Tips to Design Your Home for Better Mental Health

Last Updated on December 16, 2023 by Kimberly Crawford

Do you know that your surroundings play a crucial role in your mood? Think about how you feel when you wake up in your bedroom, enter the kitchen, or get home after a tiring day. A home should be a place of refuge that allows us to relax and relieve stress and anxiety. 

Home design and environment are important factors contributing to our productivity and mental health. Whether remodeling or getting a new space, look beyond functionality and appearance when considering interior details for your home. Your space affects your well-being. Here are interior details that will improve your mental health. 

Repair and Replace Worn Out Things

How many things are lying around your home waiting for repair? It is common to move things forward until the last day is an emergency. Many homes will confess to having a broken stool, some broken switch, broken thermostat, peeling paint, or a falling knob that you plan to fix when free. 

Inspect everything that needs repair and get the respective technicians to attend to them. For instance, if your HVAC is not functioning properly, look for a full-service company, specializing in plumbing, heating repair, electrical repair, and replacement options. Schedule them for routine maintenance.

Also, identify what you can DIY, even by watching tutorials, and do it. Early intervention to fix broken things will save you money and keep you mentally healthy. 

Go For Subdued Colors

Colors can evoke memories and feelings that affect our productivity, alertness, and moods. This is why choosing the shade to go on your living or bedroom wall becomes a daunting decision. You will also need to get the right combo if you decide to indulge in more than one color.  

Research confirms that colors make you calm, relaxed, and inspired, which are best in our homes. The hues are relatively light and not very saturated. 

Sage green mixed with lots of white is great to boost creativity hence would work well in a working space designated for creative work. Blue is a good choice for bedrooms as it is associated with calmness and increased relaxation. However, professionals advise that you pick colors that resonate with you as personalities play a huge role in how you respond to colors. 

Create an Illusion of Safety

You will only relax in a space where your brain is convinced of safety. Experts suggest that catering to your primal brain by creating an environment that lets us put our guards down is great for mental health

Some people will feel safe when surrounded by many things giving them a feeling that they are not exposed. In this case, the primal brain interprets the space as safe as you can hide when there is a need. Others feel safe when they have complete visual access. 

Bring Nature Indoors

happy when at home

Natural things in your home have an incredibly positive effect on your well-being. Consider opening your curtains more to allow more natural light, and add houseplants to your interior. Weeping figs, snake plants, peace lily, and ficus houseplants are some great options to consider. 

Another way to bring nature into your space is by bringing a fish tank, choosing furniture from unclaimed wood, or opting for wood flooring over carpet. Incorporating natural elements in your space lowers stress levels. 


The great interior design strikes a perfect balance of space that is not too bare or excessively busy – but just right! A concept known as stimulation alludes to too little or excess stimulation that leads to stress. Your stripped-down bedroom can cause the same stress response as the crowded office. Maintain a clean and well-organized space free from clutter for the better well-being of the home occupants. 

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