40 Best 2nd Anniversary Gift Ideas For Him and Her

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Whereas the first marriage anniversary is usually marked with a lavish celebration—a major vacation or a luxurious staycation, and, naturally, the top tier of cake. The wedding anniversary that follows can sometimes feel little in contrast. This moment, however, is no less noteworthy and needs to be commemorated. 

So, how can you commemorate the start of the second year in a way that seems fresh and new? To begin with, champagne is always an excellent choice.

It’s also important to select a gift that exactly expresses your love and affection. Cotton is a popular second-anniversary present, so now is the time to change your bedding or acquire a nice blanket to use while snuggling up on the sofa.

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10 best 2nd anniversary gifts for girlfriend

1. Couple Pillowcases

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The love 2 year relationship anniversary phrases you wish to give to your sweetheart are turned into a pair of love quotation pillowcases.

When you lie together using this 2 year relationship anniversary present, the feelings of love will accompany you into your sleep, helping you both feel joyful and lovely even when you’re sleeping. 

This set also acts as a daily reminder of how much your true love for one another is increasing.

2. Rose Flower for the 2nd Cotton Wedding Anniversary


The next cotton present option for her 2nd anniversary is a rose blossom made out of excellent quality silk with a sheet of cotton connected to the flower stem, which was a delicate gift.

A solitary rose, such as this rose, is the sole lady in your joyful existence and will follow you throughout your life.

3. YaYa & Co. Knitted Throw from Brooklyn

brooklyn organic cotton knit throw

This is what you’d get if you could transform your most worn, coziest, and most favorite winter sweater into a blanket.

The dark knitted blanket is made of 100 percent sustainable materials and has a special wash that gives it a multilayered and much more complex look; it’s as stylish as it is warm. 

Not to forget that the business grows trees in the rain forest of Amazon for every transaction.

4. Organic Blanket by Coyuchi Pismo

Pismo Cotton Blanket

This quilt is the ideal accent element when it comes to enhancing your bedding.

It’s a simple way to add a colorful visual accent to any basic bedding, and it comes in four sun-washed hues with the very same geometric motif.

It’s made of stonewashed sustainable Portuguese cotton and is the right weight to offer extra comfort in the winter or wear alone in the summer.

5. Customizable Map

custom map and pin

While travel may still be on the back burner, this only means you’ll have more opportunity to prepare your next vacation together!

Assist your significant other keep track of all the places and destinations you’ve gone over the last two years (and where you want to go) with a customized cotton map that says “exploring together since…”

6. Sweater with Style

Lunya NewProduct Feb21

Cotton anniversary presents are a wonderful way to commemorate this important occasion. Lunya is known for its silk Pajamas, however did you realize that the business also manufactures lovely cotton clothing? 

This sweater is available in two neutral colors and has a fashionable cropped style that pairs well with high-waisted jeans. This loungewear has a trendy twist thanks to the cuffed blouson sleeves and scoop back.

7. Subscription to Colorful Socks

sock subscription

Subscription boxes are great last-minute anniversary cotton presents because you can generally send your significant other a romantic email informing them of the excitement before any of that arrives at their door.

What better way to commemorate two years of dating than with a subscription of cotton socks?! These vibrant and vivid motifs can give any outfit a little pop.

8. Socks for Hobbies


This list is here to illustrate that socks can make terrific cotton wedding anniversary presents. When a subscription is really not your thing, here’s a unique and personalized gift they can open right away. 

Choose a pair that is influenced by your girlfriend’s favorite sport or activity, such as softball or tennis, or booze and pets. It’s a modest symbol that demonstrates your familiarity with them.

9. Satchel in style

heirloom bundle 2 zipper pouches

Vegetable skinned leather, cotton, and canvas are among the high-quality materials used to create this beautiful handbag. Every R. Riveter bag is lovingly created by military wives from all around the nation.

This specific model, named for skilled cryptographer Dorothy Braden, is meant for everyday usage, with various compartments as well as a detachable shoulder strap.

10. Kintsugi Kit

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When looking for the right present for your girlfriend, never be scared to come up with new ideas.

This kintsugi-inspired repair kit is a unique touch on the contemporary theme, allowing your significant other to convert shattered porcelain into something much more lovely.

Two practice bowls are included in the present package, so kids can begin gluing right away.

10 best 2nd anniversary gifts for boyfriend

1. Minimalist wallet made to order

anniversary gift wallet him

When you present him with this unique anniversary wallet, he will be blown away. The majority of men like a slim wallet that does not resemble a cheeseburger in their pocket. If your man is one of them, get him a simple wallet that performs the job well. 

