40 Best 5th Anniversary Gift Ideas For Him and Her

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Entering a relationship always has its moments. Being able to surpass the hurdles and reach five years is an important milestone that must be celebrated. However, when it comes to gifting on anniversaries, the longer the relationship, the harder it is to find unique ideas to give our beloved.

If you are looking for some unique and practical ideas that you can give your partner on your fifth anniversary, read on because we have listed some of the most notable ones for you in this post. 

10 best 5th anniversary gifts for girlfriend

Girls are inherently appreciative and it does not take a lot to make them happy. Whatever it is, as long as the partner puts an effort then it is a gift to remember. However, at times, because of the long years of being together, they tend to expect more, and if you think you need to up your game, here are some of the best fifth anniversary gifts to give your girlfriend. 

1. Promise ring with engraving

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With the long years together, a promise ring would be a gift that every girl will be delighted to receive. A ring is a symbol of the bond shared together, thus, when the girl receives this gift, it is a clear indication of the best intention of the boy in putting their relationship to last. 

2. Eternity Rose

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Girls love receiving flowers on any important occasion. Thus, during your 5th anniversary, give them a bouquet of Eternity Rose which symbolizes infinite love and strong bond which can last for five years and beyond.

An Eternity Rose will surely make the occasion more sentimental and of great sense of value not just because of how much it cost but the meaning behind and the person giving the present.

3. Throw Pillow

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Throw pillows has been a fashion on every couch, thus, when your girlfriend has one in her room, then this one is a perfect idea. It may sound cliché, but having your pictures or your promise to each other in words, printed can be very much of a good idea.

This enables you to see your pictures through the years and the promise you made from the start which keeps you going and love more during your 5th year. 

4. Necklace

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A girl is worth more than a thousand jewelry but jewelries fit girls well. Hence, a right idea to keep them prim and beautiful.

A necklace, which can add aesthetic to whatever your girl is wearing, is highly recommended to give as a gift because it does not only make her beautiful but can be a way of investing for your future family.

The real ones do not depreciate in value, thus, when you give, go and give it your all. 

5. Book


For girls who like to read and write, giving them books would be a healthy and romantic gift which they can receive not just during anniversaries but during important events that demand a celebration.

A book as a gift to your girlfriend can be very much not so popular because many are into e-books already, however, having a hard bound paper where you can flip pages and hang bookmarks is also exciting. 

6. Pearl earrings

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Just as many girls, they are fond of something valuable which they can use aesthetically and financially just like the pearl earrings. The real ones always cost higher value as time passes, thus, the need to have them used but well maintained. 

7. Couple’s puzzle

Though simple and affordable, having your picture in a puzzle is also a better idea. Not many shops offer this gift idea that is why it is recommendable especially for guys who have not been giving so much effort in terms of anniversaries and gift giving.

Once in a while, it is important to search for gift ideas which can make your partner feel loved and a lot happier. 

8. Alarm Clock

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When you have a career, an alarm clock is always a good idea. Having them customized where you engraved in your names or some motivational ideas or even your picture together would be a great idea too.

Alarm clocks, though not costly just as other gift ideas can be very much useful especially when having a career woman.

9. Couple Key Chain

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Having a home in your 5th year is quite ideal for partners. However, when still not having one, a couple key chains where you can put in your cars’ key is still a romantic thing.

Key chains are always a gift not just to a very important person but to everybody since it is very much affordable. However, when it is made customized significantly for you, then, this gift is very much a good idea. 

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10 best 5th anniversary gifts for boyfriend

While girls are appreciative, boys can be very much sentimental especially when the gifts are functional, especially for everyday use. With these, here is the list of the best 5th year anniversary gifts for your boyfriends. 

1. Watch with engraving

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One thing that keeps a man in style is his watch, thus, a better idea when giving a gift to your partner. It is one way of reminding him of how precious time is and having him look nicer in whichever clothing he wears. A watch for all seasons and fashion also matters, thus, choose the best one. 

2. Coffee brewer

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A lot of men, especially career men are fond of coffees, hence a coffee brewer gift. Having this enables your man to easily make his own coffee at home without having to take up lines in coffee shops.

It is a great way of telling him how much you give importance to his time while keeping what he likes at the tip of his hands. 

3. Socks

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Socks are an everyday need. Men always make sure that their socks are high end because they do not buy so often unless they are given.

Socks are a very important must haves that is why when you give, make sure that it will last long and have different styles and designs that could match just any occasion or activity. 

4. Wallet

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A man does not shop in the department store and line up just to change wallets. When they have one, they always make sure that it will be usable until the nth time.

They also use it even if it is already worn out so it is important to give them a high quality wallet that could go on for years and still keep them in style.

5. Tumbler

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When you have a sporty or a working boyfriend, a tumbler is a must have, thus, a recommended gift that you can give to your partner.

