19 Easy DIY Friendship Bracelets (Ideas and Projects)

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Bracelets are a great way for friends to showcase their love for one another. The emotional bond between two friends can be made stronger by exchanging such bracelets. It’s a hugely popular tradition that’s followed the world over as people choose to put their appreciation on display for the world to see in the form of friendship bracelets.

While such bracelets are readily available in huge quantities in almost every store; making one yourself for a friend can truly make this gesture seem all the more sincere and heartfelt. Making a bracelet yourself from scratch may seem daunting but it’s actually pretty simple.

Here are a few variations and the method behind them that you may keep in mind.


1. Lots of Knots Friendship Bracelet

1 DIY friendship bracelets

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The key to this kind of bracelet are knots and even more knots! All you require to make this sort of bracelet is a long string and some craftsmanship. Deploy your creativity and use strings of different colors to design a visually delightful bracelet. The large number of knots used in making this type of bracelet makes it quite sturdy.

2. Rainbow Macrame Bracelets

2 DIY friendship bracelets

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As the name suggests, this bracelet is meant to be colorful in nature and a joy to look at. The multiple color scheme is bound to draw a lot of attention to it and this type of bracelet may be best suited to be gifted to a close friend.

3. Striped Friendship Bracelet

3 DIY friendship bracelets

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The primary material used to produce a striped friendship bracelet is yarn. It’s elegant and simple design is quite a sight and you might want to use a pair of differently colored yarns for best results.

4. DIY T-shirt Bracelet

4 DIY friendship bracelets

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In the event of running out of string, you can also still produce a beautiful bracelet for your special friends using an old t-shirt. The huge quantity of cloth derived from one shirt can help you make several bracelets. Plus, the unique nature of the material used makes this bracelet even more special.

5. Heart Knot Friendship Bracelet

5 DIY friendship bracelets

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The most common symbol associated with love across the globe is a heart. So, doesn’t it make perfect sense that your bracelet takes heavy inspiration from its design? These cute heart shaped bracelets are also an ideal gift even on Valentine’s Day to be given to the person you love.

6. Monochrome Friendship Bracelets

6 DIY friendship bracelets

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Probably the most aesthetic of the lot. These stunning bracelets comprise a fascinating design which will be appreciated by your friends. Centric around the weave fashion, you can either wear just one, or go overboard and try different colors at once.

7. Multicolored Macrame Bracelet

7 DIY friendship bracelets

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This is where your creativity comes into play as you are free to choose any number of and nature of colors to design a multicolored macramé bracelet. You can personalize each of these bracelets to reflect the personality of your friends or based on their favorite colors.

8. Simple Braided Friendship Bracelet

8 DIY friendship bracelets

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This design emphasizes simplicity. A little goes a long way when it comes to simple braided friendship bracelets. Owing to the minimal effort required to make these bracelets, you can produce a lot of them in a short span of time.

9. Knotted Suede Lace Bracelet

9 DIY friendship bracelets

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Rather than using yarn or string; this type of bracelet is made of suede lace. This stunning accessory is unique in nature and will definitely make your bracelet stand out from others.

10. Beaded Friendship Bracelets

10 DIY friendship bracelets

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This special kind of bracelet is bound to be the talk of the town. It’s relatively simple to make, but based on its impressive looks, it seems like it took hours on end to complete.


11 DIY friendship bracelets

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This colorful accessory emits positive and cheerful vibes. It’s fun design and splash of colors will strengthen your friendship and bring you two closer.


12 DIY friendship bracelets

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You can give this type of bracelet your own personal touch by adding tassels or anything else you see fit. It’s quite simple to make and attractive to look at.


13 DIY friendship bracelets

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This colorful bracelet remains a popular favorite because of how easy it is to make. This little bracelet is an excellent gift and a great way to solidify your friendship.


14 DIY friendship bracelets

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This DIY bracelet is fashionable and screams summer. It’s easy to make and its intricate patterns are visually soothing.


15 DIY friendship bracelets

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Making this chic bracelet may seem quite a daunting task, however, the result is absolutely stunning and worth the efforts. This sort of bracelet will be more appreciated by women owing to its delicate appearance.


16 DIY friendship bracelets

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The beads are the primary element required to make a multi-strand bracelet. Its width can be adjusted as per the maker’s preference and this bracelet serves as an excellent gift.


17 DIY friendship bracelets

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The spare buttons stashed away in your cupboard can be put to an alternate use. This type of bracelet is different from the rest as the huge button immediately strikes the gaze of the beholder. Different colored buttons add different elements to this bracelet.


18 DIY friendship bracelets

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A Harlequin bangle is quite artistic in terms of appearance and the mosaic of colors gives off a pleasant feel.


19 DIY friendship bracelets

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This type of friendship bracelet is a hit among younger kids who are fascinated by its intricate design. It’s simple to make and fashionable too.

DIY friendship bracelets

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