The 40 Best 4th Anniversary Gift Ideas For Him and Her

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A four-year relationship or marriage deserves to be honored with something genuinely unique. Whether you’re seeking for a unique approach to show your significant other that you care, you’ve come to the right place. You won’t be disappointed with a clever four-year anniversary present, whether you’re celebrating love or congratulating a couple on their newest milestone.

However, what makes a gift unique enough to be given in honor of four years of being married? Find out everything you need to understand about the contemporary and traditional symbols associated with the milestone, which will give an extra element of meaning to anything you choose. 

Then take a look at this collection of creative fourth anniversary present ideas, which includes everything from on-theme gifts to intriguing alternatives.

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10 best 4th anniversary gifts for girlfriend

1. Make Your Own Reel Viewer

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It’s a trip back in time! This vintage-style reel viewer isn’t just a throwback to childhood favorites; it’s also a brilliant method to display your best photos from a recent vacation or moments from your relationship.

This is an interactive present that far outperforms a regular record. It will surely make your girlfriend sentimental as you take a trip down memory lane.

2. What I Love About You by Me Uncommon Goods

what i love about gift

This book proves that truly amazing presents don’t have to be expensive. It’s a terrific budget pricing that gives you a lot of bang for your buck, enabling you to express your emotions out to her, telling her how awesome she is and the reason why you love her. 

Don’t worry if the prospect of it makes you feel a little anxious. Fill up the blanks on each page, such as “I adore traveling to ____  with you.”

3. When We Met Map Wood Life Prints Night Sky

night sky gift

You won’t be able to completely recreate the beautiful atmosphere of the evening you met, but you’ll get very close! This artist creates a personalized star map of the big night, complete with the location, date, or any other information you want.

The completed item is mounted on a rustic wood block that she may display on her wall or display on her nightstand.

4. Custom Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle by Losaron

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Since spending a lot of time at home in recent years, sentimental pastimes such as puzzles and board games have never been more popular.

She’ll adore this customized one fashioned from a cherished photograph of the two of you since you fit together like a jigsaw. Keep the picture a secret until you’ve finished putting it together to add to the pleasure.

5. Personalized 4th anniversary gift mug from Whizk

happy 4th anniversary mug

Search no more if you’re looking for a four-year anniversary present that your girlfriend will appreciate.

This inexpensive porcelain mug may be personalized to feature a cartoon representation about you and your girlfriend, as well as any animal companions you may have.

The anniversary greetings will be something she will remember for the rest of her life.

6. A Photo Magnet with Your Photos Together

one year magnet

This charming magnet is a great anniversary present for girlfriends since it combines nostalgic images with a nice gift box.

She’ll open the box and find images of the two of you from all the happy occasions you’ve had together, as well as some beautiful words.

What you place in the box is entirely up to you, but the magnetic wrapping will take great pride on the refrigerator.

7. A Calendar of Date Nights for a Year

a box of date night cards

With this useful anniversary present for girlfriends, you won’t have to worry about deciding whether to go out to dine or to the theater.

Select a card from this container once a week (or as frequently as you desire) and see how your upcoming date night will entail. 

It might be anything from a group Sunday breakfast to a day vacation to the countryside. But, most significantly, it will ensure that you will always spend time with yourselves.

8. Beautiful Makeup Bag

make up

This cosmetic bag is designed for those who have a lot of makeup since it allows them to view everything without having to use a costly dressing table.

Simply place it on a level area, such as her mattress or the carpet, and your girlfriend will be able to locate anything she requires.

However, if you truly want to wow her, include some of her personal favorites before giving it to her.

9. A Photo Album in Miniature

miniature photo album

In their opinion, photo gifts are usually winners, and once they have a throwback flair like this one, they’re even better. Please include us.

You may have up to 30 of your best images printed in vibrant colors onto a film reel. Your girlfriend may view them by pulling on a camera-shaped button and watching your memories unfold. Isn’t it cool?

10. A Blanket Made to Order

personalized blanket zodiac gift

Cozy quilts are wonderful gifts, especially when they’re personalized, as this gift idea for your 4th anniversary is.

Your lady would like cuddling up beneath it or displaying it on her wall to admire the zodiac artwork. This is a unique anniversary present for girlfriends since the seller integrates both of your astrological constellations.

10 best 4th anniversary gifts for boyfriend

1. Minimalist Leather Card Holder by KingsleyLeather

leather card gift

This suede cardholder demonstrates that simple can sometimes be a perfect idea. It can contain four up to six cards as well as some cash, with a credit or debit card pocket on either side and space in the center.

The cardholder is handcrafted and hand-stitched, and it feels like butter. It also earns an A for longevity. 

