What Kind Of Curtains For Traverse Rod?

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Standard rods are still the most preferred curtain rods but the ease of moving curtains through a traverse rod made it into a household name and is now used in modern design homes. Of course, it is valid, ‘what kind of curtains should be used for traverse rod’? The easy answer to that would be pinch pleat curtains and drapery. 

But there is more to know about the best curtains for traverser rod. If you are into everything traverse rod, this post is for you so read on. 

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What are traverse curtain rods?

traverse rod curtain

As opposed to standard curtain rods, traverse curtain rods work on a slide/pulley system. It has double rods that look like tracks and clips that move along this track. Each of the clip has an eye where the curtain pins are attached.

There is also a cord attached to the pulley system of the rod. This makes closing and opening the curtains easier to do compared to the manual pulling using standard rods. 

When to use traverse curtains/rods? 

If you mean to use traverse curtains, here are four things that you should ask yourself first. 

  • Do I want a functional curtain? Ask further, do you want to have curtains that closes and opens like blinds? If yes, go for traverse curtains. 
  • How wide is my window? If it is more than 36-inches and needs a support bracket in the middle for the curtains to close, you need traverse rods. Traverse curtains are also recommended for French windows/doors, patio doors, and all types of larger windows. 
  • Are your windows installed with window treatments? If your windows have drapes, valances, or other types of layering, it is best to install traverse rods instead of double standard rods. Using traverse rods will make it look less messy and more cohesive. 
  • Do you want a minimalist look? Traverse rods will show off the curtain’s fabric but not the rods, curtain pins and curtain clips. So if you want a clean, minimalist look, go for traverse rods especially if you are using pleated curtains. 

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How to choose a traverse curtain rod?

In choosing a traverse curtain rod, these are the factors that you should put into mind. 

  1. Type of curtain: Before deciding to go for a traverse curtain rod, know which types of curtains go best with it. As have been mentioned, pleated curtains are the best pairs to traverse curtain rods. It is also good to use for blackout curtains, damask drapes, as well as velvet curtains. 
  2. Window size: If you have large windows that you want to be closed all the time but wants curtains that you can open and close for natural light, traverse curtain rod is a prime choice. Smaller-sized windows will benefit more with standard rods. 
  3. Type of traverse curtain rod: There are three types of traverse curtain rods: the standard, double and decorative traverse rods. Choose the standard type if you want to highlight the curtain header but not the hardware. Choose double traverse rod if you want to add window treatments like valance or drapery. Lastly, choose decorative traverse rod if the curtain you will use require rings for hanging. 

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Best curtains for traverse rod

#1. TWOPAGES Pinch Pleated Curtain with Velvet Finish

Check this curtain on Amazon

You will love the soft and velvet matte finish of this pinch pleated curtain.

It is cost-efficient and has good energy-saving features with its light-proof fabric lining.

It can cover windows that are 64-inches and comes with curtain pins for easy installation. 

300GSM fabric.  Bought in single panels only.  
For sound and heat insulation. 
Fabric lining blocks 95% light. 
Woven in three layers.  

#2. ChadMade Polyester Linen Blackout Curtain

81X4ZPL AhL. AC SL1500

Check this blackout curtain on Amazon

This one is a customizable blackout traverse curtain. You can choose the header and liner type. It is made of good quality faux linen at 350GSM, commendable for its long service life. As for its shading performance, its fabric lining can block up to 80-100% light depending on the liner that you will choose.  

Good quality at 350GSM. Not returnable.  
Comes in many color choices. Does not come with curtain pins. 
Commendable shading performance. Single panels only. 
Commendable service life. 

#3. MacoChico Pleated Velvet Curtain with Darkening Drapes and Blackout Lining

71MRpE7v0mL. AC SL1500

Check this velvet curtain on Amazon

This one is highly praised for its blackout ability. It is made of velvet and is one of the best choices for blackout draping. Its shading performance is at 95% and is suitable in making ambient, noise and thermal insulated rooms. Its pins work on a ratchet system which is good for traverse rod or ring hooks. 

Made with hand-tailored velvet.  Curtain pins are purchased separately.  
Good for windows at 65-inches width. 
High shading performance. 

#4. ChadMade Customized Traverse Blackout Darkening Curtain

71JUXmerACL. AC SL1500

Check this customized blackout curtain

This one is a midweight traverse curtain at 300GSM. It comes with a matte finish and a color depth that is made for formal looking rooms. It is customizable and comes with a rod and pin set once you order. It comes with a privacy liner with a shading rate of 85% and a darkening liner with a shading rate of 95%. 

Good quality at 300GSM. Single panels only. 
Comes in 40 deep color choices. 
You can choose from 4 liners and headers. 

#5. IYUEGO Pleated Insulated Curtain Panel Drape


Check pleated insulated curtain on Amazon

This one is a thermal, blackout curtain that comes in ten stylish colors. It is made of polyester linen and is perfect in noise reduction and for energy-saving purposes. It is also cost-efficient thanks to its thermal control function. It is however, sold in single panels so you must buy at least four panels for large windows. It is pinch pleated and comes with 8 plastic hooks. 

Quick ironing. Might require steam cleaning. 
Suitable for 40-inches windows.
Comes with plastic hooks.
Comes with ten rich color choices. 

Traverse Rod Curtains – FAQs

Can you use back tab curtains with a traverse rod?

No. But if you want to, you have to modify it a bit for it to accommodate drapery pins so that the curtain folds in a pinch pleat. 

How do you hang curtains on a traverse rod?

The good thing about traverse rods is that they often come with pins, making the curtains easier to hang. To install the curtains, here are the following steps that you should carry out: 

  • First, fold the curtain’s pleats in an accordion like manner. Next, work on the rod’s master carrier from left to right.
  • Hook the first pin in the first hole and the second pin on the last hole of the carrier. Now hook the pins on the curtain clips. Do not hook the two final pins yet. 
  • Crease the curtain’s pleats at the seam. Pull and crease the pleats one by one until the curtain is folded neatly. 
  • Lastly, attach the two remaining pins at the end of the rod. Note that these last two pins attach to the curtain rod and not with the clips. If the drapes look uneven, just pull out these two pins and then directly re-insert them in the rods for them to hang evenly. 

For a visual guide, you can check this one from Signature Series

How does a traverse rod work?

Basically, the traverse rod works through the slot that run along the rod’s length. In the slot would be a track stacked with multiple curtain clips in between spaces. The pins of the traverse curtains are then attached to the clips. With a decorative hardware such as a cord, the clips will just slide along the tracks when you open or close the curtain. 

Are traverse rods out of style?

No. But they are hard to find in stores because of the high demand for these rods. Because of this, stores now just stock a handful of traverse rods and offer made to order ones for those who would like to have customized designs.

Can I hang regular curtains on a traverse rod?

Ideally, no since traverse rods only work for pinch pleat curtains. Regular curtains will not evenly hang in a traverse rod. But with a few sewing and pinch-pleating, you can turn regular curtains into pinch pleat curtains. 


curtains for traverse rod

Traverse curtains are sought-after because of their clean, polished, and minimalist look. They are hanged using traverse curtain rods which work on a pulley system.

Traverse rods have pins and tracks where the curtain’s clips are attached and where they could slide easily when you are opening and closing the curtains.

Traverse rods are not always available in the market because they are very in-demand and some stores have them specially ordered.

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