11 Best Sofas For Short People and Buying Guide

Last Updated on February 2, 2024 by Kimberly Crawford

Sometimes, it is just too hard to find something that is cut out for specific needs, and in this case height. But everyone deserves to be seated comfortably and the average sofa might not deliver that to the shorter people.

While it could take you some time to find sofas for short people, there are a handful of brands and models that are made for that need. 

In this post, some of the best choices for sofas for short people are listed. If this is exactly what you are rounding up now, read on. 


11 sofas for short people

best sofas for short people

Straight away to the meat of this post, what sofa models are available out there for short people? Here are eleven of these models and brands that you should check out right now. 

1. Christopher Knight sofa

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First, it has a 31-inch sofa depth with a shorter backrest for comfortable seating for people below 5’2. It is a three-person capacity, rectangular sofa made of birch wood and fabric for its cover.

It offers a modern look and a refined structure which gives both a comfy feel and a sophisticated flair. It also comes with throw pillows and a width of 74-inches. 

2. ZINUS Benton Sofa Couch

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This one has a 76-inches width, a 34-inches height and a 32-inches sofa depth which makes it a perfect sofa for short people. Its stone-grey color gives it a very plush vibe. It is durable, with a hardwood frame, quality cushion and fiber cushions.

The tufted backrest is highly commendable. Plus, its cushioned, rectangular arm adds to the overall comfort that one gets from this sofa. Most of all, it is easy to clean.   

3. ZINUS Jackie Sofa

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This is another pro choice for sofas for short people from ZINUS. The fabric is made of polyester and the foam is made of fiber cushions. It gives a minimalist vibe, with a hardwood frame.

As for the seating, note that the seating cushions are not detachable while the back cushions are. It could accommodate three persons at once and has a maximum weight capacity of 750lbs. With a seat depth of 31-inches, indeed, it is a good sofa choice for short people. 

4. Casa Andrea Milano Sofa

This one is a universal choice for everybody including shorter people. It may have a 44-inches back height, but its 34-inches seating depth makes it easy for shorter people to sit and stand anytime.

The brand says that it could accommodate just three people, but its L-shape adds more to it. It is made of a wooden frame and the cushion is made of microfiber material. It is also easy to assemble. 

5. Walsunny Convertible Sectional Sofa

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With a height and seat depth of just 22-inches, this makes one of the best sofas for people who are below 5’4. At the same time, its higher legs and wooden frame also make it a comfortable seating for anyone above that height range.

It is easy to assemble, comes with a reversible chaise lounge to be used as ottoman on either side. It is also a good choice for small spaces. Most of all, it has a weight capacity of 660lbs. 

6. Serta Copenhagen Sofa

This square sofa’s rye brown color is just stunning in any living room. It is spacious enough to accommodate 3-5 people and is good for compact rooms, offices, and common rooms in doors.

It has the traditional straight back cushions and rounded arms. Its high-density foam seating is at 32.5-inches, making it a firm choice as sofa for short people. 

7. Linkromat Convertible

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This one features a 30-inch height and 25-inches of seating depth. This makes it a very comfortable sofa for short people as it is easy to sit on and rise from. Its biggest plus would be its convertible reclining ability.

Aside from that, the recliner can also be converted into a bed which is a good addition to entertainment rooms. It accommodates 2-3 people and has a weight capacity of 500lbs. 

8. Homall Tufted Sofa

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With a 23-inch seat depth, it makes a prime choice for short people. It only has a 3-3-inches height with enough back support for heights above 5’5. Most especially, this sofa can fold out into a sofa bed which is perfect for small spaces.

It is a posh looking sofa, hypoallergenic at best, and made of high-density cushions. Its dark grey color also offers a sleek look to the living room. 

9. Lifetime Solutions

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With a height of just 31-inches and a seat depth of 26-inches, it is a good choice for short people. The backrest is also high enough to provide enough coverage and back support for people that are taller than 5’4.

It features high-density foams all the way to the back. The cushions are covered in microfiber with a hardwood frame and faux wood legs. Its coffee color and comfortable rounded arms seal the deal for this one. 

