35+ Beautiful Kitchen Wallpaper Ideas and Designs (With Pictures)

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The most popular kitchen wallpaper designs will satisfy your need for additional inspiration, style, and color in your kitchen. It’s really no surprise that suspended wallpaper has not really become one of the most wanted kitchen designs.

Nonetheless, over the last few years, this architectural element has made a tremendous return, and it’s now a style everyone likes to replicate.

Many more sturdy wallpaper kinds are now accessible in a great variety of interesting designs, which may come as news, however some of the finest wallpaper concepts may function well both aesthetically and functionality in a kitchen space. 

Let your kitchen have a homey, distinct vibe that you can’t often create with just paint by going big on hues or lining your walls with something that’s subtle yet extremely unique.

35+ Beautiful Kitchen Wallpaper Ideas and Designs (With Photos)

best kitchen wallpaper ideas

1. It should have a theme.

1 kitchen wallpaper ideas

To establish a new and easygoing aesthetic in your house, draw inspiration from vacation villas, cottages, and beach days. With rustic-inspired, effects of a watercolor wallpaper and basic white-painted timber furniture, create a nostalgic atmosphere.

Before you purchase, order a piece of the wallpaper to try it out in your selected room. The color of wallpaper, similar to paint, varies dramatically depending on the illumination and may seem different in a tiny kitchen than in a bigger room, so check at it at different times of the day.

2. Consider new ideas.

2 kitchen wallpaper ideas

While the wall art isn’t as popular as it once was in other parts of the house, it’s still a common choice for a multi-functional room like an open floor plan, where it may be utilized to designate zones like a dining room.

Wallpaper may help bind the room’s decor together and make a beautiful focal point, diverting attention away from technical gadgetry on show.

The active atmosphere of the kitchen at home also provides for more bright, dynamic, and amusing wallpaper choices than in other rooms of the house.

The colors on the walls have indeed been ingeniously picked up by the soft furnishings and decorations in this Scandi kitchen creating a harmonized effect.

3. Make a big statement.

3 kitchen wallpaper ideas

Wallpaper may soften the harsh, professional sense of a kitchen. Utilizing it to either gently match your kitchen’s color scheme or to play a more prominent part in the design, attracting attention and providing impact with a striking color or pattern.

This wallpaper would make no mistake about your sense of style. Pure white fixtures keep the attention on the artwork while also producing a contemporary scheme that is well-suited to this design.

Only if protected well behind acrylic or glass, avoid wallpaper in a damp or cooking environment. That isn’t to say you should avoid it. Certain wallpapers are easily cleanable, so they may be used in dining rooms and living rooms, even in family houses.

4. An alcove made of paper

4 kitchen wallpaper ideas

Wallpaper may be utilized in a variety of ways to create a remarkable impact. If you like a wallpaper pattern, you may use it as a backsplash if you overlay it with acrylic, glass, or a specifically lacquered finish.

Covering the back of bookcases or a cabinet with colorful and patterned fabric provides an intriguing peek of color and design.

You may be fairly assertive without running the risk of seeming overbearing. For a striking impact, wallpaper is used to enclose an alcove.

Windows have been put behind the stove to capture any unavoidable spills – it’s a fantastic illustration of how to maintain your wallpaper in the tough climate of the kitchen.

5. Create a mural out of mine.

5 kitchen wallpaper ideas

Because the kitchen is usually seen as a ‘high-splash’ area, vinyl or removable wallpaper is recommended to keep the walls looking clean and easy to wipe off.

If you enjoy murals, hang one in your kitchen to create a unique exhibit as you sip your espresso. Pick neutral tone colors for your design strategy and blend with a variety of textures and materials to create a consistent canvas for a relaxed and country kitchen style.

6. Printed Animals

6 kitchen wallpaper ideas

Scalamandré’s flowing zebra design is perhaps one of the most instantly known wallpaper patterns of contemporary times, and it’ll be sure to thrill for generations to follow while giving your kitchen area a playful feeling of vitality that can’t be surpassed.

