’ll find a red switch inside the door; check if it’s on or off
  • If the switch is on, it will be facing the right side, so switch it off
  • Please wait for 15 seconds before switching it on again. After powering it on, you’ll see a Samsung logo on the screen showing reset is successful

What You Need to Do After the Reset?

After the reset, your Samsung fridge should be able to operate well. However, you should check it well to ensure everything is fine. Pay close attention for some days as you monitor how the fridge is functioning. Check if the temperature is correct and if it has any error messages.

Can You Reset A Refrigerator by Unplugging It?

Unplugging the refrigerator can help reset it. Unplug it for about 45 minutes before returning it. Ensure you don’t plug it back in immediately; you remove it from the socket to give it time to cool.

Do Your Samsung Fridges Have A Reset Button?

Not all Samsung fridges have a reset button. But if yours has a water filter or ice maker, it should have one. The reset button is usually at the back of the fridge behind the ice bucket or on the control panel.


There are several reasons why your Samsung fridge can need a reset. Whatever the case, you can use any of the above steps to make your fridge work well again. You can share with us those methods that work for you when resetting your Samsung refrigerator. Don’t forget to share this post.