This customized wallet enables you to customize the front with his initials and an unique note that will tell him of your admiration long after your anniversary.

2. Set of personalized wooden boxes


It’s difficult to choose an anniversary present for a man. This lovely wooden box seems to be a present in and of itself, but it also contains three personalized male products. 

You won’t be disappointed with the gift box, from the way it’s presented to the inscribed knife and wine opener, and, obviously, the wristwatch with a special love message and your anniversary inscribed on it.

He’ll like this gift, whether it’s for your 2nd anniversary with your spouse or your second with your lover.

3. Love mug

lock down love mug

This mug encapsulates the last 24 months. You and your partner will be able to face anything life throws at you once you’ve survived a pandemic together. Remind him that despite how difficult this last year has been, you remain in love with him. 

Your love has endured and flourished through everything from noisy Zoom conferences to never switching out of his sweatpants. Assure him through this Anniversary present that a worldwide pandemic is nothing like your devotion for him.

4. Wearable gift set with your name on it

wearables dapper suit set

Allow this useful gift set to show just how you care about him.

Each set includes a money clip including one column of up to 10 words, wrist cuffs with up to three initials, a necktie bar with one column of up to 20 characters, as well as the box itself with one row of maximum of 15 characters.

There’s plenty of room to express your favorite brief love phrases.

5. Journal for Bucket Lists


This Bucket List diary is the ideal anniversary present since it gives you and your boyfriend an opportunity to do what you both like most: spending time together.

Make a list of all the experiences you wish to go on together and create unforgettable memories. One of the nicest aspects of this book is that you’ll have a memento to hand down to future generations.

6. Explosion box

51bEehniW5L. AC

Get him this Handmade Collection Of photos Scrapbook Content to reassure him of all the joyful moments you’ve shared over the years.

This scrapbook is constructed of high-quality paper and would make a wonderful two-year anniversary present. 

It comes with a tiny gift box in which you may surprise him with a perfume, bracelet, watch, ring, necklace, or other present item.

The box resembles a gift box when closed. When you open the present box, it will explode, revealing a gigantic multi-layered card and displaying all of the love you poured into it.

7. Pint with a photo

engraved beer glass

The Pic Pint is the perfect anniversary present for your husband, hitting the sweet spot between making him cry and giving him something he’ll actually use. The Picture Pint is a stunning beer glass with a photo of your choice etched on it. 

Beer alone makes men grin, but spilling it into a glass with a particular moment between you together on it might require him to shed a few tears of joy as you reminisce sweet memories together.

8. The duffel bag of a gentleman

brown personalized duffel bag

Your rough gentlemen gets honored with this bag. This anniversary, show him that you are always there for him, even while he is out there in the world, conquering it.

This weekend, travel anywhere since this duffle can help him on all of his escapades while still preserving his sense of style. 

This gorgeous bag, made of Faux Leather with just an argyle lining, may be simply customized with your men’s names for an extra memorable Anniversary present.

9. The writer who enjoys a drink

flasks whole shebang for your gang

Buy him this gift package to make his trip adventures more enjoyable and exciting.

It includes a wine flask which can be loaded with his favorite beverage, a diary that will help him maintain count of his travels, and a Swiss pocket knife which can be used for almost everything that demands some basic equipment. 

All of this is contained in a wooden box that may be customized with his initials or nickname.

10. Knife with a message of love

personalized pocket knife

Offer him an anniversary present that he won’t be ashamed to flaunt in front of his buddies.

Including its burlwood grip and Hudson oak inlay, this gorgeous knife is the perfect present for any man. On the handle, laser etching in a darker shade of the wood tone stands out. 

The blade’s crisp silver writing adds beauty to a present that any adventure enthusiast as well as those who just want to be prepared will appreciate.

10 best 2nd anniversary gifts for wife

1. Subscription to Sexy Lingerie

lingerie subscription

Give the present of luxury underwear directly delivered to your wife’s doorstep. This fantastic monthly subscription will deliver a notification to your other half on the day you specify.

They may then complete a style questionnaire, which will assist select each month’s bundle. You may also choose a few extras for your first delivery, such as sultry intimates or cozy loungewear.

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2. Scrapbook of Adventures

adventure chalenge

If you’re searching for an anniversary gift to celebrate the 2nd year of marriage for your wife, the Adventure Challenge is a great option. This fun scrapbook is jam-packed with fun romantic date suggestions for couples to try out and then chronicle. 

