10+ Best Farmhouse Rug Ideas and Designs

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Rugs are a great addition to any home. They add character and warmth to any living space. They’re also incredibly versatile!

They can be placed under your living room arrangement – couches, coffee tables, stools, or they can just be placed in a hallway to add a little something to bring the home together. Here are a few options to try that would fit well with your farmhouse.

best farmhouse rug ideas

What is a Farmhouse Rug?

The farmhouse style recently took the world by storm, owing to its warm, comfy down to earth aesthetic that boasts humble homegrown roots.

Farmhouse rugs are essentially rugs that would fit into the farmhouse style, choose something that has earthy tones like beige, gray, slate, sage, navy, and darker greens. Vintage and rustic patterns are a great start when you’re looking for a farmhouse rug too.

What size rug do I need?

Depending on where you’d like to place it, there are different choices. If you plan to place it in your living room, the usual sizes to choose from are 5×8, 8×10, and 9×12. Remember to consider keeping at least 18 inches of bare floor space exposed by the edges of the rug.

How big should a dining room rug be?

Before buying a dining room rug, consider the size of your dining table and dining room. There should be 18 to 24 inches of space on each side of the table so that you don’t have to worry about falling off the side of the rug when sliding in and out of your chairs. Simply put, you need a rug that is about four feet longer and wider than your table.

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10 Best Farmhouse Rug Ideas

1. Jute Rug with a Backing

1 farmhouse rug ideas

This jute rug is perfect for fans of chunky, basketweave textures. Using a rug with a cotton backing like this one also eliminates shedding and prevents slipping as rug pads do.

Source: rugtastic, urbanoutfitters

2. Vintage Washed Out Printed Rug

2 farmhouse rug ideas

The “something borrowed” style never goes out of fashion and the same can be said for farmhouse rugs. This washed-out vintage style is perfect for pairing with more “colorful” accents.


3. Layered Rug

3 farmhouse rug ideas

Rugs come in all shapes and sizes and it can be very hard to pick just one. But guess what? You don’t have to pick one! The layered rug trend is slowly becoming more noticed and for good reason too it adds a certain amount of warmth just one rug can never achieve!


4. Hand-Woven Brown Area Rug

4 farmhouse rug ideas

If you’re looking for something more neutral and earthy while supporting a cause, this handwoven brown area rug is the perfect choice for you! It works well on its own or you could use it as a base rug if you plan to layer.


5. Vintage Beige Area Rug

5 farmhouse rug ideas

This vintage rug is a beautiful beige tone and is perfect on its own. The beige, brown and ivory tones are just stunning against dark hardwood flooring. This particular rug is highly efficient for high-traffic areas too!


6. Circular Rugs

6 farmhouse rug ideas

Rugs don’t need to have four corners! Circular rugs are versatile and fit well into any room when placed properly! They not only provide you with a better grip when walking, but they also have a warmth only rugs can offer.


7. Machine Washable Rugs

7 farmhouse rug ideas

If you’re not looking to commit to anything too high maintenance. These machine washable rugs are perfect for you! Keep the aesthetic of rugs without having to worry about clean up!


8. DIY Crocheted Jute Farmhouse Rug

8 farmhouse rug ideas

These adorable little rugs are so easy to make! If you’re looking to have something to do and save a little money, this DIY is perfect for you!


9. Stick to the Farmhouse Palette

9 farmhouse rug ideas

The farmhouse look is fresh, clean, humble and warm. There’s barely any limitations to what you can do with it as long as you stick to the color palette! Grab a rug of any style that you like, with this guide, your farmhouse will be brought together faster than ever.


10. DIY Farmhouse Rug

10 farmhouse rug ideas

If the jute DIY wasn’t enough for you, here’s another DIY to keep you busy! This one’s for a larger rug and uses pure cotton yarn. Get creative!



A farmhouse isn’t complete without a rug so never go without! It can be daunting to pick out a rug in a sea of similar-looking ones so we hope you put these ideas to good use! Which rug idea are you most excited to try?

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