Opt for the fabric color you desire it embroidered with and add your bloke’s initials for a special touch.

2. Everyday IPA Beer Making Kit from Brooklyn Brew Shop

beer making kit

Using this IPA Beer Making Kit, you can bring the brewery to your own house.

It comes with everything you’ll need for extra enjoyable at-home brewing, including a fermentation container and spice mix, as well as step-by-step directions to walk your partner through the process of producing a decent beer. 

The best thing is that the gear may be utilized to manufacture additional beer at a future date.

3. Ticket Stub Diary

ticket stub diary

In a charming journal fashioned out of ticket stubs, keep track of all the wonderful times you and your partner have had.

Slip movie tickets, sports tickets, and other bookings into plastic baggies, then scribble down any ideas or thoughts from the occasion on the lined papers next to them. Use your imagination! 

Take out museum entrance stubs and even airline tickets after your first vacation together.

4. AirSnap Pro by Twelve South

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Add some style to your white AirPod Pro power adapter case with a stylish leather cover in cognac, black, or slate blue.

With a snap clasp and an S-Clip that secures the cover to a bag or wrist band, AirPods will be safe and secure. The AirPods’ design is not hampered by the design, as the state light is apparent and the AirPods can be charged.

5. Nike Air Max 2090 EOI Sneaker

air max 2090 eoi nike

The Nike Air Max 2090 is one of our favorites among the numerous amazing sneakers available, thanks to its ’90s nostalgic vibes.

Diverse leathers and a cushiony Max Air bubble contrast for different materials, while a primary color palette complements with blacks and whites for a little of fun. 

The buoyant cushion aids with weight distribution and impact absorption.

6. Leatherology’s Leather Toiletry Bag

double zip toiletry bag

Designers like this useful present that your partner will use over and over. He can carry all of his grooming supplies in style with a suede toiletry bag.

The outside is composed of full-grain leather, whereas the interior is lined with a water-resistant material.

Choose among eleven various color variations, all of which are made of high-quality leather. Choose personalisation for an additional unique touch.

7. Customized Solar System or Star Map for you.

the night we met

Was it fate that you and your lover met at the same time? Were the stars in your favor in bringing you two around each other? With a unique solar system diagram, you may show them how much the day you met means to you. 

A beautiful picture of the planets and how they aligned on the day of your choice may be produced on high-quality material and framed to create a fantastic present using NASA data.

Or, with a beautiful star chart, remind him that he’s the sparkle in your eye. It depicts the constellations and stars as they’re on a certain day and location in stunning detail.

8. Custom Map Pillow

custom map pillow

Although your boyfriend’s recollection of the place he was and the thing he was doing on the day you met may be hazy, make sure you remember even the smallest details, such as the color of the bag you were carrying!

A personalized map cushion with a city or marine chart of the precise location you met will trigger his memories and possibly bring back some butterflies!

You might also use this robust and comfortable canvas cushion to print the location from your first kiss, first date, or just a beautiful trip.

9. HomeWetBar’s Engraved Beverage Glasses

eat drink be married stemless wine glass

What man doesn’t like a good cocktail? There’s a glass for every form of beverage, from champagne to scotch. With a personalized glass set, give him the perfect vessel for his favorite drink.

For a sophisticated, attractive appearance, the high-quality glassware is etched with his moniker and initial.

The coolest thing though is that these glasses made just for the love of your life are dishwasher safe so there’s no need to worry about piling it on the sink!

10. Andre & Tenaya Darlington’s Music & Drinks Book

0762463473.01. SCLZZZZZZZ SX500

Great music and nice beverages are a match made in heaven, just such as you and your lover! Use this outrageously cool book to appeal to his interests. It includes a quick yet comprehensive look at a selection of songs from many genres, as well as images and graphics.

The book then instructs you on how to establish the tone for each listening session by combining the songs with two trademark beverages, complete with recipes. Each drink, from ancient favorites to new creations, is inspired by the words, atmosphere, or performer of the song.

10 best 4th anniversary gifts for wife

1. BloomsyBox’s Lovely bouquet.


While a single bouquet is lovely, you might wish to go a step further—after all, the 4 year anniversary is the flower anniversary!

Each week or month, this package will bring a bouquet of beautiful flowers to their door (which depends on the subscription you purchased). This present idea would appeal to anybody who enjoys bringing fresh flowers into their house.

2. Beautiful Dried Blooms by UrbanStems

Dauphine flower

As previously said, you may wish to step up the basic bouquet for this unique occasion. Dried blossoms offer a unique twist on the typical flower bouquet. They’re really fashionable right now, and they’ll endure far greater than a typical bouquet.