The best part is that it goes with any design aesthetic, from conventional to quirky, and it’s a good investment because all prospective house buyers will find it enticing when it comes time to sell. And seriously, who would not like such an adorable print that’s as life-like as this?

7. Diamond Print Inspired by the 1950s

7 kitchen wallpaper ideas

It pays to look for new hues while evoking past eras for a much more updated and current vibe, and the geometric diamond design displayed above is a great example.

And besides, what if it was made in the colors of green and orange? It would simply appear antiquated and cluttered.

Instead, opt for a quiet and calming neutral hexagon print to create a modest impression that will stay current as trends change. Furthermore, neutral colors may make a room look bigger and better than it actually is.

8. Polka-Dot

8 kitchen wallpaper ideas

An abstract interpretation of a traditional kitchen design will make it seem well-judged and trendy when it pertains to distinctive kitchen wallpaper designs.

The bright polka-dot design shown above, for example, seems as if each point was hand-painted, evoking the sense of luxury.

To get a similar effect, cover every surface in the kitchen with a vibrant patterned wallpaper to create a bold statement that will get people talking. Polka dots are a timeless and exquisite design that will make anybody drool.

9. Prints of Fruit

9 kitchen wallpaper ideas

Fruit, another traditional wallpaper design, looks new once more, but this season it’s less tiny and considerably larger in size for the unanticipated.

A large-sized fruit pattern kitchen wallpaper would thrill for coming years, whether it’s on an accent wall or over the whole kitchen.

It’ll also be ideal for boosting spirits during the darker winter months while capturing more light in the summer. Fruits can also be quirky and will be the talk of your guests and friends when they are around.

10. Floral Design

10 kitchen wallpaper ideas

A floral design with dark base choice can do the work while helping your kitchen seem even more elegant if you’re looking for grungier kitchen wallpaper designs.

The goal is to utilize it as a contrast to white cabinets and softer color combinations to provide depth and create a distinct focal point.

A blue color, another variation on traditional flowers, expresses the idea of daily splendor with a gentler feel over, say, a dark backdrop. It may be used to give your kitchen an outside atmosphere by simulating the natural colors of a dreamlike horizon.

11. Wallpaper in Toile

11 kitchen wallpaper ideas

Kitchen wallpaper concepts that are toile-inspired will provide a feminine look to your kitchen while also relaxing the overall image of what may normally be an impersonal environment.

Toile wallpaper has the advantage of being available in a wide range of colors and patterns, allowing you to select one that is ideal for your kitchen area and individual décor flair.

Pick a good color palette that clashes with the kitchen cabinets, or opt for kitchen wallpaper designs that complement your present color plan.

Consider a moderate wallpaper in contrast to a white and oak kitchen, or an orange wallpaper in contrast to a white kitchen.

12. Wallpaper with botanicals

12 kitchen wallpaper ideas

The kitchen is a great place to use botanical wallpaper. Wallpapers that are botanical will give your kitchen a fresh and brilliant burst of color, plus, it’s a fantastic alternative if you can’t obtain enough natural daylight for plants.

A lively wallpaper with vibrant large greens and several colored botanical flowers would enliven a white kitchen, while a botanical wallpaper that has a dark backdrop will provide a striking contrast.

Once it comes down to kitchen wallpaper designs, a natural vibe is a daring and provocative choice for your next renovation.

13. Geometric Wallpaper in Vibrant Colors

13 kitchen wallpaper ideas

Geometric wallpaper patterns are ideal for kitchen wallpaper designs because they provide a dramatic visual element to a rather simple area, and these can be as vivid and intense as you desire.

To get the most of contemporary kitchen wallpaper designs, aim for a monotone style that lets the motif speak for itself.

Alternatively, you may go for the unanticipated and choose a bright and vivid hue to create a lively impression. Whether you want to decorate one accent wall or every space there is, a geometric design will make a lasting impression in your kitchen.

14. Wallpaper In Black And White

14 kitchen wallpaper ideas

Black and white geometric wallpaper designs in the kitchen would provide a striking contrast when used with dark wood counters or onyx surfaces.

