Tips and Tricks for Happy Plants

Tips and Tricks for Happy Plants

Last Updated on October 20, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

Here are 9 easy tips and tricks for happy, healthy houseplants. From blooming tricks to ways to repel pests, these tips and tricks will help your plants look their best.

1. Get stubborn violets to flower

African violets

For African Violets that are green and healthy but just won’t bloom, make sure they aren’t hungry. Use a fertilizer specially formulated for violets and follow the directions carefully.

Also, make sure they are getting 8 hours of darkness a night. Turn off grow lights and draw the curtains if there is a bright streetlight or security spotlight shining in.

2. Make them shine

Wipe down the leaf

Leaf shine products make plants look good, but they also clog leaf pores which can kill them.

Instead, simply wipe leaves with a soft cloth moistened in warm water. For fuzzy leaves, forget the water and use a soft artists paint brush or makeup brush.

3. Create a cat free zone

To keep cats out of houseplants, cover the soil with aluminium foil or double sided tape (leave an opening for watering).

Cats dislike the sound the foil makes and the way the sticky tape feels on their paws. If they are munching on your plants, plant a tray of catnip or oat grass especially for them.

4. Give clay pots a soak

Soak your clay pots in a warm water bath before planting

Soak your clay pots in a warm water bath before planting in them so they won’t suck all the moisture out of the soil.

5. Turn mistakes into treasures

If a stem accidentally breaks off a plant, put it in a glass of water or dip in rooting hormone and plant in moist soil.

Once it roots you can pot it up and enjoy your new plant or return it to the original plant’s pot.

6. Ward off pests with garlic

Ward off pests with garlic

To repel pests, add a clove of garlic to each pot. Bugs hate the smell! Remove it if it sprouts.

7. Protect hands with newspaper

To repot a cactus, use a ring made up of several layers of newspaper to lift it up and into its new pot. Twist the ends to make a handle.

8. Aloe plants are a kitchen must

Aloe vera plants

Every kitchen should have an aloe plant in it. In case of minor burns, snap off a leaf and apply the clear gel inside.

It has healing and moisturizing properties. They are easy to grow too. just give them lots of bright light and allow the soil to dry out between waterings.

9. Give plants a gentle breeze

Good air circulation is crucial to plant health. Use a small fan set on low to increase air circulation.

The light breeze also helps to strengthen stems. Be sure not to create a draft-most plants will not tolerate one.

9 Ways to Make HousePlants Bloom, Keep Cats Out, Repel Pests
Tips and tricks for happy houseplants

tricks for happy houseplants