What Curtains Go With Gray Walls In Bedroom, Living Room?

Last Updated on March 7, 2024 by Kimberly Crawford

Neutral-colored walls which include gray are becoming more and more trendy for all kinds of home aesthetics because they could easily blend with almost all other colors.

By default, curtains are one of the most go-to complements of walls. While you can always put blinds, curtains make everything homier. 

If you are thinking of what curtains go best with gray walls, you are in for a treat because here are some of the curtain designs that would suit that wall color. 

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curtains go with gray walls

30 curtain designs that go with gray walls

By curtain designs, we focus on the colors and curtain patterns that will go well with gray walls. The gray color is one of the most flexible wall colors.

In the psychology of color, the color gray is associated with balance and neutrality. It is also considered a cool color so it makes the room cozy on a cold day and cools on a hot one. 

There are a lot of complementary colors for gray walls. As a matter of fact, it is safe to say that any color and curtain pattern can go well with the color gray. To have a head start, here are curtain designs that you should consider. 

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1. Classic white curtains

Using sheer white curtains will really embolden the gray tone of the walls. Using a gold curtain rod is the perfect match for a classic or colonial home and silver curtain rods make the room chic and warm. You can also use bright white curtains with simple embroideries and designs to make the gray tone truly pop out. 

Overall, use classic white if you want to add brightness to the room. It invites natural light in. Accent it with darker colored fixtures and you are good to go. Here is a sample from Decorated Life.

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1 curtains go with gray walls
2 curtains go with gray walls

2. Tan or cream

Another good complement for gray walls would be fellow neutral colors such as cream or tan. Either or, tan and cream colors add a warm glow to the room. They are especially beautiful for living rooms and compact bedrooms. Adding a cozy chair on the side and topping it with knitted throw pillows will turn any spot into a cozy nook like the ones from Houzz and Elle Décor

3 curtains go with gray walls
4 curtains go with gray walls

3. Yellow

One of the most beautiful complimentary colors of gray walls would be shades of yellow. If you want a vibrant and commanding flair, you can go for mustard yellow. If you want a warmer glow, go for citrus yellow. This combination is beautiful for feminine bedrooms and for large living rooms like the ones. Yellow and gray will also go well in compact home offices. 

5 curtains go with gray walls
6 curtains go with gray walls

4. Charcoal gray

Gray on gray? Go for it. That is how versatile grey walls are. Charcoal gray curtains with embroideries and other designs are stunning to look at in contrast to lighter gray walls. It is a combination found in sleek and modern designs, minimalist and masculine bedrooms. 

Top the whole design off with equally modern and sleek furniture and accent decors for a classic flair. For reference on charcoal gray curtains on gray walls, look at these designs from House Beautiful

7 curtains go with gray walls
8 curtains go with gray walls

5. Navy blue

Like yellow, navy blue is also one of the best pairs for gray walls. Although deep as a color, navy blue enhances the gray walls without making the entire room compact and dark. The ensemble will become more attention-getting if you complement it with warmer-tone fixtures like lampshades, beddings, pillows, and couch. Check these designs.

9 curtains go with gray walls
10 curtains go with gray walls

6. Pink/dusty rose

Pink and gray are usually the color palette found in nurseries and kids’ rooms. But if you cannot let go of the pink in an adult’s room with gray walls, opt for a sheer, dusty rose curtain. To make it look classier and more sophisticated, add olive green or red and burgundy accents or white chairs and other furniture. Here are some designs to consider from Houzz

11 curtains go with gray walls
12 curtains go with gray walls

7. Green

If you are eyeing that earthy ensemble especially for the living room, go for curtain designs with shades of green. Look for floral patterned curtains or those with wavy embroideries. Green valances on the gray walled kitchens are also beautiful to look at.

To add more aesthetic value to this combination, choose complementing indoor plants or fixtures with olive green and other warm neutral tones like beige or cream. To give you an idea, here are some designs.

13 curtains go with gray walls
14 curtains go with gray walls

8. Purple

Like pink, purple, and gray is a typical color combination for female bedrooms. Lilac is the best compliment for a dark gray wall and violet or bright purple are good for both dark and lighter-hued gray walls. If you are the kind of person that does not really dig pastel purple palettes, you can always go for wine, magenta, or plum colors. 

Going for gray beddings and purple pillows and warm-colored furniture will make the combination more elegant. Here are some designs to consider for the purple and gray contrast from Pinterest and Homes Décor.

15 curtains go with gray walls
16 curtains go with gray walls

9. Floral

Since gray is a neutral color, you can enhance it with color fusions. The best curtain pattern that will give you various shades in one would be floral-patterned curtains. You can choose the dominant color from the ones already mentioned in this list or you could be bold to take on more flashy florals like these ones from Houzz and Thomas Sanderson

As for the complementing furniture and accent decors, you can go all neutral or you can take on the flashy and vibrant colors by customizing your couch and other home decors. 

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17 curtains go with gray walls
18 curtains go with gray walls

10. Neutral-colored stripes

Speaking of more wall dynamics, neutral-colored stripe curtains are also a good match for gray walls. They add variety to your home through the color combinations that the curtain has but at the same time, the layering of the neutral colors in the curtain adds depth and class to the entire room. Just look at these designs from Wayfair and Pinterest

19 curtains go with gray walls
20 curtains go with gray walls

11. Ombre

This curtain color is the combination of going all in and staying toned down all at once. Like stripes, it adds layer and depth to the room because of its fading style and then bursting with hue again when you get to the bottom. It is a fresh addition to any window in any room in the house. Take a look at these designs from ShoreSociety

21 curtains go with gray walls
22 curtains go with gray walls

12. Checkered

If you want to go down the countryside, southern look, go for checkered curtains. Aside from giving you a rustic feel, no checkered combination is off for a gray wall like these ones from Amazon and Bed, Bath and Beyond.

They are homey, cozy, and are versatile to use for kitchens, bedrooms, and even living rooms. Use thin fabric curtains to induce better airflow. 

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23 curtains go with gray walls
24 curtains go with gray walls

13. Chalk blue

For a sophisticated, modern feel that will go well for living rooms, office rooms, and bedrooms, you must discover the chalk blue and gray combination. It is a lighter, grey-toned blue making it a good complement to either light or dark gray walls.

It is more of an accent tone than a contrast color to gray. Adding darker accents and fixtures around the room will make both colors standout like the ones from Wayfair

25 curtains go with gray walls
26 curtains go with gray walls

14. Boho style

Do not be afraid to use multicolored curtains for gray walls because they work out just fine. As a matter of fact, boho style curtains make a bold color statement that will fill the room with vibrance.

Add some neutral-colored furniture and accent fixtures only for better contrast. So if you think bohemian style curtains are off for gray walls, you might want to think again if you see these designs from Etsy and Wayfair

27 curtains go with gray walls
28 curtains go with gray walls

15. Neutral abstracts

If you want to go for abstract-patterned curtains that will go well on gray walls, always choose one with a white or light gray base.

You can also look for the trio of neutral colors such as brown, gray, black, white, tan, or cream. In contrast to gray, these neutral color combinations will give a brighter effect to the room. Check out these designs from Wayfair

29 curtains go with gray walls
30 curtains go with gray walls


If there is one thing that we keep on saying it is the fact that gray walls are very versatile and easy to work with in terms of curtain designs. This is one of the many advantages of being a neutral color because literally, anything goes. You can go for solid colors like what we have mostly listed here but you can always explore other curtain designs like abstract patterns, floral patterns, checkered and layered colors. 

The key thing here is not being afraid to mix and match. With the designs listed here, you can have a working idea of what to go for when it comes to your gray walls.