20+ Cool and Easy Spray Paint Project Ideas Will Transform Your Furnitures

Last Updated on December 11, 2019 by Kimberly Crawford

Spray Paint Designs are a brilliantly creative way to add personality to your home.

Spray Painting isn’t always about vandalism. No, It’s an inexpensive and versatile decorating method that can add color and great designs to your home and garden quickly and easily.

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What Kind Of Spray Paint To Use On Wine Bottles?

General purpose spray paint and decorative spray paint can be applied to glass.

However, if you want to be confident that your spray paint will stick to the surface of your wine bottle, All Surface Spray Paint may be a better option.

When applying spray paint to a glass wine bottle, always lightly sand the surface. This helps the paint stick better.

How To Spray Paint Designs

Spray paint stencils allow you to repeat designs again and again. It’s a great way to create a wallpaper effect, or to add floral patterns to furniture.

You can make your own spray paint stencils. Use acetate or cardstock to prevent your stencils from getting soggy. When designing your stencils, get some spray paint inspiration from DeviantArt.

Follow this WikiHow guide to make your own spray paint stencils.

Spray Paint Patterns

Repeated patterns are easy to recreate with spray paint and stencils. You can also create cool shapes out of ordinary objects like leaves.

Remember, you don’t need to create your own stencils, you can buy them premade.

20 Best DIY Spray Paint Ideas

Get creative and spray up a storm with these 20 Best DIY Spray Paint Ideas.

1. Make A Plastic Tub Look Galvanized

1 spray paint ideas

Who would believe that rustic, galvanized container was once plastic? Transform yours today with this great guide.


2. Transform A Glass Vase Into A Mirror

2 spray paint ideas

Use silver or gold mirror spray paint to revamp tired glass vases into shiny new living room features.


3. Spray Paint Flower Art

3 spray paint ideas

Stencil art is beautiful. Admire these elegant floral designs. Find a flower you love and make your own.


4. Flawlessly Spray Paint Your Furniture

4 spray paint ideas

Chipped and shabby furniture? Give it an immaculate revival with a spray paint makeover.


5. Stencil Pretty Patterns Onto Furniture

5 spray paint ideas

Add gorgeous designs to your furniture with spray paint stencils.


6. Give Your Mailbox A Makeover

6 spray paint ideas

Be bold and try out a new mailbox color. Spray paint is the perfect medium for repainting metal.


7. Upcycle Your Own Caddy

7 spray paint ideas

Shabby chic caddies are great, but sometimes they don’t match your decor. Upcycle yours with a coat of spray paint to make this great centerpiece.


8. Update Your Vent Covers with Spray Paint

8 spray paint ideas

Tired of ugly vents? Refresh them with a coat of spray paint.


9. Spray Paint Patio Furniture

9 spray paint ideas

This bold blue patio furniture is now longer life, thanks to the protective qualities of spray paint. It also looks fantastic.


10. Save Money Spray Painting Outlet Sockets

10 spray paint ideas

Why replace your sockets when all they need is a bit of paint? Save money and spray paint yours.


11. Upgrade Old Brass Handles

11 spray paint ideas

Everyday use can make brass handles look tired and old. Breathe new life into yours with a dash of spray paint.


12. Spray Paint Your Wicker Baskets

12 spray paint ideas

Wicker baskets don’t need to be boring. Spray paint them white to create a modern and stylish look.


13. Be Amazed By Glass Spray Paint

13 spray paint ideas

Glass spray paint is so chic. Look at how it transformed this glass table into a reflective wonder!


14. Create Faux Wallpaper with Spray Paint

14 spray paint ideas

Wallpaper is expensive. Make your own patterns with a can of spray paint. Would you believe that’s how this look was achieved?


15. Transform Wicker Trays

15 spray paint ideas

Spray your wicker trays for a coordinated new look. This blue matches the table perfectly.


16. Spray Paint Nicer Table Legs

16 spray paint ideas

Contrasting table legs and tops look very modern. Refresh your table by spray painting the legs with a new color.


17. Give your Shower Features New Life

17 spray paint ideas

You can’t avoid it. Faucets and showerheads stain. It can be impossible getting them clean. Give yours a matte spray paint finish. They’ll look like new!


18. Spray Paint Terracotta Pots

18 spray paint ideas

We love terracotta, but it can be so boring. Add some color to your pots with a bit of spray paint.


19. Revolutionize Your Silverware

19 spray paint ideas

Forget silver spoons, look at this gorgeous gold silverware. The effect is achieved with a stream of gold spray paint.


20 Spray Paint Kitchen Appliances

20 spray paint ideas

Fridges and kitchen appliances can be so drab. They always look the same. Fill yours with character with this bold spray paint design.


Spray Up A Storm

There’s so much you can do with spray paint.

Take some inspiration from these wonderfully creative spray paint designs and gift your house with an expressive personality.

It’s easier and much cheaper than you think. Be imaginative and see if you can come up with your own incredible designs.