35+ Best Kitchen Counter Decor Ideas and Designs (With Photos)

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Making a beautiful sight to see inside the kitchen can be very challenging as it is one of the areas of the home where it can be always busy and crowded.

The kitchen is one of the most important areas of the home that is used every day, for every meal, for different people, not just for the homeowner alone.

As such, it must look clean, organized and beautiful all the time. To do this, accentuating the kitchen counter is one of the best ideas to incorporate.

If you are looking for some kitchen counter décor ideas that would suit any type of kitchen design and interior, we have come up with a list of what you can go for. If you intend to glamorize your kitchen counters with decors, read on. 

best kitchen counter decor ideas

35+ Best Kitchen Counter Decor Ideas and Designs (With Photos)

When planning for the perfect kitchen countertop design, these are some lists of ideas you can choose from. 

1. Kitchen Counter with Books

1 kitchen counter decor ideas

Putting books on your countertop is always a good idea. Aside from it looking classic, it is also one way of giving convenience to the homeowner or guest who are fond of books as they can easily pull out whenever needed and put it back in after.

In this picture, the books are also arranged from biggest to smallest making it better to see. Having a counter that looks classy, neat and elegant like this counter idea is a better choice. Using decorations that would fit your taste is also a plus.

1 kitchen counter decor ideas 1

2. Kitchen Counter with Flower top

2 kitchen counter decor ideas

Flowers are always looking good whenever it is placed but looks more beautiful when placed on the counter.

A little flower to many can add spice to the overall look of the kitchen plus they can be replaced according to mood or season too.

Whatever it may be, as long as it create a little dynamic to the place whether expensive or not, it depends on how you make it special so everybody can see its beauty. 

3. Kitchen counter decorated with soap dispensers

3 kitchen counter decor ideas

In an all-white kitchen, soap dispensers are considered accents or decorations especially placed in the sink. In this picture, you can see that the soap dispensers are made of glass that complemented the elegance of the color white kitchen.

When looking for the perfect decoration that is perfect for your kitchen counter, always make sure that it goes well with all the elements present in the area as it can make or break the entire look.  

4. Busy Kitchen Countertop

4 kitchen counter decor ideas

This busy kitchen counter looks good in this plain white kitchen wall. They add so much view to see and though the colors are neutral they still make the scene very much fun and exciting. A busy kitchen is always the solution to an empty one. 

A medium-size bowl with some fruits and a classy flower vase makes the kitchen classy and alive.

When having a plain background, it is always a good idea to put in just everything that is classy and nice to give color and make the area alive like this kitchen counter idea. 

5. Family Kitchen Countertop

5 kitchen counter decor ideas

When looking for the perfect object to bring in colors and liveliness to your kitchen counter, family pictures always make a great choice. Putting them on a stylish photo frame also makes it a better sight. 

For this kitchen countertop decoration idea, you can see the differences of shapes and other elements put together to make it a more beautiful scene.

Getting creative with your pictures can be sentimental and memorable for some that it becomes an area where people get to see the story and the picture of your family. 

6. Home Grown Herbs to your Kitchen Counter

6 kitchen counter decor ideas

Adding a home-grown herb as a decoration to your kitchen countertop creates a naturalistic vibe inside the area. Aside from looking fresh, the color green is a symbol of life, thus making the whole area feel and look alive. 

This countertop decoration idea may be simple and a bit cliché but it is more natural, affordable, and useful inside the home – can be an added decoration plus can be used as a first aid for some diseases when needed. This one is highly beneficial and is a great idea. 

6 kitchen counter decor ideas 1

7. Chopping Board Decoration Idea

7 kitchen counter decor ideas 1

Getting creative with all your chopping boards turned to a decorative item can be a great choice.

Aside from it being totally unique, it can be cost efficient and add to the beauty of a home without exerting too much effort and spending too much money.

Going for this design is a little simple but the woods make a great combination with the whites which makes it natural looking. 

8. Marble Countertop Design

8 kitchen counter decor ideas 1

When getting enough of all the plain ones, it is but natural to go for the classy and expensive ones just like the marble designs.