Golden accents and metalwork, like lights, chandeliers, and fittings, will give your kitchen wallpaper concepts a playful edge.

Monochrome wallpaper is strong and dramatic, and it goes with almost any design aesthetic, particularly in an European kitchen. To make a stunning yet unique minimalism in your kitchen, choose a simple pattern.

15. Striped Wallpaper in a Neutral Color

15 kitchen wallpaper ideas

A stripe in neutral shade is a great alternative if you’re searching for kitchen wallpaper designs that are a bit more subdued and easy on the eyes.

They’ll look fantastic in a classic kitchen with wood cabinets and other traditional accents.

Opt for a wallpaper featuring neutral lines of varied sizes for added visual and depth intrigue, or stripes of one length for a more uniform aesthetic.

Stripes emphasize the simplicity of rural and rustic decor, making neutral stripes ideal for traditional kitchen wallpaper designs.

16. Orange Wallpaper with a Kick

16 kitchen wallpaper ideas

A strong burst of orange is the perfect hue to give a touch of eclecticism to a kitchen. Every kitchen will be brightened by a vividly patterned wallpaper featuring bold orange bursts of color.

Kitchen wallpaper concepts like these will make a genuinely wonderful effect in any kitchen, from a classic to a contemporary kitchen. 

It will assist to make your room seem fully distinctive to your house. A vivid pattern like this is also perfect for tiny kitchen wallpaper designs, since it will transform your room from a dull, little kitchen into something more lively and active.

17. Wallpaper with gray stripes

17 kitchen wallpaper ideas
Source: Sandberg

If you want to add features to your kitchen without going overboard, a basic grey stripe is one of the greatest kitchen wallpaper options.

Soft gray lines like these will give a kitchen a more manly air and will look wonderful in both a contemporary, polished kitchen with clean design and a more historically designed kitchen, such as a Tudor kitchen.

Gray lined kitchen wallpaper plans work well with white kitchen cabinets because the added color creates a wonderful contrast. Furthermore, vertical wallpaper will make your ceilings appear taller, making the entire area appear larger than it actually is.

18. Wallpaper in the style of Art Deco

18 kitchen wallpaper ideas

Every kitchen will benefit from the addition of art deco-styled wallpaper, which will offer a touch of elegance and glitz. Art-deco wallpaper has a pleasing geometry to it, from fan motifs to diamond patterns.

It’ll give your kitchen a classic yet surprising note while increasing its charm factor indefinitely, thanks to its visually appealing and unique design.

Kitchen wallpaper designs like these will bring an antiquated and distinctive touch to your kitchen which you’ll appreciate for generations to follow.

19. Wallpaper with a Marble Effect

19 kitchen wallpaper ideas

Natural marble is beautiful, but it is a pricey luxury commodity. Because not everybody can purchase marble tiles or worktops in their home, why not make a spoof of it?

Marble-inspired kitchen wallpaper designs can give you that sumptuous sense of marble without the exorbitant cost or the lengthy and time-consuming maintenance.

You would be able to adorn your kitchen with contemporary kitchen wallpaper designs that provide that heady feeling of everyday luxury, since they come in a variety of hues and designs.

You may also use marble-inspired contact material to save even more money on achieving the desired impression.

20. Kitchen Backsplash Doodle Wallpaper

20 kitchen wallpaper ideas

Your personality is shown via doodling. Choose a consistent, chalky wallpaper with drawings if you want your kitchen to be a little eccentric and amusing.

Doodles can be of culinary utensils, phrases, or even something bizarre and amusing. If you really want your kitchen to seem light, airy, and joyful, go with this wallpaper.

A doodle wallpaper is also interactive and is something you, your friends, and your family can enjoy together. It truly is a fun yet surely functional kitchen wallpaper design.

21. Delightful Fruity 3D Kitchen Wallpaper Designs

21 kitchen wallpaper ideas

A busy kitchen’s core is fresh vegetables. It is recommended to maintain the freshness throughout the entire year to keep this motto alive. For a bright kitchen, a wallpaper featuring prints of your favorite fruit is ideal.

