25+ Best Patio Door Curtain Ideas and Designs

Last Updated on November 28, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

Your patio door deserves a complete makeover with some cheerful curtain ideas. Just because the door is facing the patio area doesn’t mean you neglect it.

There are varieties of patio door ideas you can use based on what you want to achieve.

Are you looking to add color, privacy, or you wish to block excess UV rays? You’ll get all ideas for that in this article.

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1.  Animal Print Fabrics

1 farmfoodfamily.com patio door curtain ideas

An animal print curtain idea for your patio does a wonderful work of bringing a decorating tool and refreshing a rather dull looking space.

You can go for a leopard spot or a zebra stripe, and you’ll never go wrong with your creation of an exotic aura. These designs also go well with nature and will work well for patios with a lot of greenery.

2.  Consider Venetian Blinds

2 farmfoodfamily.com patio door curtain ideas

Venetian blinds work well in spaces not used often. You can try using small doses of horizontal stripes, so you don’t make the room too busy.

Consider getting several blinds instead of using one. Also, consider choosing none wood Venetians as wood can be too heavy. You don’t want to make closing and opening of your patio door curtains an uphill task.

3.  Personalize Your Curtains

3 farmfoodfamily.com patio door curtain ideas

You can give your patio doors of kind treatment by giving your curtains some personalized touch. You can use some art pieces such as beards or a fabric braid on the hem to give it some visual interest.

If your curtains are too short, attach additional pieces of fabric to lengthen them. One thing about personalizing your curtains is that you’ll be giving them a unique look that no one else has.

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4.  Double Duty Curtains

4 farmfoodfamily.com patio door curtain ideas

Many people prefer hanging one or two curtain drapes to cover the patio door. A sliding curtain offers you a double-duty design that you can push to either side when opening.

This way, they give you a variance of lighting at all times of the day. They also don’t hinder your patio access as they won’t get in your way when passing.

5.  Try Roman Shades

5 farmfoodfamily.com patio door curtain ideas

You can never go wrong with Roman shades, thanks to their versatility and beauty. The curtains serve their purpose as they come with solar insulation capabilities.

They also ensure they keep your house looking beautiful as they can fold into nicely made pleats. They won’t clutter your window but instead ensure your home looks neatly arranged.

6.  Add Style to Your Sliding Doors

6 farmfoodfamily.com patio door curtain ideas

If you’re looking to make your space stunning and stylish, there are varieties of curtains that will go well with your sliding doors. Consider getting curtains on short rods to extend slightly over the window banks and the sliding door.

You can do this in a creative way and have your windows looking stunning without distracting the outside view.

7.  Matching Wall Curtains

7 farmfoodfamily.com patio door curtain ideas large sliding door window with curtains

If you want to create some harmony in your house, you should consider matching your curtains to the wall. Try using curtains that match the exact colors of your walls. This idea works well if you like minimal colors in your house. They perfectly bring in a minimalist look while still serving the purposes of a curtain.

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8.  Use Sheers for Your Patio Door

8 farmfoodfamily.com patio door curtain ideas

You can never go wrong with sheers if you’re looking for patio curtain ideas that add a touch of elegance to your patio. But sheers are not all about color and beauty.

Sheer curtains are also perfect for maintaining your home’s privacy while still allowing you to enjoy natural light. Perfect sheer curtains for your patio door should be light-colored with lightly textured fabric.

9.  Get Decorative and Functional Curtains

9 farmfoodfamily.com patio door curtain pergola ideas

Being functional and decorative with our curtains will not depend on the type you get but how creative you can get. If you have a double French door, a curtain rod at the bottom and the top of every door keeps the curtains out of the doorway so you can easily open and close your doors.

For those with sliding doors, a curtain rod over the doorway a few inches from the width of the frames keeps the curtains out of the way.

10. Try Solar Shades

10 farmfoodfamily.com patio door curtain solar shade ideas

Just like the names, solar shade curtains will protect your home from the scorching sun. They don’t only work in summer but also useful in winter as they also prevent heat from escaping during the cold weather.

These curtains provide a useful layer to your door for added protection without blocking your view of the outdoors.

11. Play With Colors

11 farmfoodfamily.com patio door curtain sheer outdoor ideas

Is there a single person in the face of the earth who doesn’t love colors? Your patio door deserves some unique colors, and the only thing that can ensure that is a colorful curtain. You can choose perfect colors that go well with your home décor or choose to incorporate nature.

Just make sure you don’t overdo it as too many colors can become obstructive and interfere with your décor.

12. Try Wood Shades

12 farmfoodfamily.com patio door curtain ideas

You can never go wrong with a woody look in your home décor. If you’ve decided to use wood for your indoor décor, you might also want it on your patio. That means your patio door curtains will also have to follow the trend. There are various wood shades crafted from natural woods, including bamboo, pine, reeds, and grasses.

With this idea, you get to enjoy the eco-friendliness that they bring and give your home a unique look. These curtains are versatile enough to blend with many home styles and can adopt both vertical and horizontal applications.

13. Save Energy with Your Curtains

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Did you know that some curtains come with energy-saving technology? Well, if you’re looking for ways to reduce your power bills, then you should consider going for energy-efficient or thermal insulated curtains for your patio door.

These curtains will block out light from entering the room and provide perfect room insulation. So, if you’re looking for natural ways to save on energy bills, choose the right curtains for that.

14. Look for French Door Curtains

14 farmfoodfamily.com patio door curtain ideas

You can never go wrong with French doors for your patio. But these doors also require curtain types that completely match them.  Well, there are varieties of French door curtains in the market that you can use to conceal light entering the house while still maintaining the beauty.