It need not have a lot more in the countertop because just the texture and design alone make it extraordinary that you would come in for a second see. 

Marbles definitely are a killer in design, making the area look classy and elegant plus you will not need to worry about putting another extra element on top because it already creates a perfect view. 

8 kitchen counter decor ideas 2

8. Kitchen counters decorated with Jars

9 kitchen counter decor ideas 1

Jars as a decoration always make the kitchen look so neat and organized plus a little traditional but stylish. In this look, the colors made up the look and elegance while the jars brought so much style in the scene. 

When choosing jars as a decoration, make sure to always choose the transparent ones as they can be more helpful when it comes to looking at seasoning and other necessities inside the kitchen. A jar is very simple but can look clean and beautiful when put on a classy countertop.

9 kitchen counter decor ideas 2
Source: Porch Day Dreamer

10. Decorative Mugs in a kitchen countertop

10 kitchen counter decor ideas 1

When wanting a simple but elegant design, go for a mug kitchen countertop design. Aside from it looking unique, this one can be an indication that the homeowner is fond of coffees too. 

It can be easy setting up a design like this one however, may cost you a little more because of the customized white mugs present in all open storage areas found in the cabinetry.

While it may look all so crowded and white, this one can match almost any countertop design and texture that can be so flexible, design per se. 

10 kitchen counter decor ideas 2
10 kitchen counter decor ideas 3

11. Modern kitchen countertop design

11 kitchen counter decor ideas 1

This modern kitchen countertop idea can be very much the choice of every homeowner, however, can be very expensive given the countertop design and texture plus the unique feature – a place where you can put food like fruits and others that is made out of copper which is making it a view.

Going for this design means you are ready to spend more while having to look good as a whole. 

11 kitchen counter decor ideas 2
11 kitchen counter decor ideas 3

12. Baking tools on your kitchen countertop

12 kitchen counter decor ideas 1

When you are fond of baking, give it a try and get creative to put the materials as a decorative item to your kitchen countertops.

Aside from the fact that they can look so functional yet classy, they can also be convenient for bakers because the placing of the materials is just beyond their reach when trying to make some pastries. 

As a whole, the organization is making it a perfect sea plus the wall background which is giving more highlight to the all-whites. 

13. Wines as a kitchen countertop design

13 kitchen counter decor ideas 1

On this retro style kitchen, adding a little design such as a small wine rack placed on the center of the kitchen countertop makes the total look classy and all retro. 

The colors are already looking elegant and nice and adding a little highlight in the name of a small wine rack gives it another view.

When placing an item on your kitchen counters, always make sure that they are useful just the way they have been giving value, decorative wise. 

13 kitchen counter decor ideas 2

14. Mixing colors on your kitchen counters

14 kitchen counter decor ideas 1

Having bright colors means going with decorative items that could give excitement in the whole area.

Different colors can come with a vase, a bowl or any decorative item just like the ones in this picture to give dynamics to the whole kitchen decoration idea.

A colorful kitchen counter means a playful, stylish and a fun view so always give it a try and have the colors mixing in one place. 

14 kitchen counter decor ideas 2

15. Sophisticated view with Sculptures on your kitchen counters

15 kitchen counter decor ideas 1

When wanting a sophisticated look, having sculptures on your kitchen counters can also work.

Although they just add as a decorative item to the areas, they can give a high level of aesthetic value since they come in with so much sophistication where you can find the area looking expensive while putting this one. 

16. A different Color on your kitchen counters

16 kitchen counter decor ideas 1

Other than an object being placed on your kitchen counters, adding a bright and unique color that can be an eye catcher is also a good idea.

Having an empty kitchen counter but a colored one like this picture can also be considered as a decoration as it comes in very playful where it works with the colors present in the kitchen.

A different color means going beyond traditional colors that can be highly attractive and looking different.

16 kitchen counter decor ideas 2

17. Wooden kitchen utensils on your kitchen counters

17 kitchen counter decor ideas 1

While it can be seen as more naturalistic, wooden colors in your kitchen counter could also mean an old yet classic design turns around where it can fit just any kitchen counter color and design. 

