40 Best 3rd Anniversary Gifts For Him and Her

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The first years of marriage are both the most blissful yet the most challenging too as the couple tread new dimensions of their relationship. As such, every year that comes thereafter must be considered a milestone.

Third-year anniversaries are especially significant because they are said to be the turning point of the honeymoon phase and the more companionate, serious phase of loving relationships. 

If you are looking for some third anniversary gifts to give to your husband, wife, and partner, you have come to the right post because we have listed them here for you. From the simplest one, to some DIYs and up-end ones, we got them here so read on. 

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10 best 3rd anniversary gifts for girlfriend

They say that women are hard to please, especially girlfriends, as they still have ideal expectations when going into relationships. But that is not always the case. Here are some of the best third anniversary gifts for girlfriends which you can check out. 

1. Leathercraft rose

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Flowers are always a good anniversary gift idea but for your third-year anniversary, go out of the box and surprise your girlfriend with a leathercraft rose, complete with date stamps of your anniversary and other significant dates, like this one here. 

2. Lovelink leather bracelet

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To veer away from the usual gold bracelets with engravings, you could opt to give your girlfriend a durable lovelink leather bracelet with gold accents. You can also add other charms to make it more personalized. 

3. Glass portrait

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To immortalize your third-anniversary, take a skilled photo of you together and have it engraved inside a 3D glass case.

Give it a customized LED light base for it to be more beautiful and glowing. Make it a meaningful gift to remember. 

4. Cabernet glass

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At the end of the day, your girlfriend needs a glass of wine. Either while in the bath or around you, a beautiful cabernet glass with an engraving of her initial would truly make it so classy and chic.

If you want a phenomenal gift for your girlfriend on your third anniversary, this one should be it. 

5. Silk set

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If you are thinking about an out of the box gift and a sultry one for that matter, you can give your girlfriend a silk set.

Giving her a luxury pajama set is something very intimate and trendy. It is always good to be creative and extremely thoughtful about the gifts you give to keep the flame burning. 

6. Lingerie gift card

You can also become more playful and make the next years more exciting by giving your girlfriend a lingerie gift card.

Just imagine the surprise in her eyes every time she receives a new box of lingerie by the doorstep. This is not very orthodox and way out of the leather and crystal motif but it sure does work. 

7. Pearl bead necklace

When in doubt, always go for jewelry. For a delicate looking piece of accessory, go for an organic pearl bead necklace as a gift for your girlfriend on your third anniversary. 

Pearl is considered as the third-year stone and it would be very fitting to give one to your beloved as a symbolic gift. Choose an authentic pearl bead for that purpose. It is time to be keen on jewelries since you would certainly find them handy as gifts in the coming years. 

8. Letterpress art print

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Unleash the poet in you and compose a thing or two for your girlfriend. But it should not stop there. Have it pressed in print and then frame it with crystal or glass to fit the third anniversary theme.

Meaningful words always melt hearts so this one is a perfect gift for the sentimental girlfriend. Better than love letters, indeed. 

9. Glow-through soy glass candle

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To make dinner dates more romantic and for that calming night glow, you can always give your girlfriend a glow-through soy glass candle.

The soy glass candle looks like leather when lighted so you are still within the leather theme of third anniversaries. 

10. Personalized cutting board

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If your girlfriend loves to have guests and friends come over, displaying a well-arranged charcuterie, then a personalized cutting board should be on your priority list as a third anniversary gift.

Engraving her name on it or both of your names in the cutting board provides a more intimate touch to this non-leather themed gift. 

10 best 3rd anniversary gifts for boyfriend

Boyfriends are easier to please, they say. You can start with all leather stuff to symbolize the third-year mark or you could just go for all-day items that they can use whenever, wherever. Here are some of the most notable third-year anniversary gifts for boyfriends. 

1. Leather belt

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If you have a dashing and well-dressed boyfriend, note that a good leather belt is a must-have accessory. And because it is for a third anniversary gift, it is fitting to give him a leather belt which he can use for any occasion and generally, every day. 

2. Leather jacket

For those with biker boyfriends or car racing enthusiasts, a leather jacket is one of the best anniversary gifts.

Aside from the fact that they would really look very handsome in it, it is also one manifestation of your support for their hobbies. A real ride or die, indeed. 

3. Leather journal

Most men might not keep journals so it is high time to train them to write their highs and lows in one.

And if they are career men, they would really need to keep a journal where they can be reminded of important moments and significant stories that they pen whenever they are caught up in traffic, boring meetings, and more. 

4. Personalized leather bracelet

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Another addition to the row of accessories which you could gift your boyfriend on your third-year anniversary would be a personalized leather bracelet.

5. Blue light screening glasses

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For your gamer boyfriend or just one who really spends a lot of time before computer and phone screens, a practical gift would be blue light screening glasses.

Since they are stylish as they come, you can choose from different signs that would best fit your boyfriend’s personality. Hence, you can never go wrong with this. 

6. Personal concrete fireplace

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If your boyfriend loves to spend a lot of chill nights and down time but is never big on being outdoors, you can get him a personal concrete fireplace as a gift on your third anniversary. It is fire safe and very portable. 

7. Leather apron

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For the good chef boyfriend, you can always give him a personalized leather apron with cooking class sessions.

This is not just to fuel the good home cook that he is but shall also harness his cooking prowess with just a handful of cooking class sessions. It is just a thoughtful and supportive gift at the same time. 

8. Leather passport holder

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This one is a sleek gift to give your boyfriend on your third anniversary. Engraving his initials on it would be a beautiful touch.

What will make it more phenomenal would be having a getaway ticket inside it. A vacation gift with a twist would be an exciting surprise for an anniversary. 

