How To Start a DIY Blog

It has become quite popular to do it yourself and a growing number of people are interested in ideas on how to do things themselves. If you love keeping updated on DIY trends and have a lot up to your sleeve you should consider sharing it through a blog. It might attract a big audience. 

The rising popularity of DIY projects might be connected to the fact that it is both cheaper and much more sustainable than buying everything from new. Making useful things yourself may have become even more popular due to the Covid-19 pandemic as we have had much more time on our hands in our homes.

If you have a lot of great DIY ideas to share and if you like to seek out more you may be considering sharing your DIY knowledge with others to inspire them to live cheaper and more sustainable. Some tips would get your blog to a good start and some of them are listed in this article. 

Introduce and establish a blog with a catchy name 

The name you choose must be good and catchy as there are a lot of blogs to compete with and you should do what you can to stand out.

The name is your first chance to differentiate from your competitors both with a unique name that reveals something about the content of your blog. People should be attracted to figure out what your blog contains but still have an idea of what field it operated in. 

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A great service to get started on picking a name is, an online name generator where you will get different proposals to names for your blog. The names are based on keywords you type into the generator and these keywords should in some way describe your blog either in topic or values.

This service will also help you to figure out whether the name is taken or not. The name should be unique as you would not want it to be confused with another blog, brand, or service.  

Finding the right web host When you create a blog, you must find a good web host. The web host is where you create your blog and this should be the right choice. It should be both easy for you and for your potential readers to navigate on your blog. This should be your main focus other than the blog looking good and professional.

There are many different web hosts to choose from but one that remains to be popular is the web host

It might have gained popularity because it is free and still very intuitive and easy to use. Therefore, WordPress presents a good start for the less experienced blogger. You can read up on what you can build in WordPress with Even though it is free it is still possible to build a great website or blog with all the necessary tools as a comment option and so forth.