The best thing is that you must have to pledge to one of the easy-scratch options before you discover what it is, which adds a sense of excitement and unpredictability to the process. However, there are some useful recommendations next to each date concept to assist you in making your decision.

3. Journal of Milestones

anniversary journal

This lovely diary is a favorite first anniversary present, but it is not too late to begin keeping track of your achievements. From the first through the 60th year of partnership, there is a section dedicated to every year. 

Couples are encouraged to reflect on the previous year together with meaningful prompts, while specialized photo pages and enclosures allow them to archive their memories in a variety of ways.

4. Cotton Sheets with a High Thread Count


If you married immediately after college, it’s conceivable you haven’t yet realized the value of a good pair of sheets. Remove the cheap sheets and replace them with a set that feels as good as they appear. 

Your mattress should be a refuge, a place where you can unwind and forget about the stresses of everyday life. Give it a single. This gift idea is perfect for when you want to snuggle together on awesome cotton sheets.

5. Cosmos and Lily of the Valley Bouquet

You can never go wrong with a beautiful bouquet except if your wife despises flowers. Lily of the valley and cosmos are the symbolic flowers of the second anniversary.

Cosmos are vibrant and suggest a fun-loving relationship. Lily of the valley is a sweet flower that represents purity.

Lily of the valley is a sweet flower that represents purity. Flowers may seem overrated but it’s romantic and something that will never go out of style.

It’s a classic and timeless gift to offer your significant other for a reason. Lily of the valley and cosmos are especially significant because of its romantic symbol. 

6. Addition to the Fine China Collection

chinese coffee cup

For their wedding, many couples purchase a set of beautiful china. Prepare for a dinner gathering by bringing out the set. Whether you’re missing a critical component, such as the gravy boat, go ahead and buy it so you can finish your set.

Giving your wife a fine china collection won’t seem sexy but you have to rethink about this. Excellent quality, elegant, and classic– a fine china collection will make a great gift, not only because it is symbolic for the second anniversary but also because of its functionality.

7. Wreath of Cotton Balls

Cotton Balls wreath

Not only is this wreath fashionable, but it also looks lovely on a front entrance or over a fireplace. You’ll be mindful of just how much you value your relationship every time you pass past this element of décor.

It will look elegant and sleek wherever you put it. Make sure you place it though somewhere your wife will immediately be able to look or glance at whenever she wants. This wreath will remind her of how much you love and appreciate her.

8. Bathrobe made of cotton

kimono cotton dress

Bathrobes must be one of those items that most people appreciate but rarely purchase for themselves. Combine a soft cotton bathrobe with a salon or spa gift card. In a relationship, a little pampering may go a long way.

Get your wife the most excellent cotton bathrobe you can get your hands into and allow her to get cozy with it. Its warmth and comfort will always remind her of your marriage over the last two years.

9. A ring holder made of porcelain

61nOrdd9vgL. AC SL1300

You should not keep your wedding bands all the time, in instance you didn’t know. When cleaning your hands or washing the dishes, it’s particularly vital to remove your rings.

When you remove your rings off momentarily, a porcelain band organizer such as this one is great to keep near the sink so they don’t go misplaced.

Plus, it’s porcelain so it’s definitely going to look elegant and chic. Offer your wife this well thought gift and make her the happiest woman in the world.

10. Jewelry made with garnets

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The gemstone designated  for this anniversary is garnet, which is a very romantic stone. Passion and dedication are symbolized by the rich crimson tones.

Another advantage is that this particular kind of gemstones are reasonably priced. The overarching message is to work hard in order to keep the relationship strong.

Jewelries are always a classic gift to give your loved ones because of its luxury and elegance. Garnets are symbolic and offering an earring or necklace with this gemstone might send your wife to a blissful state.

10 best 2nd anniversary gifts for husband

1. Charging Tray with a Sleek Design

charging tray

This decorative tray is not only a stylish piece of home décor, but it also doubles as a wireless charging station for your partner’s phone—ideal for the person who is constantly missing or destroying their charger. It won’t topple over because of the non-stick foundation, and the Genuine leather texture looks and feels sumptuous. 

Even better, it may be personalized and comes in five multiple colors to match your S.O.’s style. What a thoughtful two-year wedding anniversary present!

2. Set of Fancy Colognes

Fancy Colognes

Fulton & Roark’s gift bundle has everything you need. It comes with perfume, a deodorant, and a bar of soap, all together in the same smell, so your spouse can keep their most-used goods in one place and prevent clashing scents.

The fragrance is packaged in a solid bar which is simple to apply, does not really smell overpowering, and is portable.

