Spring Easter Theme Centerpieces: Floral and Traditional Easter Decorating Themes

Spring Easter Theme Centerpieces: Floral and Traditional Easter Decorating Themes

Last Updated on February 29, 2020 by Kimberly Crawford

Make your tablescape the center of attention at your spring party. Using natural colors, floral materials and Easter kitsch, you can create a fun, engaging backdrop.

Spring decorating is always such a pleasure. Mother Nature is gracing us with new growth and beautiful colors everywhere, and we can mimic her lead in our homes.

This article will discuss a variety of seasonal ways to decorate your table during the next several months. Whether you choose to incorporate pastel colors, traditional Easter themes or vibrant plant materials into your tablescape, your Spring decorating theme can be innovative and unique to you, while also sharing your hospitality with your guests.

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Spring Pastel Decorating Themes

#1. Gisela Graham Pastel Easter Decorations

1 spring pastel for easter


#2. Emily Henderson Easter Table Setting

2 spring pastel for easter


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3 spring pastel for easter

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Use pastel tablecloths or lengths of pastel fabric (patterned or solid)

Add tealights in glass votives – you can event incorporate pastel colored votives to take this theme to the next level.

Use fresh tulips in soft tones, either in vases, small nosegays, or just strewn casually on the table

Traditional Easter Theme Decorating

#1. Shimmering eggs in a bed of moss

1 traditional easter decorating


#2. Peter Rabbit Easter Tablescape

2 traditional easter decor


#3. Easter Table Setting

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Spread Easter grass along the midline of the table (if table is rectangular) or in a circle (if table is round)

Scatter candy eggs, Easter eggs or jelly bean eggs, in small groupings, throughout the grass.

For a kitschy look, use fluffy stuffed chicks and bunnies as a focal point

Create an “All Peep” table by using marshmallow bunnies, chicks and eggs in a variety of colors

If you ethnic background is recognized for a specific Easter handicraft, such as ornate eggs or straw ornaments, create a tablescape with this work as the central theme. Make sure that the accompanying colors are complimentary. For instance, if you will be highlighting Ukrainian Easter eggs in burgundy, rust and golf colors, use a tablecloth that picks up those colors.

Vibrant Colors and Jewel Tone Theme Decorating

Mother Nature gives us lots of bold colors to quench our thirst after a long winter of dull grays. Choose one of the following as the keystone for your decorating theme.

Magenta tulips

Bright orange tulips

Vivid indigo hyacinths or crocuses

Purple bearded iris

Use matching tablecloths and napkins to pick up the colors of nature.

Intersperse vivid green leaves to serve as a backdrop for the flowers and a resting place for your eyes.

Incorporate tall white candle tapers to add height, visual interest and the allure of flickering candlelight.

Use grosgrain ribbons in crisp white as napkin rings. The contrasting band of ribbon will show nicely against the bold linens, and it will also mirror the white from the tapers.

Whatever theme you choose to highlight your Springtime table, don’t worry about making everything symmetrical or perfect. The beauty of a welcoming and gracious host is that the event looks like it “just happened!”

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Spring easter theme centerpieces