28+ Awesome Repurposed Cabinet Door Ideas

Last Updated on December 12, 2019 by Kimberly Crawford

Cabinet doors, just like the ones you discover at old homes, are like a blank canvas waiting to be upcycled and repurposed, from making a cabinet shelf to a DIY kitchen table, there’s a lot you can do. Turn your old cabinet doors into beautiful decoration pieces.

best repurposed cabinet door ideas

What can you do with old cabinet doors?

The next time you rework your room and alter the cupboard doors or if you simply happen to come across some recent cupboards at a mart or sale, be sure to put a number of these nice repurposing ideas to use. You’ll enjoy turning those doors into something great and new.

What to make out of old doors?

From serving trays to attractive image frames so many things in between, you’re certain to find the proper use for those cabinet doors. from making your own chess board out of a cabinet door to create a beautiful and space filled jewelry organizer?

There are various ways in which you’ll be able to repurpose cabinet doors that is why I am excited to show them to you. Oh, and if you’re trying to find howling ways in which to spruce up you’re outdoors this spring, make sure to give a look at these twenty ways in which to repurpose your cabinet doors into something new and exciting.

28 repurposed cabinet door ideas

1. DIY Cabinet door Bench

1 repurposed cabinet door ideas
This would be nice for sitting on the porch or within the anteroom. have you ever priced a porch bench?

Those things are pretty expensive however you’ll be able to build one yourself, probably at no cost, if you have one or two of old cabinet doors on hand. The seat and back are solely made up of old cabinet doors, a great way to repurpose them.

2. DIY Chalkboard from Old Cabinet Doors

2 repurposed cabinet door ideas


Chalkboards can be really handy to have in the kitchen for keeping grocery things listed as you would like them and even leaving notes for the family etc.

This chalkboard can be made from any old cabinet door and it’s attractive and so functional! you only paint the cabinet door with chalkboard paint. If you’re using a decorated or framed door, you can paint the frame to match your room and have a beautiful chalkboard that goes absolutely along with your decoration.

3. DIY Porch décor

3 repurposed cabinet door ideas


These skinny cupboard doors turned into porch interior decorations are beautiful. They’re also very easy to DIY. You can use wider cabinet doors if that’s what you’ve got on hand.

Simply paint them with flat solid paint and leave a pleasant welcome message or you could paint them a bright color and paint your message on them however you prefer. Either way, they’re certain to build your porch instantly good and alluring.

4. DIY Cabinet Door Chessboard

4 repurposed cabinet door ideas


Do you play chess? It’s a game of strategy needless to say it’s a lot of fun. What’s also fun is that this beautiful chess board has been repurposed from an old cabinet door.

Imagine twiddling with friends and telling them that you just created the board yourself! this is an easy project and you’ll be able to customize the colors to match your decor. Your family and friends will really like this project and you’re guaranteed to love it too.

5. DIY Cabinet Door Clock

5 repurposed cabinet door ideas


A simple and gorgeous DIY clock that you can create from those old cabinet doors. This gives you so much room to personalize! simply paint, stain, or otherwise beautify that cabinet door and then add a clock kit to it.

Create the numbers however you wish and make the clock work for any place in your home however you like.

6. DIY Cabinet door Easel

6 repurposed cabinet door ideas

This cabinet door turned easel could be used for several things. You can give it away as a present to somebody who loves art or use it yourself anywhere around the house.

You can use this on the porch for welcome messages or you could use it to display pictures or collages or maybe use it as an actual stand for art. It’s incredibly versatile and so very easy to create.

7. Beautiful cabinet door picture frames

7 repurposed cabinet door ideas


That otherwise useless cabinet door could really make a gorgeous picture frame. You can clean and stain or paint the cabinet door however you want it to look.

And once it’s ready, you can drill holes in it to attach hangers and then you can easily hang your pictures from clips onto the wall or wherever you want. This is a great idea if you like to change your picture frames from normal to vintage.

