Everything You Need To Know About Shaker Kitchen

Last Updated on November 28, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

Homes are getting smaller and smaller these days. And when you’ve got a smaller space, it’s a challenge to fit all the things in that a thriving household needs. Of course, there are tricks and ideas out there to help you make your kitchen an efficient, productive, and clean space. Even more, there are so many beautiful ideas to help you design your kitchen with ease.

But one of my favorite ways to get creative in the kitchen is by using the Shaker Kitchen design style. Read on to learn more about shaker kitchen cabinets and other essential considerations in renovating a kitchen.

Before going to the actual topic, first, understand what is a shaker kitchen?

everything about shaker kitchen

What is a Shaker kitchen?

Shaker kitchens are a modern take on the traditional design. With cabinets that have square edges and flat center panels, they are functional, minimal in style, and lend your kitchen an air of sophistication. The design is sleek, simple, and easy to clean.

Why are Shaker kitchens still so popular?

The popularity of the Shaker kitchen is down to its simplicity and functionality, eliminating ornamentation in favor of clean lines and simple practicality. Its popularity has proved that people want functionality above all else, and these are things that are never out of style. The pros of the Shaker kitchen:

-Form follows function –  Shaker kitchens use open boxes and a single shelf as their main decorative feature. This makes them very easy to furnish, as well as being very space-efficient. Everything has a purpose and can be used as often as you need it, with no wasted space. This makes it the perfect choice for minimalist families or those who live in small spaces. You can use every square inch of your kitchen for everyday purposes, from basic cooking to simple meal menus: everything is within arm’s reach.

The History of Shaker Style

Shaker style furniture is a term used to describe the furniture designed by and for the Shakers. The United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing, today is known as Shakers, developed the style early in their history. They named it after themselves, Shakers being an affectionate term coined by their detractors. ​Their name is even thought to have lent its way into the furniture style.

Who were the Shakers?

The Shakers settled in America during the mid-1700s and came to be when society was starting to move into an industrialized age. Because of their radical beliefs about equality, pacifism, and celibacy, they were persecuted for most of their existence.

The Shakers grew their community in America until the 1860s, when the followers declined rapidly. The groups split and merged over the next century. Only a small number of Shakers left today are scattered across the country along with museums that preserve their history.

Simplicity is the slogan of the Shakers

The Shakers considered work a form of worship. They put an emphasis on simplicity because extravagance originated from pride, which was considered a sin. They had a reputation for high-quality furniture that was simple in design but durable. Rockers, spinning wheels, and brooms are some commonly known products associated with the shaker due to their popularity in early America.

Common Woods Used in Shaker Style Furniture

These days, Shaker furniture is available in a number of woods besides those traditionally used by the Shakers, including hardwoods like ash, butternut (also known as white walnut), cherry, hickory, maple, and oak. Softwoods like pine and cedar are on the list as well.

Different Types of Shaker Furniture

Cherry Shaker Furniture

Cherry Shaker is the perfect blend of style and substance. The beauty of the Cherry wood blends with the simplicity of the Shaker style, creating a timeless combination of style and elegance. From dining room tables to rocking chairs, Cherry Shaker furniture combines beautiful design with incredible practicality, making it a welcome addition to any traditional home.

Maple Shaker Furniture

The Classic Series of Maple Shaker Furniture features an array of timeless pieces that will fit seamlessly with any style of décor. Consisting of all solid wood pieces designed to withstand the test of time, this collection features a variety of finishes from antique white to dark walnut.

Oak Shaker Furniture

Shaker furniture is made of high-quality oak and comes in a variety of styles, including desks, nightstands, dressers, chests, beds, and hutches.

3 stunning shaker kitchens and bedrooms

Bowfell oak unfinished kitchen

bowfell oak unfinished kitchen

The Bowfell oak unfinished kitchen will make a stunning statement in any home. Offering incredible value for money without compromising quality, this kitchen features a range of high-quality oak shaker style cabinets for storage, accented deep plum shaker style island, granite worktops, and smooth running drawers. The Bowfell Oak Unfinished Kitchen is made from sustainable materials, making you want to spend more time there.

Bella ivory shaker bedroom and bathroom

A fitted bedroom is something no one wants to live without, and your dream is now a reality with the tailored Bella Fitted Bedroom in Ivory Shaker. The luxurious cashmere, cappuccino, and rustic berry palette look stunning as it sits beautifully against the soft grey wood of the wardrobe.

Avion ivory shaker kitchen

A beautifully organized and light kitchen is just a dream away. Avion will not only fit well in any contemporary setting but it’s also made up of recyclable wood – it’s bound to grab your attention. Avion ivory shaker kitchen showcases the elegant simplicity that you can only dream of, along with other unique functionalities. Be ready to enjoy ‘less is more’ in your new dream kitchen. It will take your comfort to the next level.

Handcrafted & Guaranteed for Life

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