In this picture, a lot of kitchen utensils from the places, bowls, saucers, wine glass, knives, and other more present in the area where they are put in an elevated object in a wooden material makes it very attractive and feel natural in a way.

This whole setup is simple and has a lot of things to see but is still a good kitchen counter design idea.

18. Stainless sink on a marble kitchen counter

18 kitchen counter decor ideas 1

Having it simpler than just placing a functional item just like a stylish faucet in stainless steel can already make a high decorative value. 

It may all look plain but it can be seen clean and neat plus having a more spacious kitchen counter that would mean a larger space area to put things that matter when cooking or other activities where the kitchen counter is needed.

Decoration does not only mean an object but the style, texture and design of the base like this marble kitchen counter. 

18 kitchen counter decor ideas 2

19. Holiday furniture on your kitchen counter

19 kitchen counter decor ideas 1

Placing furniture that perfectly fits the holiday season can also be very much a good idea. Aside from they can fit the overall design of the home, they can look nicer and sophisticated putting them on your kitchen counters. 

Remember that when holiday season comes, the kitchen is always the area where some people would choose to sit and enjoy the day, thus putting in holiday furniture would be great. Having a recognizable holiday decoration would bring out more of the occasion. 

19 kitchen counter decor ideas 2

20. Table set up

20 kitchen counter decor ideas 1

A table set up is also considered a decorative item placed on the kitchen counters. They can be very elegantly looking especially for some that goes with gold and silver as they can look good in whatever kitchen counter color like this view. 

Having a good set up meaning going for a more sophisticated look that would give you a nicer view of the whole kitchen idea. Though the set up can only last an hour or two just before the meal, they still add aesthetic to the whole kitchen design idea.


Aside from the ideas that we have listed here, it is also essential for us to be aware of some kitchen decorating FAQs that would make the look more outstanding. Hence, in this section, we rundown some tips and answer some questions about decorating around kitchen counters. 

What should I display on my kitchen counters?

There are a lot of beautiful items which you can place on your kitchen counters. However, the challenge is what and for how much does one need to come up with a beautiful one that will sound complementing and attractive? When running out of ideas, here is the list you can choose from.

  • Coffee Station: It is always good to see a coffee station inside the kitchen where you can see a coffee maker, several mugs and other packed items that are meant for making coffees. 

A coffee station on a kitchen counter is very common , however, it is still a good idea because of the orientation and the kind of coffee maker you put in. The most affordable looks okay but the hi-tech ones can give it a higher sense of aesthetic value.

  • Spices and Oils: Designing your kitchen counters with the simplest possible purchased item that can be useful inside the kitchen like the spices and oils also are a good idea. They can come up with a small cabinetry put in the kitchen counters or you can have them as bold as just placing them to the area where it is reachable when needed.
  • Kitchen scale: This one can come handy and useful especially when the homeowner is very strict with portions and additions speaking of the food to be cooked. It can be useful for others too plus can be an added decorative item when unused. 
  • Cookbook with a stand: Going for this idea might be a little off for some but can be helpful decorative and function wise. For homeowners who have this in their counters it is quite unique but having it close to the cooking area will give a more useful view especially for homeowners who depend on this one. 
  • Tiny Home Office: Little does everyone know that you can add a tiny home office in your kitchen counters not just to have a unique view and placing but giving you an area in the kitchen where you can do work while having to prepare food. 

It is always every homeowner’s dream to have a little working space inside the kitchen. In most cases, you can have this one-on-one corner of the kitchen where it is away from the cooking area to prevent harmful effects like fire. 

  • Repurposed boxes: Getting more creative and placing your repurposed boxes into small storage areas that are placed on your kitchen counter is also a nice idea. They come in very creative and useful as you can have them for storing seasoning and other kitchens must have all in one place. 

Having them sounds fun and exciting as you no longer have to put them bold and clear across the counter top space.

