20 Creative Lipstick Tutorials and Lip Art Ideas

Lips are a prominent feature of your face so it makes sense to make them look as enticing as you possibly can. But given the extensive market that caters to your lips; finding the right sort of lipstick can be a pretty daunting task. There is a world of different shades you can pick from. Added to that, the different textures like matte and gloss to add to your choices. You can choose the shade that makes you stand out in a crowd. There’s also the possibility that you may match your lipstick color with your outfit to appear more chic. The possibilities are endless and finding the right balance that works for you is difficult and will take you practice to get it right.Here are 20 tutorials you can learn from, adapt or improvise that you may find helpful-

1. Animal Print Lip Art

Idea source- Lip art can also be extended to include the very popular lip art. Cheetah spots on a pink background is an example you can pick. Opting for zebra stripes produces a mesmerizing result too.

2. Pop Art Inspired Lip Art

Idea source- This is the perfect look for you if you’re into anime or comics. The cartoon-ish effect highlighted in this type of lip art brings out and highlights your inner geek.

3. Textured Lip Art

Idea source-Lip-art that isn’t confined to just being a 2-dimension paste gave birth to textured lip art. The inspirational color coupled with the textured pattern that runs all over your lips will give you a truly glamorous look.

4. Glossy Watermelon Inspired Art

Idea source- Nothing screams summer louder than a watermelon lip art. Welcome the scorching heat by dressing your lips as a sweet, savory and refreshing snack.

5. Ombre Lip Art

Idea source- A stunning combination of two different colors, wherein the less dominant color is sprayed lightly in parts over the main shade. This is an ideal lip art if you’re looking to make a strong fashion statement.

6. Micro Granules Lip Art

Idea source- The grainy look comes off as pretty appealing and makes your lips irresistible.

7. Color Melange Lipstick

Idea source- This fun, colorful explosion brings out your inner vivid personality as well as makes you look absolutely fabulous. Turn your lips into a canvas and with different shades as the palette; treat yourself to a vibrant makeover.

8. Glittery Lip Art

Idea source-This is the perfect lip art for you if you are a glitter enthusiast. The glossy finishing helps make your lips look smooth and fresh.

9. Panda Lip Art

Idea source- With this fun lip art; you can pledge your allegiance to the wildlife whilst simultaneously making yourself look pretty cool.

10. Sparkly Textured Lip Art

Idea source- Make your lips look like a glazed donut which probably tastes just as delicious. The frost look is unique and will bring to notice your keen and bold fashion choices.

11. Colorful Granules Lip Art

Idea source- Taking it a step further; colored lip granules will certainly make your presence felt even in the liveliest of rooms. This bold fashion statement will bring with itself lots of attention and envious gazes.

12. Rhinestone Lip Art

Idea source- If you thought rhinestones were useful accessories limited to only mirrors; you might want to reconsider. They make an excellent addition on your lips too. Such a design can be best suited to fashion shows and beauty pageants.

13. Starry Night Lips

Idea source- The famous painting by Vincent Van Gogh can now be beautifully recreated on your lips. Whether a canvas, or a set of lips, ‘The Starry Night’ is just as appealing on both and will make your lips a magnificent work of art too.

14. Turquoise

Idea source-The design over your ceramics can now be recreated on your lips giving you a mystic appearance. The black outline is a great idea to perfectly complement the cracked pattern within.

15. 3-D Lips

Idea source-You can now make your lips appear fuller and filled with this illusion. It gives your lips a more luscious appearance and no one will be able to tell the difference.

16. Two-toned Lips

Idea source- Why confine your choices to just one shade? Get artsy by experimenting with more than one shade simultaneously on your lips to get an extra oomph effect.

17. Natural Lips

Idea source-If you’re going for a more subtle look, then you might want to give this tutorial a try. It makes your lips seem more natural whilst making them pinker and smoother for the most aesthetic appearance.

18. Gradient

Idea source- Following this tutorial will teach you how to properly gradient your lips and make it look like a professional job. This technique is useful as gradient style lips are all the rage these days.

19. Matte Lips

Idea source- All matte enthusiasts will appreciate this easy tutorial to get the perfect look for your lips. It’s not too complicated and the resulting work is as good as any professional.

20. Vampy Look

Idea source- If a sinister look is what you’re looking for; it doesn’t get scarier than this. Following this tutorial will make you look like you’re straight out of a horror movie.


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