10 Ways To Achieve A Farmhouse Style Kitchen

Last Updated on July 8, 2022 by Kimberly Crawford

Transforming your home to match the aesthetic you want is a challenging project to take, but also one of the most rewarding. Imagine the feeling when you can finally enjoy it and show it off after some time working in your room, patio, or dining area. 

Why Renovate The Kitchen? 

The kitchen is one of the rooms that would be exciting to renovate or improve. With all the time people spend in this area preparing and cooking meals, it makes sense to start with the kitchen. Think about this: Wouldn’t a lovely kitchen with the right tools and amenities be more inspiring and comfortable to cook, clean, and more? 

A Farmhouse Kitchen

fitted kitchen in farmhouse

You can choose from many kitchen themes, and the type that will go well with your home will also depend on what the rest of your house looks like. However, this isn’t a strict rule as there are always ways to incorporate different styles cohesively. 

Aesthetic themes such as farmhouse style kitchens have been a popular choice among homeowners. This is because it’s a multipurpose space, so you can use it as a place to prepare and cook food and a dining and socialization area. 

Moreover, it has a timeless appeal and can make that part of your home feel cozy and relaxing. It’s generally an easier style to achieve because of its simplicity and the availability of pastoral-designed furniture and decorative pieces.

How To Achieve A Farmhouse Kitchen 

If you’ve decided on a farmhouse kitchen, here are different steps, tips, and tricks that can help you achieve it: 

1. Make A Mood Board For Inspiration

The first thing you can do to end up with the perfect kitchen design is to look for inspiration. Whether you do this by watching shows, browsing the internet, or flipping through magazines is up to you.

The point to remember is to get inspired, save the pictures, and get excited about your farmhouse kitchen project. 

2. Finalize The Concept Design

Next on the to-do list is to finalize your design. Think of how much you want to change in your kitchen. For example, you might want to change your kitchen layout, windows, and even cupboards, or you might want some minimal changes like repainting or adding different decorative pieces.

Take your time on this and consider talking to some designers or contractors to see what changes are still possible for your kitchen. 

3. Set A Budget And Look Into Prices

The next thing you can do is to set a practical and realistic budget. The only way to do this is to look into the prices of the furniture, decorative pieces, and other things you’ll need to buy. As for services, you may try getting an estimate from contractors to know the total costs. 

4. Focus On Natural Materials

While you’re shopping around, a helpful tip for farmhouse styles would be to stick to natural materials. This might include hardwood, woven fibers, and the like. This will help you narrow your choices, which might even cut your time in half while shopping or looking around. 

5. Switch To Barn Doors

Doors can be a dead giveaway for the interior design of a room. Plain doors will do, but if you want to make an impact or even underscore the rustic style, you could try barn doors. These are convenient as they don’t take up much space because you can slide them to the side. 

6. Go For Modern Shakers For Cabinets

Storage is essential for a kitchen because you’ll need a place for all your tools, utensils, and food items. You may choose from several kinds of cabinets and cupboards available on the market, but they won’t all be good for a farmhouse aesthetic. 

Modern shaker cabinet doors are a great way to achieve the balance you need for a farmhouse kitchen. The key is to ensure it’s not too flashy or too plain. Thus, modern shakers are a sensible choice, even for other people who only want a timeless kitchen design.  

7. Shift To Ironworks For Lighting Fixtures

Lighting fixtures can add flare to a room, especially if it’s a large and intricate design. For farmhouse kitchens, the room design is homey and natural, giving you a mental feel of the countryside. To balance this, you can choose an iron lighting fixture as a showstopper. Caged linear pendant fixtures or a candelabra chandelier would be excellent options.  

8. Stick To Paint With Subtle Tones

farmhouse kitchen

Not all farmhouse kitchens use bare, stained, or varnished wood. Painting is also an excellent option for kitchens, but you’ll have to limit your color choices. To get that farmhouse aesthetic, stick to subtle, muted, and lighter tones. This will help you achieve that relaxing and pastoral style that can make your kitchen appear brighter. 

9. Avoid Flashy Designs And Loud Colors

In general, there are some things you can do while designing a kitchen. Yet there are also things to avoid to ensure you end up with an authentic farmhouse kitchen design. In this case, you’ll want to avoid flashy designs and loud colors, like neons and chrome furnishing. 

10. Decorate With Vintage Rustic Pieces

Choosing décor is like the cherry on top when designing a room. A farmhouse kitchen could do well with authentic vintage farmhouse pieces.

Milk cans, flowers in an old watering can, vintage farm market signs, and the like can enhance the feel and look you’re eyeing. The vital thing to remember is to stick to pieces you might see in an old farmhouse or ones that give you a feeling of provincial life. 


Close your eyes and think of a farmhouse kitchen and note what you see, then visualize the same design for your kitchen. Whatever theme or style you want, it’s possible to apply it in your own kitchen as long as you’re aware of the fundamentals of the aesthetic you’d like to see. In this case, focus on the materials, which should be in a more natural and earthy style, to underscore a more pastoral and rustic look.