And did you know that you can also sew a variety of French door curtains on your own? Try it, and you’ll love your DIY skills.

15. Waterproof Sheer Curtains

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You can use your curtains to prevent water from coming insider your house. When it suddenly rains, and you happen to have left your patio door open, the curtains will do you some justice.

You don’t even have to worry about the curtains getting wet because waterproof sheers won’t absorb the moisture. Try these curtain ideas to add some functionality to your patio door.

16. Honeycomb Curtain Shades

16 farmfoodfamily.com patio door curtain story ideas

If you’re looking for ways to reduce your expenditure on cooling and heating, you should try honeycomb shades for your patio door curtains.

The curtains come in a unique way to offer your home the much-desired energy-efficiency and insulation while still giving you a sense of style. Honeycomb shades are ideal for both hot and cold seasons.

17. You’ll Love Drapery Fabric

17 farmfoodfamily.com patio door curtain ideas

Those elegant patio doors are not complete without some soft and elegant feel. There is no better way to ensure you get this than the use of drapery for your sliding doors.

Draperies can look gorgeous on their own but pairing it with some window treatment makes it even more elegant. Another thing about drapery is that they’re easier to change, so you can always go for a better one if your current doesn’t look great.

18. Matching Luxury Décor

18 farmfoodfamily.com patio door curtain ideas

There is no better makeover to give your home than matching all the decors to give your home a luxurious feel. The blackout curtains will not only match your entire home décor but also offer the protection you deserve from heat and cold.

You can find these curtains in any color of your choice. Try light-colored curtains to give your room a larger look and provide subtle shadows.

19. Darkening Vertical Blinds

19 farmfoodfamily.com darken patio door curtain ideas

You can never go wrong with vertical blinds as your patio door curtain. Room darkening blinds offer great privacy option. You can close them when you don’t need any light into the house and gather them to one side to brighten the room.

They offer you complete privacy but also give you room to enjoy your view when you open them.

20. Go for Fabric Slats

20 farmfoodfamily.com patio door curtain ideas

Do you want to vary the light? Fabric slights should be your patio door curtain of choice. These come with movable solid and sheer panels that you can adjust as you wish.

Whether you need to block out the glare or give your room but get some light, the fabric slats won’t give you any problems.

21. Choose the Patterned Designs

21 farmfoodfamily.com patio door curtain ideas

If you have sliding doors, you might have noticed how they consume too much wall space. Actually, they leave you with very little room for décor. But you can’t let this deny you the luxury of decorating your home.

Patterned slighting doors allow you to incorporate some artwork and color into the room. Get all the attention you’ve longed desired by using bold curtains.

22. Try Blackout Curtains

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When you want to block light from your house completely, blackout curtains will help. The curtains are made with an opaque lining in the interior. If you have those rooms that don’t necessarily need much temperature control, these should be your ideal curtains.

You can also create your own blackout curtains at home by adding a liner to the curtains you already have.

23. Consider Your Privacy

23 farmfoodfamily.com patio door curtain bathroom in white with matching drapes and sliding glass doors

Sliding doors are great for patios, but when it comes to your home’s privacy, they’re not the best. But this doesn’t mean you have to give them up.

There are a host of beautiful curtains you can get for getting much-needed privacy. Keep all that glare away by getting beautiful curtains for your patio doors.

24. Try Using Valences

24 farmfoodfamily.com patio door curtain ideas

Valances are perfect for those who love simplicity. They give your home the much needed simple and streamlined look that you cannot resist.

One thing about them is that you won’t be showing your curtain rods as they hide them so nicely. Find different shades of valances to give your room the theme it deserves. 

25. The Accenting Fabric

25 farmfoodfamily.com patio door curtain ideas

Accenting fabric is perfect for homes in secluded areas. You need to achieve that privacy and have a sense of security when living in such areas. Accenting fabrics offer that solution, so you get your privacy without the need for panels. You can give them some fashionable design with an aluminum runner and drapes.


How do you dress a sliding glass door?

There are many ways you can dress your sliding doors to give them a complete makeover. The best way to do this is by the use of tiebacks. Support the patio door functionality by focusing more on the side with the handle. There are also window treatment options that can serve the dressing purpose perfectly.

What are the best curtains for sliding glass doors?

There are different curtain options for your sliding glass doors that you’ll find yourself spoilt of choice. Some of the best options are vertical blinds, which are perfect for large rooms.

You can also use privacy sheers to give your house a stunning transformation. Or, try roman blinds that lie horizontally above your door to provide you with a perfect view of the outside and allow you to enjoy the natural light.

What can I use instead of vertical blinds?

Vertical blinds look stunning, but not everyone fancies them. If you’re one of them or you want something new, consider using drapery instead. Drapery will cover your door completely. You can also pull them aside to enjoy the view.

Are sheer curtains out of style?

There is no way sheer curtains will be outdated because they keep evolving into newer and modern styles every day. If you want to give your patio door some decorative makeover, there’s no better way to do it than using sheers.

Are valances out of style?

Just like sheers, valances still have a variety of modern styles hence are not going anywhere soon. All you have to do is find an excellent designer to craft a perfect design. Be wary of poor qualities that won’t last you long enough.


Well, what do you think of these great ideas for your patio door? There is no doubt they all look great, but you must have your preferences and tastes. Before you make your choice, consider your home’s décor, style, size, and budget. You can then come here and share what you choose and let us share in the joy.