15 Stunning Nightstand Colors for a Black Bed

Last Updated on June 11, 2024 by Kimberly Crawford

Ever found yourself wondering, “What color nightstand with black bed?” Choosing the right nightstand color can feel like a daunting task. It’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about creating a space that feels right for you.

A black bed offers a bold, stylish foundation, but the nightstand can make or break the vibe.

In this article, you’ll find 15 stylish options that balance functionality and flair.

We’ll explore factors like room size, existing decor, and your personal style to help you make the best choice. So, let’s dive in and find the perfect nightstand color to complement your black bed.

15 Perfect Nightstand Colors for a Black Bed

1. White Nightstand

1 nightstand color with black bed

A white nightstand next to a black bed creates a clean and classic contrast, bringing a touch of brightness and elegance to your bedroom.

This timeless combination suits various themes, from minimalist to shabby chic. To style a white nightstand, consider adding decorative items like a vintage lamp or a stack of your favorite books.

As interior designer Nate Berkus puts it, “Design is about making people happy, either functionally, aesthetically, or emotionally”.

2. Gray Nightstand

2 nightstand color with black bed

A gray nightstand offers a versatile and modern appeal that pairs beautifully with a black bed.

Whether you prefer light gray for a softer look or dark charcoal for a dramatic effect, gray can seamlessly blend with different decor styles.

The subtle neutrality of gray allows you to experiment with bolder accents in your room. Interior guru Kelly Hoppen says, “Gray is timeless and can adapt to any setting”.

3. Wood Tones Nightstand

3 nightstand color with black bed

Bringing in a wood tones nightstand adds warmth and a natural feel to your bedroom, balancing the starkness of a black bed.

Wood tones, whether light oak or rich mahogany, can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Match your wood tones with other elements like picture frames or a wooden dresser for a cohesive look.

Renowned designer Joanna Gaines highlights, “Wood elements add depth and character to any space”.

4. Blue Nightstand

4 nightstand color with black bed

Incorporating a blue nightstand can introduce a calming and serene vibe to your bedroom. Shades like navy or sky blue work well with a black bed, offering a refreshing contrast.

Blue is known for its soothing qualities, making it perfect for creating a restful environment.

According to design expert David Bromstad, “Blue is the color of peace and tranquility, perfect for a bedroom setting”.

5. Green Nightstand

5 nightstand color with black bed 1

A green nightstand can bring a refreshing and natural touch to your bedroom. The color green is associated with nature and tranquility, making it perfect for creating a serene environment.

When pairing green with a black bed, consider softer shades like sage or mint for a calm feel, or go bold with emerald for a striking contrast. Designer Jonathan Adler says, “Green is the color of life, and it brings a sense of freshness to any room”.

6. Gold or Brass Nightstand

6 nightstand color with black bed 1

A gold or brass nightstand adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to your bedroom. These metallic tones exude elegance and can make your space feel more upscale.

To avoid overwhelming the room, balance the metallics with neutral or dark tones in your decor.

Kelly Wearstler notes, “Gold accents can elevate a space, giving it a timeless and luxurious feel”.

7. Silver Nightstand

7 nightstand color with black bed 1

The silver nightstand offers a modern and sleek appeal, perfect for contemporary or industrial-themed bedrooms.

Silver reflects light beautifully, adding a touch of brightness without being overpowering.

Pair it with other silver accents like lamps or picture frames to create a cohesive look. Thomas O’Brien states, “Silver elements can bring a modern edge to any room”.

8. Red Nightstand

8 nightstand color with black bed 1

A red nightstand brings a bold and dramatic impact to your bedroom. Red is a powerful color that can energize the space and create a focal point.

When balancing a vibrant red nightstand with a black bed, incorporate neutral tones like white or gray to avoid an overly intense look.

Designer David Hicks believed, “Red can bring warmth and energy to a room, making it unforgettable”.

9. Yellow Nightstand

9 nightstand color with black bed 1

A yellow nightstand brings a cheerful and energetic vibe to your bedroom. Yellow is a color that radiates happiness and positivity, making it a great choice to brighten up your space.

To incorporate yellow in a balanced and stylish way, pair it with neutral tones or softer shades of yellow.

This way, the nightstand becomes a statement piece without overpowering the room. Leatrice Eiseman, color expert, says, “Yellow is a great color for lifting spirits and adding a touch of sunshine”.

10. Pink Nightstand

10 nightstand color with black bed 1

A pink nightstand adds a soft and romantic feel to your bedroom. Pink is versatile, from pale blush to deep rose, each shade bringing a different mood.

