10+ Funny Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas

Last Updated on August 17, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

This element of the Christmas season has become a quotidian aspect with the modern-day festivities. Earlier, this kind of attire used to be part of the elderly’s wardrobe. Red and green are the signature representations of ugly sweater clothing.

Depiction of Santa, sleigh, reindeer, some sort of pom-pom and snowmen on the sweaters are independently followed along with ugly Christmas sweater clothing. Bill Cosby is regarded as the pioneer of this trend.

best ugly christmas sweater ideas

1- Unicorn and green litter:

1 ugly christmas sweater ideas

This design for an ugly Christmas sweater comprises of a pink printed woolen sweater with an off-white unicorn throwing out green glitter.

2- Light’em up!

2 ugly christmas sweater ideas

In this contemporary design, small-sized bulbs are attached to the red sweater fabric. Instead of regular-sized buttons, use green pebbles over the white centerline.

3- Blue color sweater with popular cartoon characters

3 ugly christmas sweater ideas

Contrary to the popular choice of color, you can match this blue color sweater with grey woolen cap and black sweatshirt.

4- Sky blue colored ugly sweater

4 ugly christmas sweater ideas

4 ugly christmas sweater ideas 1

A white candle stand, pentagram, ladder, wine glass, and magnet. Such unrelated things can be stitched to this sky blue colored sweater.

5- Navy blue sweater with white snowflakes and the Santa

5 ugly christmas sweater ideas

5 ugly christmas sweater ideas 1

A dark blue sweater, designed with white snowflakes and urban styled Santa Claus is one of the perfect variants of ugly Christmas sweaters, which you can flaunt.


6- Multicolored Christmas sweater

6 ugly christmas sweater ideas

This design aesthetic believes in the ‘Unity in Diversity’ saying. Flavored with red, blue, and yellow colors, this particular sweater also has individual colored cells and a character/pattern in it.


7- Keep it simple and basic with a black sweater

7 ugly christmas sweater ideas

This design consists of a black sweater with all the English alphabet written in plain white color, and arranged on a stringed pattern strongly resembling a DIY garland décor.

8- Use socks as props for your ugly sweater

8 ugly christmas sweater ideas

In this design, the sweater has a fireplace design with the garland and socks extending across the chest portion across the full length of one’s hands.

9- A sweater to hold your wine bottle

9 ugly christmas sweater ideas

This design of an ugly Christmas sweater comes with a utility pouch, where you can store many things, ranging from your smartphone to a full-sized bottle.

10- Green, red and Gingerbread

10 ugly christmas sweater ideas

In this design, a green sweater is seen with red woolen hands and an entire batch of elements stitched onto the front area. These include poker cards, colored pebbles, stones, gingerbread man, leaves, and cotton strings along the bottom edge.

11-13. More ugly Christmas sweater ideas

11 ugly christmas sweater ideas 12 ugly christmas sweater ideas 13 ugly christmas sweater ideas


In recent times, there is an upheaval of this trend, owing to themed celebrations, and parties comprising of both the old and the young. Celebrations involve frills, bows, and modern decorations. Pop culture also has its fair share to contribute to the sweaters’ popularity.

This trend is not inherent to the US alone but also popularized in the UK as well. Ugly Christmas Sweaters also offer a warm and cozy feeling. Also practical in many aspects, ugly Christmas sweaters are a great way to de-stress, by showing off that strange, and bright colored sweater.