19 Red, Black, And White Bedding Sets

Last Updated on December 4, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

The bedroom is where we could best project our mood and personalities. If you are looking for bold, sophisticated tones that would defy monochrome combinations any day and bring the warm, cozy, and romantic all at once, getting a red, black, and white bedding set could seal the deal. 

If you are looking for some bedding sets of these tones, here are some of the best designs and combos in the market at the moment. So, sift through the list, find out about plus features that you should be looking for and make the choice. 


19 red, black, and white bedding sets

Let us go straight to what you came in for. Here is a list of 19 red, black, and white bedding sets that you can get ahold and check out right now. 

1. Empire Home (8-piece bedding set)

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For clean, transition lines to exude simplicity and at the same time sophistication, you will enjoy this color blocked, red, black, and white/beige bedding set.

It comes with 2 pillowcases, 2 pillow shams, a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, a comforter, and a dust ruffle. It is made of microfiber material so expect high quality coziness out of this bedding set. 

2. Comfort Spaces Bold Quilt Set

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With its quilted finish, patchwork design, this trendy bedding set is a perfect choice for kids’ bedrooms and bachelor pads. It is a 3-piece set composed of a coverlet, and two shams.

The coverlet is ultra-lightweight, with a thread count that does not deteriorate easily. It is also hypoallergenic, so it is a prime choice for people who are sensitive to down cushions and beddings.  


3. Grand Linen Queen size (7-piece bedding set)

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This geometric design bedding set lives up to its brand name of being grand because it just straight looks luxurious. The black base of the sheet exudes a bold look for the bedroom.

And the balanced play of black, red, and white in the comforter and pillows soften the look. It comes with a comforter, a bed skirt, three pillows and two shams. You also must visit their store because this bedding set also comes with matching curtains. 

4. Chic Home (10-piece bedding set)

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For a contemporary, patchwork design that screams coziness in all levels, this is the bedding set for you. Aside from its vibrant look, it is also economical for its 10-piece set and relatively inexpensive price.

The red, white, and black bedding set comes with a 4-piece sheet, 2 pillow shams, 2 deco pillows, 1 square deco pillow and 1 comforter. It is totally a fabulous choice if you want to reinvent a compact bedroom. 

5. Stone and Beam (Flannel bedding set)

For the ultimate rustic, Southern bedroom, you can easily incorporate the classic buffalo check and flannel bedding set from this 4.5 out of 5 rated bedding set. It includes a flannel duvet and 2 buffalo check shams.

It is made entirely of cotton, so it is breathable and comfy. It also comes with a delicate looking cloth drawstring bag which makes it very easy to store.  

6. Comfort Spaces (Down, floral bedding set)

91BL8VbXEmL. AC SL1500

This queen size, floral designed bedding set has an all-black base with red and white floral prints from the sheets to the pillows. It is a 5-piece bedding set which includes a comforter, a bed skirt, a dec pillow, and two shams. The fabric is made of microfiber and the filler is made of hypoallergenic down material. 

It is naturally wrinkly but is resistant to shrinking. So, if you want a trendy, feminine bedroom, this is the bedding set for you. It also comes with matching rugs and curtains (sold separately) so you should check out their store. 

7. Chic Home (Zarah 10-piece bedding set)

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This queen size bedding set is a good run for your money for its chic, modern flair, and inexpensive price. It features pieces with a block banding design of red, white, and a lot of black, creating a 3D effect.

It comes with a comforter, 4-piece sheet set, shams, and decorative pillows. The set is made of microfiber cotton, so it is warm and cozy inside. This is the right choice if you want to upscale a master’s bedroom, a guest room, or a suite. 

8. Chic Home (Hotel Collection series)


Well, this 10-piece bedding indeed gives off a lot of hotel vibes because it looks extremely luxurious.

It is made of plush microfiber material, has a hypoallergenic synthetic filling, with a high fashion design thanks to its reversible comforter with a 3D white, red, and black square design on one side, and geometrical black and white with red base on the other side. If you are into bold, contemporary look, this is a real deal. 

9. Chic Home (Danielle 24-piece bedding set)

91voaOGWHcL. AC SL1500

This is another luxurious, contemporary bedding set with a pin-tuck design. It comes with a 4-piece sheet set, 4 shams, a comforter, a bed skirt, 2 dec pillows, and a curtain set composed of 4-panels, 4 ties and 2 valances. It is an all-in bedroom refurbishing set and you get all of these at a reasonable price. 

In terms of quality and comfort, its quilted design is a major plus. It also comes with embroidery and pintuck details on red, white, and black tones. Most of all, its filling is 100% hypoallergenic. 

10. Grand Linen (5-piece twin size bedding set)

81QmRF3MciL. AC SL1500

For a classic, delicate looking bedding set of red, white, and black, you can opt for this pinch pleat, needle stitched bedding set. It is cushioned with goose, down bedding and it comes with a sham, a comforter, a bed skirt and 2 deco pillows.

It is made of polyester fabric so you can count on it for warmth and comfort. It also comes with matching curtains and rugs, but you must buy them separately. 

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11. All American Collection (3-pcs plaid bedding set)

91IG3dwVAoL. AC SL1500

This reversible bedding set would complement any mood that you want for your room. On one side, you get a striped pattern of black and white with line accents of ruby red.

On the other, you get a bolder red color with black and white stripes on the bottom half. Since it is made of polyester, it is comfortable, durable, and easy to maintain. It comes with 3-pieces quilted beddings composed of a bedspread, pillows, and sham. 