Use lighter shades of pink for a subtle and calming effect, or bolder pinks for a more vibrant look. When paired with a black bed, pink can soften the room’s overall feel.

Jonathan Adler once said, “Pink is a color that brings warmth and joy to any space”.

11. Purple Nightstand

11 nightstand color with black bed 1

A purple nightstand brings a mysterious and elegant touch to your bedroom. Purple is often associated with luxury and creativity, making it an excellent choice for adding a sophisticated flair.

Pairing purple with black creates a striking contrast, while adding accents of white or silver can enhance the overall look.

Interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard notes, “Purple adds a regal touch and can transform any room into a haven of elegance”.

12. Orange Nightstand

12 nightstand color with black bed 1

An orange nightstand adds a warm and lively touch to your bedroom decor. Orange is a color that exudes energy and warmth, perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere.

To incorporate orange into your bedroom without overwhelming the space, balance it with neutral colors or complementary tones like blue or green.

Designer Jonathan Adler says, “Orange is the happiest color. It adds a pop of joy and warmth to any room”.

13. Black Nightstand

13 nightstand color with black bed 1

A black nightstand paired with a black bed creates a sleek, monochromatic look that exudes sophistication.

However, to avoid a flat appearance, it’s important to add texture and contrast. Think about incorporating items like a textured lamp, a patterned throw, or metallic accents.

Interior designer Kelly Wearstler says, “Texture adds depth and interest to any monochromatic space”.

14. Beige or Taupe Nightstand

14 nightstand color with black bed 1

A beige or taupe nightstand brings a neutral and calming effect to your bedroom. These colors are perfect for creating a harmonious and serene atmosphere.

Pairing these nightstands with a black bed balances the boldness of black while maintaining a peaceful vibe.

Nate Berkus states, “Neutral colors can provide a serene backdrop that makes other elements in the room stand out”.

15. Custom Painted Nightstand

15 nightstand color with black bed 1

A custom-painted nightstand allows you to personalize your space with unique colors and designs.

Whether you choose a vibrant hue or a subtle shade, custom painting gives you the freedom to match your decor perfectly.

DIY projects can also be a fun way to express your creativity. As designer Sarah Richardson says, “Personal touches in design make your space feel like home”.

Additional Tips

Choosing the Right Nightstand Size and Style

Picking the right nightstand size and style is crucial for both functionality and aesthetics. You want a nightstand that complements the scale of your bed and room.

If you have a large bed, a bigger nightstand will balance the look. For smaller spaces, opt for a compact design that doesn’t overwhelm the area.

Designer Emily Henderson advises, “Your nightstand should be the right height—ideally level with the top of your mattress”.

Accessorizing the Nightstand to Enhance Its Color and Impact

Enhance the color and impact of your nightstand with thoughtful accessories. Items like lamps, vases, books, or decorative trays can add layers of interest and personality.

Choose accessories that complement or contrast the nightstand’s color to make it pop. As Nate Berkus suggests, “Personal items add warmth and character to your space”.

Maintenance Tips for Keeping the Nightstand Looking Its Best

Keeping your nightstand looking its best involves regular maintenance. Dust it weekly to prevent buildup and use appropriate cleaners for the material.

For wood, a damp cloth followed by a dry one works well. For painted surfaces, mild soapy water can do the trick. Designer Jonathan Adler says, “Taking care of your furniture extends its life and keeps your space looking fresh”.

FAQs About Choosing the Right Nightstand Color for a Black Bed

1. What color nightstand goes best with a black bed for a modern look?

For a modern look, a gray nightstand is an excellent choice. Gray offers a sleek and versatile appeal that pairs well with black, creating a sophisticated and contemporary vibe.

2. How can I add warmth to my bedroom with a black bed?

Adding a wood tones nightstand can introduce warmth and a natural feel to your bedroom. Wood tones like oak or walnut complement the boldness of a black bed, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

3. Is a black nightstand with a black bed too much?

A black nightstand can work well with a black bed if you add texture and contrast to avoid a flat appearance. Incorporate items like textured lamps, metallic accents, or patterned throws to create visual interest.

4. Can I use a bright color nightstand with a black bed?

Yes, a yellow nightstand or a red nightstand can add a cheerful and energetic vibe to your bedroom. Bright colors can create a striking contrast with the black bed, making your space vibrant and dynamic.

5. What are some tips for maintaining the look of my nightstand?

To keep your nightstand looking its best, dust it weekly and use appropriate cleaners for the material. For example, use a damp cloth for wood and mild soapy water for painted surfaces. Regular maintenance ensures your nightstand stays fresh and appealing.