3. Miniature Travel Bag

nomatic bag

Okay, honestly have you really seen anything cuter than this little baggage case?! Why not arrange a romantic weekend vacation for both you and your beloved one to reap the benefits of the much-anticipated adventure’s comeback this year? 

For an additional amount of surprise, tuck a travel or hotel coupon inside the package. It’s the ideal spot to keep watches and other little but critical items while you’re going on your next journey.

4. Photo Collage Frame

915bNkI8o+L. AC SL1500

Make it a present that will remind him of the most important event in his life: your love story.

The ‘The Story of Us’ Montage Picture Frame is a commemoration of your relationship with a pristine white plastic frame. Its top has a gold script, while the bottom has white text on a black backdrop. 

It’s a beautiful record of your unique love journey, from courting to proposal to day you got married and honeymoon.

5. Cotton Perfume

612krDFn2bL. SL1000

Cotton does not have a distinct aroma on its own, but new linens do. Give your special someone a romantic scent associated with the traditional cotton gift. The perfume is a zesty combination of orange flower and verbena.

6. Decanter with diamonds

diamond decanter

Does your husband prefer to flaunt his booze? Is he prepared to forego the half-drunk bottles in favor of a more stylish approach?

This excellent-quality Decanter will make an excellent present for any whiskey enthusiast in your life. The artistry of this exceptional Decanter, constructed of freshly blown glass, will not disappoint you or your spouse.

7. Journal made of leather

91KNwuvtHyL. AC SL1500

While your boyfriend is busy with his profession, it would be wonderful if he could have something he could use every day to keep his family close by.

That’s exactly what this leather pocket diary accomplishes! This leather diary provides a place for him to jot down all of his thoughts and be reminded as to how much he matters to you every time he uses it.

8. Compass made to order

personalized compass

This personalized anniversary compass strikes the appropriate pitch and is sure to have him in the mood. The best anniversary present for him is a lovely customized maritime compass with such a leather purse and chain.

9. Massage oil with a sensual scent

61ebTFP HuL. AC SL1500

Treat your partner to a relaxing massage, and let this sensuous massage oil serve as a foretaste of the calming experience he is about to have. Every bottle of this Sensual Massage Oil is a great blend of treatment and vanity, including almond oil and jojoba oil with Vitamin E. 

This massage oil closes the bargain for a sensually relaxing session by containing fragrant components and medicinal grade oils. It will be his all-time favorite anniversary present!

10. Pillow with therapeutic properties

81+ZuarqPzL. AC SL1500

We’ve never met a man who wasn’t plagued by cramps or neck ache. This Restorative Pillow is composed of cherry pits and may be heated or cooled repeatedly. It naturally relieves stress and calms aches and pains. 

Hand this anniversary present to another one of the most important guys in your life, and you’ll be able to express your care and love in the most cozy and comfy way possible.

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What is the symbol for a 2 year anniversary?

Cotton is the customary present on a second wedding anniversary. Cotton is a sturdy and adaptable fabric, which are two vital attributes in a happy marriage. Cotton is often seen as a prosperous emblem.

Why is 2nd anniversary cotton?

Cotton is popular because of its versatility; it can be used for a variety of things, including garments and household items. In a marriage, it is hoped that its long-term aspect would be mutual. 

A robe, cozy underwear, or really any item of cotton apparel are common present options for your partner. Gifts of house curtains, bathrobes, or bedding express a desire to create and sustain a home together. For both the husband and wife, a hammock made of cotton would be an excellent choice.

What color is the 2nd anniversary?

Linen white or red is the color of the second anniversary. 

What is the modern 2nd year anniversary gift?

Because china became more widely available and could be delivered securely (rather than on a wagon), it has become the new standard symbolic gift. Many individuals were drawn to China’s ability to recognize the strength and weakness of a new marriage since it is simultaneously delicate and durable.

What is the traditional 2nd year anniversary gift?

Cotton is a typical second anniversary present. Regardless of who you question, you may get varied interpretations of what cotton represents. The concept is that through the second wedding anniversary, it represents the ease and confidence you’ve established as a pair.

Cotton is a versatile product, which indicates its meaning may be interpreted in a variety of ways. Cotton is a useful second anniversary present that may be artistically integrated into a number of gift ideas.


The second wedding anniversary frequently comes around quicker than the first amid the frenzy of marriage. Despite the fact that it has received less attention this year, this is an anniversary you do not want to miss. Get your relationship on track by giving a symbolic present to commemorate the event.