  • Blender and Ovens: These two are two of the most important machines that can be found in the kitchen. For some, they have it stored where they can only come out whenever needed. However, some owners go and put them into one place where they can be seen and be useful.
  • Toasters: While toasters are mostly used during breakfast whenever you want to have a toast, it is also okay to put them in a place across the kitchen counter so as not to make the space feel empty especially when you have a large one.
  • Art Display: Having this one on your kitchen counters is also possible. Give it a try and place your art display with a stand and appreciate its aesthetic value on the corner of the kitchen counter where it is placed. While art displays look good when hanging, the one that can be seen just on the kitchen counters also creates a different impact that adds to the beauty of the total look of the kitchen. 
  • Fresh Fruits: Having a fruit section in the kitchen is always a good idea. They can also be a good decoration since the colors are very much bold and bright. However, with this choice, there would be a need of separating the near-to-ripe fruits so that they can still add to the aesthetic value of the home while serving its main purpose. 

What do you put on the corner of a countertop?

If you have an edged countertop or just really an asymmetrical one, the following can be put in the corner of your kitchen countertop:

  • Pedestal bowl: This one is handy for displaying fruits, chips, and other small snacks while waiting for the main course.
  • Tea candles: If you think that these are only good for an ambient bedroom, you should think again. Aside from the fragrance, the kitchen countertop could also use some nicely scented candles to ward off unwanted smells as well as insects that are swarming around. 
  • Wooden cutting board: There are cutting boards that you really need in the kitchen, and then there are those that are smaller or larger in size that are truly made as just decorative only. Between the two, we know that you know what we are pointing at. 
  • Live plant: For this, we are not just talking about any live plant per se. There are those identified plants that are made for absorbing bad smells and toxins in the air. You need to research these types of plants and make the consideration to put them around the corner of your countertop. 
  • Coffee mug rack: This should be a default piece in a kitchen counter but if you are one who has not yet discovered the aesthetic and functional value of a coffee mug rack, it is time to put one in your kitchen countertop corner. 
  • Bread box: This is not something that we see everyday in a kitchen counter, but it sure makes a lot of difference especially for households with a lot of rowdy kids. 

How can I decorate my kitchen countertop without clutter?

It is inevitable to have clutters whenever decorating your kitchen countertops, however, there are some ways in which you prevent this from happening as a kitchen needs to be clean and neat.

  • Put in storage cabinets: To have a more organized kitchen counters, classify the kitchen utensils and have them placed according to their needs on a small storage cabinet in your kitchen tops. This will make you have an identified and specific place meant for a single utensil.  

It can also be very convenient as you will no longer have to look out for any other boxes available but within the small containers given which you can also put on some labels for easy recognition. This will not just make the kitchen look nice but can prevent you from having any clutter because the utensils already are given a home.

  • Have a specific corner for machine use: May it be a toaster, oven, blender, coffee machine, or any others that is needed on a kitchen, make sure to place them in one area so that you can put in the electrical wirings on just one side of the kitchen counter to prevent harm and to give an easy access with the machines. 

It need not be just the mentioned kitchen appliances, you have more but make sure that they are needed just as to minimize unused items that would mean another clutter inside your kitchen area.

  • Put kitchen wares against your backsplash: When having no room for other items, you can have them beautifully placed against your kitchen backsplash to create an area where items that are useful can also just be beautifully attractive with just having them bold and open as is. Putting them against your backsplash area can be tricky because they can be off any time; however, when your goal is to prevent clutter, this one is a good choice.

Should kitchen counters be empty?

Not necessarily. You can put in some useful but decorative items, however, keeping a kitchen counter empty can also be a great choice. This means having plenty of cooking space where you can freely move and just bring in kitchen utensils and place them on the cabinetry where they can be unseen when not needed. 

A kitchen countertop, whether put in with some or nothing at all depends on the homeowner. Beauty is very much subjective; a kitchen differs from the other according to who owns it. Either which, you can give it a try and have them empty. This does not mean a lesser aesthetic value but is cleaner and more attractive for some.


Planning and researching for the perfect item that could be put in your counters take a lot of careful decision making. Kitchen counters need to be neat, unobstructive and well-coordinated at best. Decorations that work more as a clutter than something that would aesthetically and functionally improve the space should not be considered. 

With everything that we have covered here, it becomes clear that going for simple, yet well-thought of kitchen counter decors can make a lot of difference in a space. You can never run out of an item to consider. The only trick here is to be creative and ingenious.