10. Edenbrook Lynnwood Sofa

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If you want the sophistication of leather in your living room with a sofa that is comfortable for short people, this one is a perfect choice. It has a square arm design, a rectangular frame, and a faux leather, caramel color cover.

Its backrest has an all cushion, buttonless tufting and it can be convertible from a loveseat to a three-person sofa. It is easy to assemble, delicate to clean, and can accommodate a weight capacity of 600lbs. 

11. Vonanda Sofa

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When it comes to a very functional sofa for short people, this one is a prime deal. It can be a compact sofa all day and then converted into a sofa bed at night.

The cushion is specially designed to support different seating positions and the backrest is made of high-density sponges which is made entirely for relaxation. As for the frame, it comes with serpentine springs and a metal frame. It has a weight capacity of 400lbs and a 31-inches seating depth. 

Sofa depth for short person

When it comes to sofa depths, we are particularly looking for the inside depth and not the overall depth (which is basically the distance from the back of the sofa to the front). The average inside depth for a sofa would be at 21-24-inches but a range less than that would be the best for short persons. 

The reason for this is that it would be easier for them to sit up easily. A firm cushion, light material to cover it and a sturdy frame is also essential in complementing the comfort that the right sofa depth for a short person would offer. 

How to buy a sofa for short people

The buying guide for sofas for short people can be unconventional at best but you need this to choose the best one for your comfort. As such, here are some buying tips for sofas for short people. 

Key in the right keywords

The most convenient ‘canvassing’ venue right now for these types of sofas would be on the net. Just key in what you are looking for (i.e. sofa, recliner, loveseat) and then just add ‘for short people’ in the end. It helps you in coming up with a list of products you can cross-check. 

Cross-check in major online sites

Now that you have a list, cross-check reviews, plus features and probable issues about each sofa for short people that you came up with. This way, you can further eliminate the bad choices and replace it with a better-reviewed choice. 

Right size and height

The standard sofa height is in between 72-96-inches but the height range for short people would be at 18-25-inches. This way, they can have the right floor to sofa height for them to wiggle their feet down, have ample backrest for back support, and easy seating and convenient sitting up. Having an adjustable height feature is also a good plus. 

Check it out personally

If it is a sofa that you are looking for yourself, it is always most recommended to check it out personally. Nothing backs up personal experience and your comfort rating is the ultimate rating that matters. This is the only way not to settle for less when it comes to sofas for short people so do it. 

Consider customized sofas

But of course, do not rush to the store. With the pandemic at hand, you can also consider customized sofas for your height and your choice of seat depth and width. You can also choose the right material that is most comfortable to you, as well as the color and frame that you want. 



How wide should a sofa be for short people? 

There is no limit to the width of the sofa that short people can consider. The main factor to really be considered is the height and interior seat depth of the sofa. Nonetheless, note that two-seater sofas are in between 22-25-inches, three-seaters are at 70-75-inches and four-seaters are at 100-inches and above. 

What is a small sofa called? 

You might say loveseat, but they are actually called settees. Technically, they are defined as small sofas with a backrest and two arms. It accommodates only two people and is the kind that offers more straight and upright seating. 

What is the average lifespan of a sofa? 

Whatever they are made for, sofas last from 7-15 years. Of course, you will meet some issues in between, like staining, frame cracking or denting, and others. When this happens, you have to know when and why you should consider upholstering. 

How much should I spend on a small sofa?

The average price range for a small sofa is $1000 or less. A mid-range sofa can reach $1300 or more. High end small sofas would be at $2000 and more. At the end of the day, it is about comfort and preference, but you should also know what to anticipate when it comes to small sofa costs. 

Is it worth it to upholster a sofa for short people? 

Yes. These types of sofas are not very different from other sofas. Upholstering is actually a maintenance tip if you would think of it. Consider upholstering one if the frame is still in a good shape but the cushions are already failing. Honestly, this is a cheaper and more sustainable solution for your prized furniture especially sofas with specific requirements like sofas for short people. 



We all have our preferences when it comes to choosing the furniture we want to have in our homes. But sometimes, it could be a daunting job for people with specific needs and are looking for specific dimensions and specifications.

For short people, you must know the right sofa dimensions and seat depth that is recommended for your height. You should also master the buying tips we featured here for better finds.