20+ Creative DIY Shell Decoration & Craft Ideas

Last Updated on November 8, 2019 by Kimberly Crawford

We all love a trip to the beach, but it’s even better when we can take it home as shell decoration & craft ideas.

Shells are a wonderful way to smell the salt air and feel the sand between your toes from the comfort of your own home. 

best diy seashell ideas

What Can I Make With Shells?

Shells are versatile, easy to use decorations that can last a lifetime. When crafting with shells, your only limit is your imagination. 

You can stick them to jars, decorate them with paint and even use shells to print coastal patterns onto cloth.

Options for shell decoration and crafting really are endless.

What Kind Of Paint Do You Use On Shells?

Acrylic paint works wonderfully. However as it’s a water based paint, you’ll need to make sure you don’t get your shells wet! 

Puffy paint can be used to give shells texture, and dashes of watercolor create beautiful, translucent effects.

How Do You String Shells Together?

Strung shells are a great way to decorate patios. 

To string shells you need to make holes in each of them with a hammer and nail. Next, thread through string knotted every three inches, then hang.Find a more detailed tutorial for Stringing Shells on eHow.

20 Best Shell Decor & Craft Ideas

Do you have some shells that you’re ready to show off?

We love decorating with shells. That’s why we’ve created this list of 20 Best Shell Decor & Craft ideas.

1. Clean and Preserve Shells to Last a Lifetime

1 diy shell ideas

Before you start decorating, make sure you clean your shells properly. It’ll help them last longer.


2. Decorate Your Seashells with Puffy Paint

2 diy shell ideas

Puffy paint is easy to make and is a great way to add texture and bold colors to your shells.


3. Make a Driftwood and Shell Wreath

3 diy shell ideas

Combine driftwood and shells to create a lovely shell wreaths, suitable for your door, or any room in your house.


4. Decorate Your Planter With Shells

4 diy shell ideas

Transform ugly plastic plant pots into majestic, shell covered planters with glue and your imagination.


5. Create A Clamshell Centerpiece

5 diy shell ideas

Clamshells are hard to find, but they make wonderful centerpieces. Arrange flowers on yours to bring any table to life.


6. Light Up Rooms With Seashells

6 diy shell ideas

Seashells are naturally translucent. That’s why they make such brilliant decorative light cases. Your can make your own.


7. Design A Seashell Mirror

7 diy shell ideas

Make your own awesome seashell mirror by fixing seashells to your mirror’s frame.


8. Create A Seashell Nightlight

8 diy shell ideas

Light shining through a translucent sea shell makes the perfect nightlight. Buy or make your own.


9. Calm Children With Sensory Shell Play Bottles

9 diy shell ideas

This sensory bottle is as relaxing as a dip in the ocean. Shells help create the perfect seaside scene that’s calming for children and easy to make.


10. Make Your Own Shell Topped Bottles

10 diy shell ideas

You can create these beachside bottles by fixing sensational shells to the top. They’re great ornaments in any room.


11. Listen To The Shell Wind and Bead Chime

11 diy shell ideas

String together shells and beads to create this wonderful wind chime. Hang it indoors or outdoors.


12. Clean Up With A Shell Soap Dish

12 diy shell ideas

Shells make superb soap dishes. Make your own with this simple guide.

13. Create Shell Salt and Pepper Pinch Pots

13 diy shell ideas

Relive coastal holidays every mealtime with these salt and pepper pinch pots made out of shells.


14. Celebrate Christmas With Shell Ornaments

14 diy shell ideas

Shells are a wonderful addition to any Christmas bauble. They’re also more festive than you think.


15. Attach Shell Magnets To Your Fridge

15 diy shell ideas

Hear the sea crash every time you open your fridge door with these attractive and easy to make shell magnets.


16. Display Your Shells In A Shadow Box

16 diy shell ideas

Shadow boxes are deep, wide and great places for displaying shells. Get your own shadow boxes and hang your shell pictures up for everyone to see.


17. Stamp With Your Shells

17 diy shell ideas

Look at this expressive fabric design. Instead of displaying your shells, use them again and again to create heartwarming prints like this one.


18. Wear Homemade Shell Hairpins

18 diy shell ideas

Don’t limited shell decoration and craft to your house. Create wonderful shell hairpins. This guide’s easy. More, it’s a great way to show off your beachside finds to your friends.


19. Decorate Your Vase With Shells

19 diy shell ideas

Glue shells onto your vases to create pretty coastal designs.


20. Make DIY Starfish Napkin Holders

20 diy shell ideas

Napkins are a must for any formal dinner. Make your napkins extra special by decorating their holders with starfish.


Beach Crafted Bliss

Bring the beach back into your home with these brilliant shell decoration and craft ideas. While you can’t always be at the seaside, with these decor designs, the seaside will always be with you.

If you listen hard, you’ll hear the waves lapping and feel the calm sea breeze.