It has just the correct amount of color, is rather basic, and is a wonderful sight to behold! If you enjoy being reminded of joie de vivre and the joys of life, this kitchen wallpaper pattern is for you!

22. Green wallpaper for the kitchen

22 kitchen wallpaper ideas

Green is a terrific choice for any kitchen, be it contemporary, classic, or shaker design, because there are a lot of hues to select from. Pair mint green walls with lemon cabinets for a vibrant, fresh, and cheery look in your kitchen.

Emerald and forest green are profound, deep, and sumptuous, whereas lighter or mint green seem refreshing and spring-like. Pale greens go well with mild neutrals such as cream, while darker greens go well with rustic wooden cabinets.

23. Kitchen wallpaper in red

23 kitchen wallpaper ideas

Red wallpaper in the kitchen is a terrific selection if you would like to create a statement. Red goes nicely with a surprising amount of colors, so you may utilize it on your walls regardless of the color of your kitchen cupboards.

Red paired with black is a timeless color combination that complements white cabinetry. For something a bit different, try pairing red kitchen wallpaper with yellow or even blue kitchen cabinets.

24. Kitchen wallpaper in teal

24 kitchen wallpaper ideas

Teal is a lovely deep color that is both current and timeless, falling anywhere between blues and greens. Teal looks great with a variety of colors, but it really pops when paired with a moderate like light grey or white.

Employ teal kitchen wallpaper like a solid color to give drama to the wall across the base units and wall cabinets, or choose a geometric wallpaper to show off your personal flair.

25. Make an impression.

25 kitchen wallpaper ideas

Make a statement with all-over garden-themed kitchen wallpaper styles. The brilliant blue background is kept at bay by traditional white cabinets, marble worktops, and exposed upper shelves.

The hues of the flower design are picked up by a covered in green island and amusing fruit painting.

It takes a lot of flair and courage to choose a dramatic design that will complement your complete kitchen, so choosing this style will bring out your creative juices.

26. Look into hazy greys.

26 kitchen wallpaper ideas

Neutrals are available in a wide range of styles, including storm, dreamy, cloud-effect papers that may provide a nice texture to a monochrome kitchen.

Are you having problems deciding on a wallpaper? Unless you can see your idea in an actual kitchen, this will assist. Ensure to go through the images and video on wallpaper websites for ideas.

Hazy greys are sleek and clean and are definitely minimalist lovers would love. 

27. Texture with a seaside vibe

27 kitchen wallpaper ideas

With something as easy as a pebble-effect white, you can easily create complexity to your kitchen. Obtain samples in as huge a size as possible to help you choose amongst the numerous neutrals on offer.

Before selecting your wallpaper, string them up exactly when you intend to use them and keep in mind you are delighted.

This wallpaper should remind you of coastal towns and beaches you so love to visit during the summer. The goal is to bring the feel of seabreeze and ocean smell in your own kitchen without the need to purchase a plane ticket for Hawaii or Maldives. 

28. Soft watercolors

28 kitchen wallpaper ideas

If you’re a person who likes to be relaxed and comforted by the usual things they see around their home, like a kitchen’s wallpaper– then this one’s for you.

Soft, pastel watercolor wallpaper is great because of its simplicity and elegance. These characteristics have been showcased a lot in this list but don’t everyone want unlimited choices?

Soft watercolor wallpaper is a must-have if you want a relaxed vibe in your kitchen that, let’s face it, is always busy and buzzing with energy. It is indeed a nice contrast to the continuous activity going on around the kitchen all day. 

29. Something understated

29 kitchen wallpaper ideas

In kitchens, comparatively tiny botanical or floral patterns are usually a good choice. Choose a basic design in a bright color or a complex pattern in a moderate for the best effects.

However, avoid cheesy blooms by opting for a modern neutral. These would look great in a newly constructed home or a contemporary kitchen style.

