25+ Super Cool Teen Room Decor Ideas For Girls

Last Updated on September 14, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

There are limitless ways in which one can decorate their room. With a myriad of options and endless possibilities, it is normal for one to feel overwhelmed by the choices they must choose from.

However, a room is something extremely personal and everyone would want to add their own personal touches to it so that it feels more like home. Their room is where everyone goes to relax and relieve stress. Therefore, it is understandable what may work for one person doesn’t necessarily work for the other.

Choosing among several alternatives can seem like a daunting task so here are several options, all of which will work well with any room, for your teenage girl to choose from.

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1. String Art

String Art


Different products, such as a Q-tip, may be bound end to end in the manner of a string to put together a design or spell out a word. This is an easy DIY craft and can beautify your room. The choice of the design leaves a personal touch for the owner of the room.

2. Honeycomb Wall

Honeycomb Wall


This unique wall design is likely to draw a lot of attention and make people gawk. Each comb can be of a different shade of color, uniform, or it may be made to transition gradually from one color to another like a continuum.

3. Magnetic Makeup Board

Magnetic Makeup Board


Rather than leave your makeup accessories all over the floor; wouldn’t it be a cool alternative to have them attached as magnets to the wall of your room?

4. Fabric Decoupage Dresser

Fabric Decoupage Dresser

Each shelf of your dresser can be made to display a different design to boost the overall artistry of your room. Floral design on one shelf, followed by stripes on the next and finished with polka-dots. Capture all your different personalities aptly on your dresser.

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5. Paper Heart Wall Art

Paper Heart Wall Art


Nothing proclaims that this is a girl’s room more clearly than stringed hearts hanging right above the head of a bed. It’s simple to make and the results are really aesthetic.

6. Spray Painted Old Lamp Bases

Spray Painted Old Lamp Bases


Bring out the old, rusty lamps from your basement and breathe new life into them using spray-cans. A fresh coat and paint will make them good as new and you can hang it in your room to display it proudly.

7. Chalkboard Paint File Cabinet

Chalkboard Paint File Cabinet


Using chalk to categorize the different shelves of a cabinet may seem like a simple DIY but it’s actually quite helpful, especially in times when you are in a rush. Neatly file your possessions and store them in the right cabinet for immediate and efficient retrieval in the future.

8. Textured Walls with a Yarn around a Paint Roller

Textured Walls with a Yarn around a Paint Roller


Wrapping a yarn around a paint roller produces mesmerizing results while painting the walls of your room. The thread gives off a grainy texture to the walls and thus creating a captivating result.

9. Trash Can Night Stand

Trash Can Night Stand


Flip an aesthetically pleasing trash can upside down and place it beside your bed. It now serves as a decent night stand on which you can rest your phone every night while going to sleep.

10. Book Ends

Book Ends

Source: brit.co, www.madetobeamomma.com

This is a quite common DIY and you can already see this type of set up in most girl’s bedrooms. It’s hugely popular because of the beautiful effect it produces. It also helps keep your books in line in an orderly manner.

11. Fabric Chandelier

Fabric Chandelier


Put a worn shirt to good use by fixing it up against an old, polished stand to make a beautiful and exquisite chandelier out of it. Cut the bottom end of the shirt into fine stripes if you’re feeling creative.

12. Oversized Floor Pillows

Oversized Floor Pillows

Why not make your room more comfy by covering up the hard floor with such soft floor pillows? 

13. Mirror Garlands

Mirror Garlands


Suspend a large number of mini mirrors to recreate this dreamland. Give your room a divine touch and radiate it with happiness and aesthetics with the aid of this idea.

14. Paint Wall Art

Paint Wall Art


All you need is a poster board and a can of paint spray to make a beautiful paint wall art of your own. Hang it up against a wall and behind a low table to admire its simplicity.

15. Glitter Vases

Glitter Vases


The vases in your room can be modified with a touch of glitter to enhance their beauty. Place a bouquet of flowers in them and you’re set.

16. Chevron Monogram Canvases

Chevron Monogram Canvases

Source: diybeautify, joann

Design a canvas and draw heads your way while leaving people envious of your artistry and creativity.

17. Cupcake Liner Pendant Light

Cupcake Liner Pendant Light


This great DIY is surely something that can light up any room, no matter the gender or age.

18. Hexagon Wall Treatment

Hexagon Wall Treatment


Drawing heavy inspiration from the design of a honeycomb, you can hang the different hexagon tiles neatly against the wall. Place the tiles with mirrors in the center, and the rest around them in the design of a beehive.

19. Home sweet home push pin art

Home sweet home push pin art


Press thumbtacks against a green board and arrange the pins in any design you want. The more number of thumbtacks, the more detailed your final art can look.

20. Glass Marble Table Top

Glass Marble Table Top


Cover the original wooden top of your table with a marble tile to make it even more beautiful. Marble tiles and pebbles add a new quirk to your furniture set and make your room look stylish. 

21. Ombre walls

Ombre walls


22. Shabby chic mirror from an old door

Shabby chic mirror from an old door

23. DIY pink chalkboard globe

DIY pink chalkboard globe


24. Elegant and simple

Elegant and simple


25. DIY sequin marquee heart

DIY sequin marquee heart


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