What’s the best part? Another of the fourth anniversary blossoms is hydrangea, which is included in this lovely arrangement. Rose hydrangeas, in particular, represent deep, passionate feelings, making them an appropriate option with your other half.

3. Handmade Fruit Bowl by Food52

handmade earthen clay compote

Once it comes to buying a fruit anniversary present for the couple, never be scared to come up with new ideas.

A stylish fruit bowl is a terrific present if you’d prefer to give your wife something more lasting than fresh flowers or fruits.

Fill this gorgeous serving bowl by Kendall Davis Pottery with some cherries, apples, or even other produce before handing it along to add to the theme.

4. Vacuum Cleaner That Cleans Itself by iRobot

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Gone are the times when they spent their time hauling a worn-out vacuum all around home. The Roomba is a mechanical vacuum that can eliminate pollutants and maintain floors spotless clean, even if you’ve never heard of it yet. 

They may utilize the iRobot mobile application or hook it with their Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant device for quick, voice-activated vacuuming.

5. Toaster with Touch-Screen

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Some folks aren’t kidding around once it comes to precisely toasted bread—if that feels like your significant other, then this is the ideal present idea for you.

With precise settings for muffins, bagels, waffles, and more, this toaster that is touch-screen from Revolution is the improvement customers never knew they wanted. 

What’s the cherry on top? It toasts bread 50% quicker than a regular toaster.

6. Air Fryer in Style

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Air fryers are very popular, so if the pair hasn’t jumped on board yet, it could be time to offer them a mild prod. This handy device makes preparing delectable fried dishes a breeze (also healthier than usual, not to mention). And that’s not all everyone likes about it; have a look at the style!

7. Waxed Jacket with a Wide Range of Uses by Huckberry

Flannel Lined Waxed Trucker Field Tan 01

The nicest anniversary gifts are often the most practical. Give your significant other a fashionable Flint and Tinder’s trucker jacket. The label is known for its practical, hard-wearing fashions that quickly boost a person’s appearance without being unduly fussy.

The waxy covering is supposed to lessen with time as the user’s wrinkles and bends produce a totally unique item. In addition, the jacket contains a cotton blanket inner that is gentle on the skin.

8. The Moonlight

71v9MwKD5hL. AC SL1167

The bedroom will be bathed in a romantic light and atmosphere thanks to this wonderful night light! You may also personalize it with the wedding anniversary inscribed on the “moon” with the provided sticker sets, creating a lovely glow. Simply draw on it with a marker to add more personalization.

It also is dimmable, allowing you to choose between three different light levels at the press of a button. What is the best way to set the tone? Check. Because it’s an appliance, it’s appropriate for the contemporary 4th year present motif. Finally, what couple doesn’t like cuddling underneath the illumination of a moon?

9. Diptyque’s Gardenia Flower Scented Candle


Make your house smell like flowers if everything else fails! Yes, it’s a dull present, but if your recipient is familiar with candles, they’ll recognize that perhaps the Diptyque ones are stylish and fragrant. (Additionally, they’ll realize you spent a little more money on them.)

Scented candles make excellent gifts since they are emotional and will always remind you of a shared moment. This gardenia flower scented one will transport you to happier times.

10. Acrylic and Wood Photo Music Display from Etsy

one year anniversary gifts

This wood and acrylic stand is a fascinating discovery if you’re looking for something simpler than a piece of wall hangings. You may choose not only the amazing photo that will be shown, as well as the music that will be played. 

There is also a Code generator at the bottom that plays the song when scanned. Pick a good regular base, a luminous base, or even a loudspeaker if you want to go all out.

10 best 4th anniversary gifts for husband

1. Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger by Uncommon Goods

lovebox spinning heart

Technology’s continual pull might make individuals feel isolated, but when utilized correctly, it can help deepen ties.

The whirling heart courier is a unique device that mixes technology and love. When a user sends the message using the app, the love on the box rotates, indicating that the message has been read.

What a great method to let someone know you’re thinking of him, even if you’re thousands of miles away. It may even send photographs, depending on whatever model of the box you choose.

2. Tiny Box of Date Nights from Sweet Bella Stationery

the box of date night

Even the most imaginative couples might run out of date night suggestions. That is, until they acquire this present.

The Tiny Box of Date Nights does exactly what it says on the tin. The recyclable box includes 24 wooden tokens with 48 romantic suggestions, such as going to a drive-in theater, taking a painting class, or going back to a cherished spot.

3. Keepsake Memory Dish from Uncommon Goods

memory dish

With four years under your belt and a lifetime ahead of you, there are bound to be many memorable experiences along the road.

