How to Decorate a Nautical Theme Bedroom: Design a Nursery or Bedroom with Sailboat, Anchor or Ocean Motif

How to Decorate a Nautical Theme Bedroom: Design a Nursery or Bedroom with Sailboat, Anchor or Ocean Motif

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With some creativity, the cost of decorating a nautical theme nursery or bedroom doesn’t have to sink parents’ budgets. Boats can be an affordable motif for any child.

The peaceful blues and whites of a nautical theme make it a popular choice for many baby boy’s bedrooms or nurseries. These tips will put the wind in a decorator’s sails.

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Start by Decorating the Walls of the Nautical or Sailboat Theme Bedroom

1 Sailboat Theme Bedroom


#1. Sail away

2 Sailboat Theme Bedroom


#2. Sailboard Decor Wall

3 Sailboat Theme Bedroom


#3. Nautical Baby Room Wall Decor

4 Sailboat Theme Bedroom


There’s certainly a wide array of wallpaper choices to complement boat themes for a nursery or bedroom, but many parents opt for the less expensive coat of paint.

Of course, the natural color choice for a sailboat theme bedroom is blue with white accents. Some crib sets are designed with a pastel blue while others use primary blue with red and white touches. Parents can decide whether they like the softer or bolder color scheme and then get to work.

Once the walls are covered, parents can add murals of sailboats, tugboats, light houses, ocean liners, houseboats, or anchors. Peel and stick wall decals or stencils are another attractive option to help parents liven up the nautical theme room.

For a personal touch, parents can christen some of the boats in their mural after their child by stenciling in their child’s name.

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Bedding, Window Treatments, and Rugs for the Nautical Theme Nursery or Bedroom

#1. Bedding for Nautical Theme

2 nautical themed bedding nautical themed bedding

3 nautical themed bedding

4 nautical themed bedding


9 nautical themed bedding 8 nautical themed bedroom 7 nautical themed bedding 6 nautical themed bedding 5 nautical themed bedding

For parents who want to go all out with the boating theme in their toddler’s bedroom, there are several choices of boat beds that can sail their little guy off to dream land each night.

This is one splurge that might prove worth it when parents see the look on their little guy’s face as he captains his bed for the first time. And of course, sailboat beds are often available second hand for bargain hunters at yard sales, in local papers, or on Craig’s List.

Most bed and crib set manufacturers offer one or more choices for sailboat and nautical theme bedspreads, sheets, bumper pads, and even area rugs. Do-it-yourself decorators won’t have any problem locating fun nautical fabrics for making their own curtains, pillows, or rocking chair cushions.

Decorating a Nautical or Sailboat Theme Nursery or Bedroom

lucahs coastal inspired nursery


11 nautical themed bedroom 10 nautical themed bedroom

An inexpensive place to find nautical accents for a baby nursery is the fleets of colorful plastic boats designed for bath toys. These boats can brighten up bookshelves, dressers, and any other available surface.

There are a host of nautical theme accents that can give the walls added color and depth. A life preserver is a fun touch to the walls of a nautical theme nursery. Parents might also try draping the thick, knotted dock rope around the top of the room. They can give the boat theme room a punch of color by suspending bright nautical flags from the ceiling, over the sides of bookshelves, or around the walls.

Folk art in a nautical theme is an easy and inexpensive accent for the walls. Parents can find an old oar and paint it white. With blue craft pain, they can decorate the bottom of the oar with wavy stripes for water and a silhouette of a sailboat. Another oar can be dressed up with the blue image of an anchor. Hanging the oars in a criss-cross over the child’s bed creates a fun focal point parents can be proud of.

Posters are another inexpensive way to bring more boats and sailboats into the bedroom or nursery. Hobby stores also provide some great accent pieces such as a boat steering wheel for the wall, lanterns, compasses, and maps.

Higher shelves are a great place to decorate with toy boats, ships in a bottle, compasses, lanterns, miniature lighthouses, and storybooks. Parents can choose classic books like Little Toot whose covers depict colorful sailboats, tugboats, and ocean scenes and set them covers facing outward. Decorating with books is an inexpensive way they can instill a love of reading early.

Parents can personalize the room by taking pictures of their baby in sailor suits or nautical theme outfits and displaying them around the nursery. For an older child’s bedroom, building model boats with their child or snapping photos of sailboats and lighthouses on a family beach trip adds personality to the room.

Parents can also help kids clip sailboat pictures from a magazine and use these to decoupage pencil cans, chests, boxes, night stands, or desks. Creative touches like these make the room feel special and fill it with happy memories.

With a little creativity, parents can have their baby’s nautical theme nursery looking ship shape in no time. And for more ideas, parents can check out ocean, airplane, construction vehicle, sports and fireman themes for their nursery.
How to Decorate a Nautical Theme Bedroom: Design a Nursery or Bedroom with Sailboat, Anchor or Ocean Motif