40+ Best Indoor Christmas Decoration Ideas

Christmas comes once in a year and every time, we put up a Christmas tree, decorate our homes with lighting and elements representing Christmas season.

This is one of the most cherished seasons throughout the year and all the family members get together to decorate indoors as well as outdoors of their homes.

best indoor christmas decor ideas

1. Simple fireplace design

1 indoor christmas decor ideas

This is a relatively simpler design for Christmas décor for your living area. Provided you have a fireplace in your living room, you can decorate the surrounding wall using natural ferns or faux-green leaves.

Couple this with a green farmhouse wreath and traditional Christmas tree, you are good to go. Adorning the tree and the greenery using illuminating static lights is an amazing yet simple way of indoor Christmas decorations.

2. Red and White magic to your living area:

2 indoor christmas decor ideas

This design involves using red candles, white/silver candle stands, red and white-colored rustic wreath, ice-themed décor ribbons, and childish Christmas socks themed in the shape of wild animals.

Combine this arrangement with a golden/green Christmas tree, illuminated using bullet lights. This design will go in tandem with a Christmas cake and cake-stand, with white icing.

You can place the cake and cake-stand on the center-table to compliment the overall design aesthetic.

3. Minimal Christmas décor for your indoors:

3 indoor christmas decor ideas

The third design in this list revolves around an age-old adage that goes by, ‘Keeping it simple’. What you need here are

  • A minimalistic Christmas tree, which can either be an actual tree or be made of wire meshes
  • Illuminating bullet lighting
  • Lots of red-colored ribbons
  • Faded-red colored flowers
  • Traditional wooden basket, which is of a square shape
  • Candles and placeholders

This design can be arranged at your fireplace in the guest area.


4. Living room design using candles and music theme:

4 indoor christmas decor ideas

This design can be placed either in your living room, bedroom or foyer area. Use broader, thick candles decorated with drawings of musical notes.

Couple them with props such as hay-made pigeons, faux grass and candle stand. This design can be complemented with a modern wreath made of natural-grass and can be placed around a suitable sized mirror as well.

5. Stairway design using concealed candlelight:

5 indoor christmas decor ideas

This design can be placed on the stairway leading to your landing area. Broader candle stands can be placed along the edges of each step, along the stairs.

The candle stands can either enclose each candle or be of engraved-type. Couple this with natural or faux greenery along the edges of each step, and red ribbon-gift boxes, the light from the candle flame will create added charm to the setup.

6. Using snowflake themed hanging lights:

6 indoor christmas decor ideas

Hanging lights, placed in your foyer area and false ceiling will bring a magical aura to the entire design aesthetic.

Couple it with farmhouse styled wreaths, placed on the wall of the landing area, and modern paintings representing the Christmas season, your interior decoration will be regarded as thoughtful and refreshing.


7. Using two or more multi-style wreaths and silver cones:

7 indoor christmas decor ideas

This design falls under the category of contemporary DIY designs for the Christmas season. What you need are

  • Thin twigs, cotton, and glue for making a minimal wreath
  • A broad red ribbon
  • Hard paper, shaped in the form of an elongated cone
  • Silver-colored cover paper
  • Natural pine grass or faux grass
  • Dried pine cones
  • Red-colored gift boxes
  • Thick and strong twigs for making a farmhouse styled wreath

8. ‘Red and green’ themed décor for your showcase cupboard:

8 indoor christmas decor ideas

This design needs a little bit of attention to detail, particularly in sewing the red and green elements together. The wreath used in this design can be built using Eucalyptus leaves, thick stems, red ribbon, coffee beans, and Christmas balls.

The wreath can be hung against your rustic wall area. A horizontal candle stand can be placed on top of the cupboard, keeping in mind this theme and complimenting rose-scented candles.

9. White Christmas décor for the dinner table:

9 indoor christmas decor ideas

This particular design can be arranged for your dinner table. Place your wine glasses on white, square serving plates. The tablecloth can be minimal in design with a red lining over a white background.

Complement this with a flowerpot, having a longer neck and comprising of light rose flowers. Its color and design can follow a light brown, ceramic pattern.


10. Blue wind chime design using silver spheres:

10 indoor christmas decor ideas

Rather than hanging conventional, thinner cylinders for their use as wind chimes, use silver-colored spheres instead.

Either you can use blue colored spheres or hang these spheres on threads against blue ambient lighting.

11. Wrap the ribbon around the garland

11 indoor christmas decor ideasSource

12. DIY Wooden Advent Calendar

12 indoor christmas decor ideasSource

13. Red ribbons and presents

13 indoor christmas decor ideasSource

14. ‘Merry Christmas’ burlap

14 indoor christmas decor ideasSource

15. Christmas tree on the chalk board

15 indoor christmas decor ideas

16. Rustic Christmas tree

16 indoor christmas decor ideasSource

17. Metal basket with pinecones, ornaments, and branches

17 indoor christmas decor ideas

18. Hanging Christmas tree on the door

18 indoor christmas decor ideasSource

19. Wooden tree for small space

19 indoor christmas decor ideas

20. Sleigh on the table

20 indoor christmas decor ideasSource

21. Evergreen Christmas tree with silver and gold ornaments

21 indoor christmas decor ideas

22. Entryway

22 indoor christmas decor ideasSource

23. Starlight

23 indoor christmas decor ideas

24. In the kitchen

24 indoor christmas decor ideasSource

25. Light up the mantel

25 indoor christmas decor ideasSource

26. Rose and gold balls

26 indoor christmas decor ideas

27. A lantern with ornaments

27 indoor christmas decor ideas

28. String light

28 indoor christmas decor ideas

29. Rustic Christmas decor

29 indoor christmas decor ideas

30. Black and grey

30 indoor christmas decor ideas

31. Milk jugs as vases

31 indoor christmas decor ideas

32-40. More indoor Christmas decor ideas

32 indoor christmas decor ideas40 indoor christmas decor ideas39 indoor christmas decor ideas38 indoor christmas decor ideas37 indoor christmas decor ideas36 indoor christmas decor ideas35 indoor christmas decor ideas34 indoor christmas decor ideas33 indoor christmas decor ideas


An environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional candles are smokeless candles, which come in different varieties. Baubles can also be handcrafted and placed on the Christmas trees as well as fireplace décor.


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