A personalized souvenir dish such as this is one method of keeping those memories alive. Melissa Reddick, a ceramicist, has glazed your best photograph or text on a ceramic dish.

Because of its beauty, the 10 x 12-inch or 8 x 10 inch tray would look fantastic on a nightstand or on a tabletop and is guaranteed to be a discussion item.

4. Customized Song Lyric Wall Hanging

song lyric wall hanging

This present is ideal for music fans or anybody who enjoys customized wall art. The pendant is in the form of a record player and is 1 x 13 x 9 inches. But it’s the capacity to cut a song lyric into the wood that sets it apart.

Choose a phrase from the music you performed at the wedding or from any song that has a special meaning for you.

5. Customized Tic Tac Toe from Uncommon Goods

personalized tic tac toe

Some little healthy rivalry among spouses might be beneficial. This customized tic-tac-toe table is perfect for couples who enjoy playing table games at home.

Your names replace the standard Xs and Os, as well as the set includes 10 wooden characters. An additional set can, meanwhile, be ordered. The pair’s initials or the father’s last name might be written at the base of the board.

6. Delicious Daisy Coated Pineapple & Strawberry by Edible Arrangements

Delicious Daisy Delicious Daisy

Edible arrangements, like cantaloupe in a fruit mix, aren’t for everybody. But don’t let us stop you when you’re the sort of pair that wants the flashiness of a florist-style presentation combined with the time-sensitive weight of digesting numerous pounds of fresh fruit.

7. Maison Noir Wines P-Oui

maison noir wine

This “funky and fruity” Pinot Noir by Maison Noir (established by Best Young Sommelier laureate André Hueston Mack) is a terrific choice for a nice bottle for dinners or an evening out for the pair. Even better, they are available in half-bottles, allowing you to consume the full bottle in one session.

8. Dappled: Fruit Lovers’ Baking Recipes


This handbook from an L.A.-based professional chef, recommended as a hostess present by writer Chris Black, contains lots of delicious recipes (like berry toast danishes and mango millet cake) to bake with your honey.

9. Slouchy Beanie in Silk courtesy of casualbox

slouchy sweater beanie

The majority of nice beanies are produced of wool and are really scratchy, but this one isn’t! It’s constructed of 100 percent mulberry silk, which is very soft and sumptuous.

It’s also gentle on the skin and keeps your scalp at a pleasant condition. While you’re at it, purchase one for yourself.

10. Silk Sleeping Bag Liner

61+z3MkubwL. AC SL1500

This silk liner can be the perfect necessary camping gear for your companion who appreciates the beautiful scenery and likes to go camping. It will offer a significant amount of heat to his duvet and will be really useful in terms of cleanliness.

Other anniversary gifts:


What is the symbol for a 4 year anniversary?

The Flowers and Fruit Anniversary, which commemorates a couple’s developing relationship, is celebrated on their fourth wedding anniversary. Flowers are a nice and heartfelt present to commemorate the fourth year of being married. The geranium (which means gentility) as well as the hydrangea (which means beauty and grace) are metaphorical flowers.

What color is the 4th anniversary?

The color of the 4th anniversary is Blue or Green.

What is the modern 4 year anniversary gift?

Appliances are a current option that is typically a nice present for someone who has equipment that is growing old or used out. Machines aren’t exactly glamorous, but they don’t have to be unromantic or connected with hardship in the home. After all, living in a digital era entails practical anniversary presents like appliances are a must.

If you’re looking for a four-year anniversary present, aim for something that’s more of a luxury than a need. Consider a cutting-edge computerized coffee maker that begins brewing even before you open up your eyes. Alternatively, why not mix digital and fruit to obtain a smart Apple gadget?

What is the traditional 4 year anniversary gift?

Flowers and fruits are the traditional anniversary present in the United States to commemorate your blossoming love. The developing dedication and fostering love of the partnership offers refreshment and regeneration to the partnership, just as fruit feeds the flesh and flowers the spirit.

What is the 4th anniversary theme?

The traditional motifs for the fourth year of togetherness in the United Kingdom are linen and silk, with linen symbolizing the integrity and truthfulness of a marriage while silk indicating the beauty, connectedness, and passion of a married pair.

What flower is for the 4 year anniversary?

The geranium, with its good attributes of elegance and warmth, and the hydrangea, which represents appreciation and gratitude, are the main flowers associated with the celebration of the 4th anniversary. In keeping with the 4th marriage anniversary’s color motif, a green rose is a great choice.


The old saying, “It’s the thought that counts” is true. Whatever you give your significant other, whether it’s your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, or husband should come from your heart. After all, four years of being together meant you know them the best which includes what kind of present will fill their heart with happiness and deep appreciation for you.