However, men are very meticulous when it comes to color and design so choose the ones that can represent them well as they bring it anywhere beside them, at all events, in any season.

6. Perfume

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As a girlfriend, do not change the perfume taste of your boyfriend but have a larger one which can last for months of use.

Men love it when you do not choose for them especially when it comes to proper hygiene and the like. Make them feel loved and give him the sense which he uses everyday but offer many so he can never go out of stock. 

7. Running shoes

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Running shoes are a very common gift for boyfriends especially during anniversaries. When you turn five, you already know what type of style and shoe size he is in.

That is why, giving shoes is a safe gift especially when you do not have any idea what to give. You can also have them in a couple or have it signed by his favourite basketball player so he can feel more special.

8. Food gift card


Every man is a foodie, you just have to know his likes and dislikes so that you know what to offer.

Being a woman who cooks for his man is very much ideal but ordering food in his favourite restaurant while having the best anniversary set up is very much likeable.

Guys also like it when they are given effort, thus, having your favourite food with a romantic setup is also a great idea. 

9. Customized ballpen

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Men appreciate anything that is customized. That is why it is nice if you get your boyfriend a stylish and customized ball pen which he can carry whenever needed.

The ones seen on television are also recommended, however they have a lot of monetary value. Nonetheless, spending just a bit much for your 5th anniversary, for your loved ones, would not kill all your yearly savings, right?

10. Toy Car with Remote

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Age is but a number when it comes to games. Men love to have the latest toy car which they can spend their leisure time playing or just sitting around and see.

Some men find solace just by having their favorite toys lined up in their rooms while thinking about what to do next. That is why it is very much important to know the likes and dislikes, the hobbies and not of your partners.

10 best 5th anniversary gifts for wife

When your girlfriend becomes your wife, the more you have to give not just because of the fact that she ‘needs’ it but more so of having her feel that your love is continuous and deeper that you keep on looking for grander gift ideas to give. 

1. Love coupons

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More than the material gift is the gift of time she could greatly want to receive. Thus, purchasing romantic coupons, may it be a concert or a movie, will change the whole story.

While it is very common for husbands and wife to have date nights, having special and celebratory events like their 5th anniversary requires a special event they can attend, hence, the importance of checking coupons available for any special event.

2. Photo Shelf Blocks

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Women are known to be sensitive and sentimental. That is why having their likes just like a photo shelf block which can be displayed inside the home for guests to view is also one of best gifts, rest assured that they can appreciate the high value and sensitivity. Giving importance to what she likes is very much recommended. 

3. Trip Ticket

May she be a working woman or a housewife, every day is always been a survival, not just for her but also for you that is why it is important to take some rest and have her into a place where both of you can remember all the good and bad things, those five years of their marriage offered. Give yourselves time for each other to keep the love burning. 

4. Romantic dining

Putting some effort and making them a nice set up in a private restaurant or just inside of your homes is pretty much a good idea. Though it is very common, having their favourite food on the menu is more attractive than the whole set up idea itself.

Remembering what she likes is always the point and having a good conversation is what makes it romantic. Celebrating privately sounds more romantic and feels more at peace. 

5. Gadget

Whichever, she needs new, give. When you have the budget, observe the things on what she has that can help her improve her work or can brighten her day and buy her.

Buying her expensive gifts is not a waste of money but a way of making her work easier so she can make plenty of time with you. Remember to be a keen observant at all times as most wives will not want to spend so much for themselves but for the family. 

6. Wine glass

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Having a personalized wine glass on your 5th anniversary is also a good idea. Sharing a toast while remembering your five wonderful years together is one way of rebuilding the bond or making it a lot stronger and fine.

Sharing the best taste of wine is like sharing the bittersweet challenges of life which you have encountered and passed together. That is why a wine can also be a good idea. 

7. Cook Book

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Not all wives are into cooking or know how to cook. That is why allowing them to learn on their own with a little help through cook books and online seminars is always a good choice.

Books are one of the best materials to learn. That is why purchasing motivational books to make them not give up learning or cooking recipes which can improve their dish more is a great idea. 

8. Furniture

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Wives are into making the home cozy and nice. That is why anything that has something to do with adding extra beauty to any part of your home is an added happiness for the wife. 

She is always excited when it comes to furniture and asks for more when given. A home that is pretty and nice is a wife’s dream. That is why making her choose furniture to put in your home is also one of the best gift ideas. 

9. Spa and Salon Beauty Coupons

You will not be blessed with the same woman twice that is why it is important to maintain them and have time for themselves for beauty purposes.

Get your wives coupons on their favourite salons and make them choose the services which they want to receive. A happy wife is always a happy life that is why having them both happy and pretty on your anniversary is ideal.

