31+ Beautiful Shabby Chic Furniture Ideas and Designs

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Shabby chic is a distinctive luxury adopted by several interior designers, typically and primarily based around the items of furniture and accessories that are thought to be enticing because of their physical appearance such as the visible wears and engravings that showcases them as something that holds Vintage values.

Clever concepts for creating small areas and tiny homes look larger, from storage to workplace, Shabby Chic decorations are considered to be a part of something big and are often the nemesis of any flat dweller’s or home owner’s life, let’s talk more about this.

best shabby chic furniture ideas

What is shabby chic furniture?

The shabby style of decor is an excellent balance between luxury and comfort. Shabby chic and vintage home interior decorations bring in intimacy to luxurious areas and utilize the nooks and crannies in your home to make them more elegant and beautiful.

What kind of paint do you use for Shabby chic?

The shabby chic look is best achieved with wood furnishings or with one or two coats of Rust-Oleum Chalky end furniture paint.

How do you paint furniture shabby chic?

Move your chosen piece to a well-ventilated space and place it on top of a piece of newspaper or a cloth.

As an older piece of furniture is probably going to be contaminated by old varnishes etc. it’s best to wash the surface before you start painting.

Gently, apply 2 coats of Rust-Oleum paint to the piece of furniture, slightly overlap the strokes to avoid paint build-up. let the paint settle for a few hours to confirm a swish and stylish end.

What does shabby chic furniture looks like?

A little bit rustic, a bit feminine – shabby style is all about concerning ‘soft ’ Mellow lines, materials and particular hues to bring in relaxed vibes and delicate charm.

31 Shabby Chic Furniture Ideas

1. DIY vintage Shabby Wall Art

1 shabby chic furniture ideas


A vintage Shabby Chic wall art that increases the aesthetics of your room and gives a unique decorating look to its surroundings.

2. Vintage Shabby Wall interior decoration

2 shabby chic furniture ideas


The shabby chic interior style captures magnificence and luxury in one cozy spot. Moreover, it permits you to splurge on a gallery wall with anything you want. Make your area look beautiful.

3. Vintage Shabby Frame

3 shabby chic furniture ideas

Source and tutorial
These wall top frames are ideal to hold wedding pictures. They come in glass and Easel back. Hold on to those pictures because there are better places to put them.

4. Shabby style Towel Hanger

4 shabby chic furniture ideas


Give your towels a new home, Shabby chic provides a unique interior decorating and stunning look. A luxurious way to wipe out that sweat.

5. Antique Door panel and Shutter Nightstands

5 shabby chic furniture ideas

From doors to windows the awesome shutter nightstands are designed onto a panel made up of an old Shabby chic door piece. Sconces are mounted, and shelves are added, to give it a luxurious look.

6. DIY Upcycled Shabby style blackboard

6 shabby chic furniture ideas 1

Source: ellinee, fancymomma
Discover concepts regarding cabinet Doors. DIY: Use upcycled shabby stylish chalkboard As if previous cupboard doors. With so many different types of renovation paints, you’ll simply upcycle most of the doors on the walls.

7. Shabby style Frame Wall

7 shabby chic furniture ideas

Shabby stylish vogue frames are an attention-grabbing way to show records like antique handkerchiefs, recent photos or maps from past vacations and/or visits. Album designs created to suit within a frame will hold notes, cards and price tag stubs from events to recollect.

8. Shabby style bed frames

8 shabby chic furniture ideas


With sweet details and pretty lines, the design simply dresses up space and works well with a spread of decorating themes.

9. Repaint a previous table house vogue

9 shabby chic furniture ideas


Want your furnishings refreshed? Well, you don’t need to purchase anything new, you simply just have to update what your pre-existing ones, and initially all that takes is a coat of paint with a brush.

10. Shabby styled interior decoration With Mirror And recent Flowers

10 shabby chic furniture ideas

Integrate your home dressing with some nostalgic values, beautiful home decoration table with flowers and candles that will light your surroundings.

11. Repurposed Shabby style jewelry Holder

11 shabby chic furniture ideas 1


Shabby chic is one of the foremost widespread interior decoration designs each for an older and younger age, DIY repurposed Shabby stylish sparky jewelry holder, repurposed spoon rack into a jewelry holder painted with a shabby stylish vogue in distressed -bronze with a touch of good old-vibes.

12. Repurposed Antique Table lavatory vanity

12 shabby chic furniture ideas


A vintage table that is re-purposed into a restroom vanity – distinctive rest room Vanities feature characteristic values. The toilet vanity was made of an old wood filing cabinet with Shabby chic interior decor

13. Shabby styled panel From A Closet Door

13 shabby chic furniture ideas

Make it suit your individual style and change the complete look of your space in one go, with a rustic nonetheless charming wood finish, go Shabby chic with a closet door created out of pallets.

14. Shabby styled Ladder With Baskets Overhead

14 shabby chic furniture ideas


Get creative by adding some style and character to your home by using these decorative wooden ladder, place items to give it a more ideal look.

15. Shabby styled Window Shelf

15 shabby chic furniture ideas


Decorate your home with this beautiful Shabby chic window shelf, give your space a new meaning.

16. Shabby styled Easter Bird House

16 shabby chic furniture ideas

Source: ribbonsandglue, tuttiguardanolenuvole
Give new meaning to life with Shabby Easter birdhouse, keep your birds safe and comfort.

17. Shabby styled Scrap Wood Heart

17 shabby chic furniture ideas

Source: etsy and tutorial

Give a gift to your loved ones with this amazing piece of art, carved from old vintage wood with its stunning looks.

18. Shabby styled Vintage tables

18 shabby chic furniture ideas

Increase the overall aesthetics of your home and office with this Elegant Shabby chic table, wherever you place it, it will make its presence count.

19. Shabby stylish vintage sofa’s

19 shabby chic furniture ideas


A beautiful masterpiece that showcases the true essence of Shabby chic décor, remark your place with its elegance and luxury.

20. Shabby Chic rustic table

20 shabby chic furniture ideas


21. Distress furniture with vinegar

21 shabby chic furniture ideas


22. How to paint a laminate kitchen table to cottage charm

22 shabby chic furniture ideas


23. Distressed chalk paint desk makover

23 shabby chic furniture ideas


24. DIY mirror chalk paint

24 shabby chic furniture ideas


25. Nightstand chalk paint

25 shabby chic furniture ideas


26. Upcycled drawers to side tables

26 shabby chic furniture ideas


27. China cabinet chalk pain

27 shabby chic furniture ideas


28. Turn old fridge to Shabby style

28 shabby chic furniture ideas


29. Mini drop cloth rosette stool

29 shabby chic furniture ideas


30. DIY Upholstered Table Ottoman

30 shabby chic furniture ideas


31. DIY Towel Bar from Bed Frame

31 shabby chic furniture ideas



A true decoration piece that is a symbol of love, joy and well wishes. Enjoy your celebrations with style.