8. DIY Wall Décor From Cabinet Doors

8 repurposed cabinet door ideas


If you’ve been thinking of redecorating the room, a new headboard can create a big difference in how the room appears. And, you don’t need to purchase a new bedroom set or pay a fortune on a new panel.

You’ll be able to create one yourself with old cabinet doors and give your space an exquisite natural look. These look great stained or painted.

9. DIY Cabinet Doors Wall Art

9 repurposed cabinet door ideas


You will really love the old rustic look that comes from these cabinet doors. They can look great as house signs – just put your name and your house number on them and drop them on your porch. Or, use them indoors for a little added decoration.

You can place any number of things on them from your name to some sacred words or quotes. They can also be wonderful gifts to give.

10. DIY Cabinet Door Jewelry Holder

10 repurposed cabinet door ideas


That old cabinet door is just the perfect tool for this rustic jewelry organizer. Rods hold your necklaces and bracelets or you can just attach a hook to the bottom for holding extra jewellery or store scarves on it as well. Just suspend it on the wall and get that jewellery a better place to stay.

11. DIY Coat hanger

11 repurposed cabinet door ideas


This wall pegboard is ideal for keeping your coat put neatly away and you can simply DIY it from an old cabinet door. Smaller doors may work best depending on how much wall area you have got, however you can use this idea on a bigger door too. Decorate it however you like, you can make this perfect management tool for coats and backpacks.

12. Redesigned Cabinet door mail holder

12 repurposed cabinet door ideas


This nice mail holder can simply be made up of a slender cabinet door. It’s got a hook at the top if you wish to hang your coat or purse and a good catch-all bottom for holding your mail. It’s a wire basket that gives the whole thing a good rustic look.

13. DIY Jar Holder

13 repurposed cabinet door ideas


Take that old cabinet door and use it hang jar vases. simply use metal clamps just like the ones that hold your dryer vent in place to hold the mason jars. The clamps are connected to the cabinet door firmly with screws and also the project incorporates a very farmhouse like vibe.

14. DIY Communication Doors

14 repurposed cabinet door ideas


If you can’t decide between a blackboard or a note board, why not do both? This family communication center has everything you need to stay organized and on prime of things, and you’ll be able to create it in barely one or two hours from that old cabinet door. This works nicely for doors that are doubled paned however you can do it with one.

15. DIY Door Frame Picture Collage

15 repurposed cabinet door ideas


Turn that old rustic cabinet door into a photo frame. Hand it on the wall or anywhere, let your pictures stand out with its appealing look.

16. DIY Cabinet Door Serving tray

16 repurposed cabinet door ideas

This cabinet door serving tray is pretty easy to make and it’s gorgeous, simply use your old door paint it however you like and attach some hooks and voila.

17. Make Your Own DIY Earring Holder

17 repurposed cabinet door ideas

Need a new home for your earrings? Well, you can use that old cabinet door and transform it into a unique masterpiece to hold all your precious gems.

18. DIY Cabinet Door Towel Holder

18 repurposed cabinet door ideas

Sick of your old towel holder? Well, you’re in luck, use your old cabinet door, you just have to paint it or stain it in your chosen color.

19. DIY Cabinet door Shelves

19 repurposed cabinet door ideas

Stack your plates in a more organized manner, make yourself this easy to make DIY project to make the space more elegant and sorted.

20. DIY Cabinet Door Item Holder

20 repurposed cabinet door ideas


This DIY project is really easy to make and comes in really handy when considering storing your items in a unique space.

21. DIY Desk Out of Cabinets

21 repurposed cabinet door ideas


22. Welcome to our home sign

22 repurposed cabinet door ideas

23. Easy cabinet door

23 repurposed cabinet door ideas


24. Vintage Cabinet Door Towel Basket

24 repurposed cabinet door ideas


25. Repurposed cabinet door before and after

25 repurposed cabinet door ideas


26. Mason jar and old cabinet door

26 repurposed cabinet door ideas

27. Bathroom organizer

27 repurposed cabinet door ideas


28. Wreath hangs on the door

28 repurposed cabinet door ideas