10. Jewelry

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Any type of jewelry is okay but having the ones that she does not have is always the best. Before purchasing jewelry, give her a look and imagine the material which she will look at her prettiest and go for timeless designs which can go on for years.

When you have the budget, go and bring her to a jewelry shop where she can choose what she wants. Or better yet, give her a rose quartz pendant to signify the fifth year of marriage. 

10 best 5th anniversary gifts for husband

When you reach year five, you have already adjusted to married life. Now, you know his wants and needs, thus it is proper to give him gifts which can be very useful at home and at his workplace. Thus, here is the list.

1. A game set

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In these years of marriage, maybe you already got him almost everything. Thus, now time to meet his hobbies and make some time to get a set for him to enjoy.

After work, it is important that you give your husband time to relax and play with his favourite game when he feels like it. 

2. Wireless headphones

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It is good to introduce your partners to some techy gadgets that can boost their confidence according to time and have them in style. Keeping them in track of what is trend is always good and giving them as a gift on your anniversary is a good idea. 

3. Picture album

Men, though not showy, are also emotional and sentimental when it comes to family. Giving them a picture album of the times that pass is a remembrance of how great they are continuously becoming.

A picture serves as a memory, that is why it is also good to give your partner’s old photos to make them remember their old self and feel proud of what they are now.

4. Favorite Novels


Husbands, though not all, love to read their favourite novels before bed time or whenever they have free time. More than the movies they have already watched with the same title, the books which they read are still a plus and the number one choice.

Reading does not only boost your understanding but enhances your reading and writing skills that is why many husbands like to read. 

5. An exercise kit

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Making sure your husband stays fit, giving him an exercise kit is the best gift he could ever receive. More than reading books and playing games, he can also spare some of his leisure time taking care of himself through exercising.

He can have it at home, every day to keep him on track while also having to relax the mind and the soul. This gift is very much useful in which he will surely adore. 

6. Hiking kit

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When it is your 5th anniversary, take a leave from work and have time for hiking. It is important to engage yourselves into outdoor spots to boost your immune system and meet a set of friends who enjoy the same activity as you do.

Having an ‘us’ time is always a plus when married so always try and make some time for each other. 

7. Leather Bag

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When your husband is a working man, it is important that he has a stylish bag with a size that perfectly fits all he needs at work.

Always make it a point that he carries just one bag as men are not into carrying anything other than their working bags so always choose the big one that is perfect for his body’s size and working needs.

8. Whiskey set

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On your 5th anniversary, always remember that more than the material gifts is the time allotted for each other. It need not be expensive or fine dining as long as you come home peacefully giving all the love you can give to each other, having a meal while talking about all the coming plans and goals ahead. Having a whiskey set to go with that can seal the deal.

9. Love letter

It is not just the man who writes and brings in love letters. Women also love to write where they can appreciate and show more love to their partners.

Love letters were very much popular during the old days but having them in today’s generation gives a different sensation. It is already a thing that does not happen, thus, a very romantic gesture you can give to your partner. 

10. Leather Belt

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What makes a man stylish is having a belt that is cool and can fit just any style. Leather belts may cost a bit expensive but they last for years and you would not have to worry about buying another for quite some time. Choosing his style is the goal so keep track of what he likes. 

More anniversary gift ideas:


What is the symbol for a 5-year anniversary?

On your 5th year anniversary, partners give each other wood which symbolizes the strength and longevity of their marriage. Hence, anything that is wood is a symbol of a five year long bond and relationship.

What color is the 5th anniversary?

Just like all the celebrated anniversaries, 5th year also has its own colors which are turquoise, pink and blue. These three belong to the pastel colors which give soothing, calming, friendship, joy, serenity, and love, above all. 

What is the modern 5-year anniversary gift?

Jewelry. May it be in the form of necklace, ring, bracelet or any other more, jewelry has been a trend in today’s generation. Aside from looking nice and giving extra beauty to the body, they are also a good quality investment, therefore giving them as a gift to your partner is a win-win decision. Its value increases overtime, thus, a very good way of spending your money for a very special celebration to a very important person. 

What is the traditional 5-year anniversary gift?

Silverware. During the old time. People are very fond of silverwares and incorporate it to the level of jewelry as they are found to be very important inside the homes. Also, silverwares, which have unique texture and designs that are also in high value which is why they are often given as gifts. Aside from they can add extra beauty in the home, they are also timeless which can look oh so fine after years. 


Giving gifts during anniversaries is a tradition. But more than that, it is an expression of gratitude for the bond, a recollection of the years that passed and everything that happened in between and a commitment to work for the relationship more and look forward to the years that are yet to come.  

A fifth-year anniversary need not be expensive. At the end of the day, it is always the thought that comes with it that counts. The trick is to know your partner, make an effort to find the perfect gift and just celebrate the day together, the best and most special way you can.