20 DIY Backpack Ideas & Projects (With Tutorials)

Whenever the thought of school resuming comes to mind, one thing definitely sticks; choice of a backpack. For any of these reasons above, you need a cool backpack. You are in luck we have some designs for you to consider. Let’s show you.

20 DIY Backpack Ideas

1. Drawstring Backpack with Flap

1 DIY Backpack Ideas ProjectsSource information: The backpack is an integral part of your overall school look. This drawstring backpack is made to be able to accommodate whatever you want to keep; books, stationery and whatever you want. The flap makes sure of that.

2. Rectangular Backpack

2 DIY Backpack Ideas ProjectsSource information:If you have kids that are starting school and you need some cute school backpack for them here you go. The yellow mix of these backpacks adds some style to its look.

3. Gold Chevron Backpack

3 DIY Backpack Ideas ProjectsSource information: The gold pattern is the cool feature of this bag. It has an adjustable drawstring that can be fitted to your perfect size. With this color, it can be used on any clothes you like.

4. Drawstring Backpack

4 DIY Backpack Ideas ProjectsSource information: If you are looking to get a backpack that wouldn’t make loud zippers noise, here is a design for you. This backpack design is easy to access and can be carried by both males and females.

5. Cloudy Backpack

5 DIY Backpack Ideas ProjectsSource information:If you are a nature inclined person, here is a cloud design for you. Also, it is a cool daydreaming pattern. Your backpacks can be made stylish and fashionable and this is no exception.

6. Ready for the New Year?

6 DIY Backpack Ideas ProjectsSource information: Here is a really beautiful backpack that you could give to your spouse or daughter. The pink color is an attractive color for ladies; the plus to this design is the shiny colorful studs placed on the backpack.

7. Painted Backpack

7 DIY Backpack Ideas ProjectsSource information:Here is another beautiful backpack design, the colorfully painted dots around the white makes it stylish and fashionable. This pattern simply brightens the atmosphere.

8. Drawstring Backpack with a Front Pocket

8 DIY Backpack Ideas ProjectsSource information:This backpack idea is better if you need a design that has front pockets to keep small items and would make no zipper noise. A plus to this design is that it is stylish and would fit whatever purpose you desire.

9. Polka Dot Backpack

9 DIY Backpack Ideas ProjectsSource information: This idea can be made into both kids and adult sizes. The white spots added to these blue patterns make it fashionable and stylish. It is also easy and simple to be made.

10. Hound’s Tooth Doggy Backpack

9 DIY Backpack Ideas Projects 1Source information:Here is a funky backpack design for your kids. The design is made into a dog design; it is a desirable design amongst kids both male and female.

11. Rainbow Yarn Pom Pom Backpack

10 DIY Backpack Ideas ProjectsSource information:Being a female child comes with a lot of funkiness and this backpack is nothing short of it, they are excited whenever they see a pom-pom and they would be thrilled when they see this pattern.

12. DIY Snapchat Filter Backpack 

12 DIY Backpack Ideas ProjectsSource information: You know that snapchat is the in thing now, and how that people love to slay and trend with this application. Well, here is a filter you can see, touch and move around with. Cool right? Go ahead and gift a lover with this.

13. Cool Embellished Backpack

13 DIY Backpack Ideas ProjectsSource information:If you are looking to add more details to your backpack here are some simple things to try out. Out of the three, do the one that properly fits the bag.

14. Cool Patch Backpacks

14 DIY Backpack Ideas ProjectsSource information:One way to embellish your backpack is to add some cool patches of your favorite logos, designs and even stickers well stitched to your backpack and you are ready to go.

15. Retro Denim Backpacks

15 DIY Backpack Ideas ProjectsSource information:This is a great backpack with long adjustable drawstrings. The blue and white combination of the backpack is standard and makes it easier to be worn by either adults or kids.

16. Crafty Crochet Detailed Backpack

16 DIY Backpack Ideas ProjectsSource information:Crochets never disappoint and this is no different. The yarns on this backpack are used to scale up this design. The yarns for you can be made into whatever form and shape you want.

17. Tote Backpack

17 DIY Backpack Ideas ProjectsSource information: Tote backpacks are simple and easy to make. They are handy or can be used as backpacks. They are widely known for their various patterns. The good thing about tote is that they are inexpensive.

18. Petals Galore Backpack

18 DIY Backpack Ideas ProjectsSource information:This is a small little backpack for your girl. I can assure you that this would be carried about every day because it’s lovely. It can be used to store her candy, toys and whatever she desires.

19. Monogram Backpack

19 DIY Backpack Ideas ProjectsSource information:If you are looking to gift your spouse, daughter or female friend with a backpack, here is a beautiful one for you. It is beautiful, colorful and well patterned. It can be made by you.

20. Dyed Backpack

20 DIY Backpack Ideas ProjectsSource information: Maybe you have a good backpack and you don’t just like the color, here is what you can do; dye the bag. You can add a perfect blend of colors or dye the entire color.DIY Backpack Ideas Projects


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