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12. Sweet Jojo (3-pcs Rustic patch set)

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For a funky yet rustic patchwork design for kids’ bedrooms, this is the bedding set for you. It features blocks of trendy prints like arrow prints, wood grain prints and red and black flannel prints, and moose prints.

It comes with two shams, and a comforter. On one side, Aside from this, the whole set comes with a matching curtain set, hampers, pillowcases, and shower curtains. Although they are bought separately, they are still a good investment to make the room more playful. 

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13. Fancy Linen (Reversible stripe 3-pc set)

91PorPtYvYL. AC SL1500

This plaid patchwork design features red, black, and beige stripes with white outline on one side and white, black, and gray on the other side.

It is made of linen, so it is an all-day bedding set to keep you toasty on the colder days and cool and comfortable when it is a hot day. It comes with one bedspread, one dec cushion and one pillow sham.  

14. Lunarable English Garden Bed Set

8120av7DFQL. AC SL1500

This 3-pc queen bedspread is everything you need if you are looking for a whimsical, floral bedding set for a master’s bedroom or feminine room. It is super plush and soft as it is made of high-density soft polyester and the texture is knitted quilt.

With this combo, the bedspread can also be used as a blanket. As a bedspread, it has enough coverage to cover all sides of the bed. It does not shrink, does not fade, and comes at an affordable price. 

15. Madison Park (7-pc bedding set)

81dpcjRp6ML. AC SL1500

Speaking of elegant looking beddings, this is another one to watch out for. The set comes with one comforter, two shams and three pillowcases. It has a stunning embroidered floral design and pleated accents.

It is made of 100% polyester, making it soft, hypoallergenic, and easy to clean and maintain. It has a natural wrinkle which adds to its classic vibe, and it is shrink resistant. 

16. Sapphire Home (Multicolor 7-pc bedding set)

81IJLPpSoJS. AC SL1500

For a clean, unisex, multi-color beddings in a monochrome room, this one from Sapphire Home is a good deal. It features gray and red lines at the bottom and top, black, and white bands in the middle.

It comes with a comforter, a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, 2 pillow shams, and 2 pillowcases. It is made of polyester, and it comes with a matching curtain set but should be bought separately. 

17. Jessy Home (American flag bedding set)

71t2oID7uoL. AC SL1000

For a rocking bedroom, quilted American flag design bedding set with skull design pillowcases is a good match. It comes with a flat sheet, a duvet, pillow shams and two pillowcases. It has a quilted texture, made of soft polyester and is completely breathable. It is perfect for teens’ rooms or rock, festive bedroom themes. 

18. Erose Bridal Quilt Set

71RkBg3fm6L. AC SL1200

If you live in a warmer location, this breathable quilt bedding set should be on your shopping list. It is made with brushed microfiber with polyester filling. It includes one twin size bedspread, one pillow sham and two pillowcases.

It has a geometric design with black, red, and yellow triangles printed over a base of white sheet. It is wrinkle, shrink, and stain resistant so you do not have to worry even if it is white. 

19. Ambesonne Retro Quilted Bedding Set

71AE TsIDtL. AC SL1500

If you love an English retro vibe, this quilted bedding set brings the Big Ben and the famous red telephone booth of London right there in your bedroom. It fits a queen size bed, and it comes with a bedspread and two pillow shams.

It is made of brushed high-density polyester, so it is super soft, and the print does not fade after many washes.  You get all of these at a very inexpensive price.

How to decorate a bedroom with black and white bedding

Black and white bedrooms always exude a timeless look, so as with beddings. There are also timeless ways to decorate a bedroom with black and white bedding and here are some to refer to. 

Wallpaper details

You can project any vibe that you want with black and white beddings because they are the ultimate monotones. It can be an English classic with fleur de lis and vintage florals, bold and masculine, dainty and feminine or trendy and playful. You just have to choose the right wallpaper details for it. 

Colored pillows and pillow shams

This is the oldest trick in the book when it comes to color popping a black and white bedding set. Tinges of yellow, orange, red and other flashy hues could always elevate a black and white combo. 

Textured sheets

Textured does not always mean quilted or knitted. It could also mean having black and white stripes and other geometric tones combining these two colors. A visual play like that makes black and white beddings more sophisticated looking most of the time. 

Statement furniture and accent pieces

Having a gray and tall headboard make the design minimalist while rattan and wood pieces give it a rustic vibe. The point is, like the paint and wallpaper details, you should also be mindful of what other statement furniture and accent pieces that you should add to make a cohesive design out of a black and white bedding set. 


Lines and patterns

If you are tired of the clean, polished, look of black and white, you can set up patterned pieces like printed sheets and pillowcases, paintings, geometric figures for decorations and more to give the black and white setting a distinct flair.

You can also buy trendy duvets or coverlets for the bedding to spruce it up a bit and to veer away from the monotone. 

Curtain sets and other window treatments

Like colored pillows, choosing bright colored and patterned curtain sets can shake up the monotony of black and white beddings. 

Keep it white

There is nothing more dainty than more white and less black. It creates an ethereal look and an illusion of wide space. It also makes the room bright and airy looking. 

The list goes on and on but ultimately, they would all boil down to these basic tips when it comes to decorating around black and white beddings. You see, you already have ideas of what works for you and if you have a liking for monotones, they should not be that hard to accentuate. 


If you think that it is hard to come up with various bedroom styles with the combination of white, black, and red because the latter is a bold color, then you have to think again because there are a lot of red, black, and white bedding sets to choose from. Again, bedding sets are dependent on what type of vibe you want to evoke out of a room. At this point, nothing should stop you from mixing and matching.