30. Make a cabinet inlay

30 kitchen wallpaper ideas

Do you have a fear of committing? Begin small. It’s a simple weekend project to decorate your cabinets with attractive peel-and-stick wallpaper.

The best patterns include flowers, plants, polka dots, and hexagonal shapes. It’s a terrific approach to test something fresh on a more short term basis because you can quickly switch it out without causing damage to your walls.

31. Take a look at Monet’s kitchen.

31 kitchen wallpaper ideas

For inspiration, look up Claude Monet’s famed kitchen, which features magnificent white and blue tilework. He did not have the choice of wallpaper, so he had to settle for tiles.

That isn’t to say you ought to! With a beautiful blue and white pattern, you can recreate the artist’s style of kitchen. White and blue  is a timeless kitchen color combination that never goes out of style.

32. Make a feature wall

32 kitchen wallpaper ideas

Install your favorite wallpaper upon only one wall to make it stand out. Opt for  the wall that is the least crowded or the one which is the most noticeable while walking through the door. You may afford to be a little more daring with your wallpaper if you restrict it to one wall. 

Also, consider bold designs that would be overwhelming if used across the kitchen. When working with a smaller area, you may also afford to indulge in artistic wallpaper.

33. Chintz is back in style.

33 kitchen wallpaper ideas

Imagine a room with mint green walls. This setting exudes elegance and grace. It’s a style that’s vibrant, colorful, and exuberant. When it concerns wall ideas, trends clearly demonstrate that people are progressively returning to the past, and this is true.

Keep in mind that this hue also represents philosophers, intellectuals, writers, and anybody who deviates from the norm. Dare to be different and go for this free-spirited modern look.

34. Archival

34 kitchen wallpaper ideas

Invest in a style like this if you love something real with natural patterns. It will demonstrate to your visitors that your wallpapers are far more than bulk manufacture. This extraordinary occurrence is unlikely to leave you uninterested.

35. Behind the shelves, there is wallpaper.

35 kitchen wallpaper ideas

Shelves don’t have to merely be a functional piece of furniture for storing kitchen products. They’re also used for decoration, and you may include this concept into your design. Because most of your cooking items are exposed, open shelves indicate that your household is casual. 

The wallpaper you placed behind the rack, on the other hand, gives it an even nicer look. It will attract focus to all of the objects you’d like to attract attention to. You may add a personal touch to your kitchen this way.


What type of wallpaper is best for the kitchen?

Novamura, vinyl, and removable wallpapers are the three major types of wallpaper that are suggested for usage in a kitchen. Vinyl wallpapers have a paper backing and are embossed with patterns and colors on a vinyl layer. It  is a chemical that is manufactured from ethylene, an organic gas byproduct.

Can wallpaper be used as a backsplash?

Backsplashes protect your walls from kitchen spills. Install the wallpaper first, then overlay it with glass, making care to seal the corners with a drop of silicone glass sealer. 

Is peel and stick wallpaper good for kitchens?

That’s fine! Conventional wallpaper is permanent and expensive, but peel-and-stick wallpaper allows you to add vibrant color and design to your kitchen. When you’ve had enough of your design—or simply want to try something new—simple it’s to take down without causing serious harm to your walls.

How do I protect my kitchen wallpaper?

Water is protected by a backsplash, and the gap between the base of the backsplash or counter and the lower border of the wallpaper is protected with silicone or rubber caulk. Caulk can mess with the wallpaper’s continuous design, thus vertical gaps aren’t the ideal alternatives.

How long does kitchen wallpaper last?

The kitchen space will need to be painted more frequently than some other rooms in your home or business due to food splatters, moisture, and other wear and tear. About 3 and 4 years is a good estimate.


When it comes to redecorating a kitchen, wallpaper may not be the first wall solution that comes to mind because it is frequently associated with antique styles from the past. Carpets and countertops are most probably your usual wall coverings for a kitchen these days, but contemporary wallpaper remains a viable alternative. 

Modern kitchen wallpaper concepts will bring a decorative touch to your kitchen remodel, making it seem gentler and more personal.