How Does An Electric Lawn Mower Work?

Last Updated on December 10, 2023 by Kimberly Crawford

Are you becoming frustrated by doing the tiresome work of cutting grass from your garden, yard, or lawn? From now, you don’t have to do this thing manually as there are electric lawnmowers. This machine will do everything for you. You may wonder how does an electric lawn mower work?

Well, there are two types of electric lawn mowers such as corded and cordless. Corded electric mowers are connected to an electric outlet through an electric cord to get the power. In comparison, cordless mowers get the power from the on-board battery. See this guide to get more information about electric lawnmowers.

Electric Lawn Mower

This machine is money-saving, easy to use, and effortless. The batteries of an electric lawn mower can serve for a longer time. They require very little effort to start up than the gas-powered mowers. Typically, electric mulching mowers are best suitable for slow-growing and cool climate grasses.

You can get more detailed ideas from themowerpoint as they have a variety of lawnmowers. This machine emits no exhaust and pollutants that make the electric lawn mower environment-friendly. They don’t need gasoline, oil changes, tune-ups, air filters, and spark plugs. Thus, this mower becomes the most economical.

How Does An Electric Lawn Mower Work?

Lawnmowers run on gas, electricity, and manually. You will find two different types of electric lawns like corded and cordless. Now, let’s see how does an electric lawn mower work.

Controls on Electric Lawn Mowers

Lawnmowers come with simple control buttons that make these machines very easy while cutting the grass. Aside from the buttons, these machines also come up with lever, cords, rear rollers, batteries, and cut-out switches.

Control levers are generally found on hand-controlled devices, which determine the level for cutting the grass. Rear rollers are best for flattening longer grasses. This tool aids in cutting the unbalanced grass effectively; also, it can stabilize the mower.

Cutout switches ensure protecting the gadget. With safety issues, you can halt the blade’s operation by using this switch of your electric lawnmower. Electrical cords are only used in corded lawnmowers to power the machine up.

On the other side, cordless mowers use batteries to run the machine. This battery needs continuous charging. Robotic cordless electric mowers have a sensor mechanism. It can automatically find its way to cut grass over the lawn.

Corded Electric Lawn Mower


As the name refers, the corded mowers are designed with cords. The main benefit of a corded mower is its unlimited operation time. As long as the electric outlet is nearby, you can use it at maximum power. This mower is best for the small lawn as typically, the cord comes in 50 to 100 feet long.

If you consider a corded electric mower, then make sure to purchase a heavy-duty extension cord. The length should be 12 gauge to 14 gauge. Smaller cords become hot, melt and even short out.

They are not enough as per the amount of electricity the electric mower needs. Just plug the cord, push or flip the button to start the machine.

Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

Cordless mowers run on battery power, and they require sufficient charging to run for a longer time. The major advantage of using cordless mowers is they can assure more range than corded mowers. As they are not limited by the cord’s length, you can work on a larger area.

They are excellent for flat lawns. With a more powerful battery, you can cut grasses with more power. The average battery power remains between 20 to 82 volts.

The downside of this machine is, usually it runs down within 30 to 50 minutes. Before resuming the mowing, you should charge the battery fully. For a double run time, you can invest in an additional battery. So, when the first one runs down, you can use the second one.

The robotic electric lawn mower can sense its way and cut the grass by itself. It doesn’t require human help to push the machine. To start this machine, simply turn the key, push the button, and pull the lever.

Advantages of Using Electric Mower Over Gas

Electric lawnmowers come with a number of advantages over gas mowers. “In the US, the market of electric lawnmowers will grow by around $1 billion in revenue, registering an absolute growth of over 92% between 2016 and 2025”-Arizton Advisory & Intelligence. Here are the advantages of using an electric mower.

Less Maintenance

In general, an electric mower requires less maintenance than a gas mower does. After each use, switch the mower off and simply clean it. You can use plastic utensils or  wooden sticks to clean the blades by wiping off the grasses. Don’t use metal tools; it can damage the blades.

Easy to Start

Hands-down, the electric lawn mower starts very easily without any hassle than the gas mower. You don’t have to pull the cord while using an electric mower. Simply plug the cord with the corded mower or turn the key with the cordless mower.

Reduction in Noise and Air Pollution

Gas mowers come with awful sounds while cutting the grass. Electric mowers are not as loud as them. Another significant benefit is their smaller carbon footprint and energy efficiency.

Using a gas mower for 1 hour equals driving a typical car for 350 miles, which contributes 5% to air pollution- U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Using electric mowers can significantly reduce hydrocarbons, methane, nitrogen oxides, and carbon monoxide.


Mowing is necessary to keep the lawns and yards beautiful. But this is the most hazardous job ever. In this case, electric lawnmowers work incredibly to size the grass and keep the lawn in top shape. They are environment-friendly, energy-saving, and economical machines.

Electric lawnmowers are better than any other lawnmowers with their power breakers, safety structures, and lightweight. This machine is the ideal way to conserve energy, scale down the amount of work, and reduce maintenance. In this article, we explained how does an electric lawn mower work. So, keep the hazardous work away and make this machine do all the mowing for you.