9. Leather seats

For the car enthusiast boyfriend, perhaps, it is time to change the seat covers with new leather seats.

Having it personalized using his initials or his favorite game or movie characters would be a good way to prove to him of your thoughtfulness. Plus, that revamped car interior would be good for cruising around on the day of your anniversary, right? 

10. Personalized coffee table

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If you want to go for something different yet not being over the top, a personalized coffee table would be a perfect gift for your boyfriend.

Men are almost always associated with the coffee table, especially the gamers who cannot take their eyes off the TV or monitor. With this, your boyfriend would truly love a personalized coffee table in there. 

10 best 3rd anniversary gifts for wife

Like the doting wives that they are, they deserve an equally doting gift that would warm their hearts on your third-year anniversary. If you are hard up on what to give to your wives, here is a list to checkout. 

1. Leather handbag

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Maintaining the streak of the symbolic leather for third-year anniversaries would be the leather handbag.

It is a simple yet thoughtful gift for a wife especially for casual strolls in the mall, her night out with friends or during date nights with you. 

2. Crystal candle holder

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The sophisticated wife deserves an equally sophisticated yet delicate third year anniversary gift and that is where this crystal candle holder comes in.

Light it up with candles during home dates with home-cooked food and wine for you to see its real magic. 

3. Crystal vase

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For the artsy and decorative wife, a crystal vase would be highly appreciated.

It is thoughtful, personal, and giving it along with freshly cut flowers would make her day. Put it where the sun’s rays could add glitter to the crystal vase and for added effect. 

4. Crystal jewelry

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They say that jewels are women’s best friends. For your third anniversary, opting for crystal jewelries like Swarovski’s would bring out the glitter from your wife’s face. Symbolic and valuable, this would truly complete a third-year anniversary celebration. 

5. Leather jewelry case

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And since you are giving her crystal jewelry to add to her vast collection, be thoughtful enough to give her a leather jewelry case to go with that.

This would prevent her jewelry from being tangled or misplaced. The touch of leather to this gift magnifies the third-year anniversary symbolism. 

6. Vintage glass jewelry box

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And when the wedding ring is not on her fingers, there should be a beautiful box where it shall be placed. In this case, choose this vintage glass jewelry box as your third-year anniversary gift for her.

Because it is see-through, it looks very expensive and timeless looking. This is one of those up-end gifts that you could give her without having to spend too much. 

7. Leather couple coaster

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If you think you would run out of leather gifts to give, you should think again because your wife would really love these leather couple coasters.

If you enjoy coffee sessions as your bonding time, or especially during the colder months, this gift is the best thing to give. 

8. Glass or crystal plaque

Bring out the sentimentality in your wife by giving her a glass plaque. It could feature your wedding photo along with the title of your couple’s song or wedding song or just give her the Best Wife Award in that plaque.

Place it in the living room where guests would see it right away and watch your wife beam with happiness and pride. 

9. Crystal cake holder

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For the baker wife, another thoughtful gift to give on your third anniversary would be this handblown crystal cake holder.

Any simple pastry could be taken to the next level if you give her this one. It is just a delight to see in the middle of the dining table and display her most loved baked goods. 

10. Crystal food bowl

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Glass and crystal homewares are always one of the best gifts to give to wives. To adorn the kitchen and the living room which she loves decorating, give her a set of crystal food bowls to display.

Think about her pride and smile the next time she will use it as the centerpiece in her spread bowl during special events and you would realize why this one is a good choice. 

10 best 3rd anniversary gifts for husband

As you go into the marriage, husbands become mushier when it comes to well-thought gifts. If you are in doubt of what to give your husband on your third-year anniversary, the following items and gifts would never disappoint. 

1. Leather wallet

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This might be thought of as old school but nothing is more practical than giving your husband a leather wallet for your third-year anniversary.

It is an everyday item but putting your wedding photo would surely make him swoon. 

2. Leather briefcase

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Be it for pertinent documents or as laptop casing, your hubby would really appreciate a briefcase to bring to work everyday or to keep things handy while on a work trip.

Specifically, choosing a leather briefcase not only signifies third year anniversaries but also offers a durable item for them to use for the years to come. 

3. Leather sheet music

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For something very sentimental, you can engrave the notes or lyrics of your wedding music in a leather sheet music. Have it framed using a rich brown wooden frame for that timeless effect. Not only is it stylish but also very meaningful. 

4. Watch with leather strap

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Nothing beats the classic look and timeless beauty of leather watches. As such, it would be phenomenal to give your husband a watch with a leather strap on your third-year anniversary.

It is practical, an everyday accessory, and it would really make him look dapper whenever, wherever. 

5. Leather cuff links

Formal events shall always be a staple in a married couple’s life. As such, monogramming your husband’s initials in a personalized, leather cuff link would be a good idea.

Aside from the fact that it would come in handy for any formal occasion, it is also just unique and intimate. 

6. Leather dopp kit

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Men also need a good and durable toiletry kit. Be it for your next getaway or just some out of town work, your husband needs his go-to pampering items after a long day.

This one here is made of sleek and attractive Italian leather. You can never go wrong with this for your third-year anniversary gift for your husband. 

7. Leather duffle bag

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For the adventurous and traveler husband, a leather duffle bag is a prime choice. Having something where everything could be carefully packed is something that they would appreciate.

Men do not naturally love having a lot of bags to keep track of so a leather duffle bag would be a very good idea to give on a third-year anniversary. 

8. Crystal whiskey set

Another go-to gift for husbands which you should highly consider would be a crystal whiskey set.

Complete with a decanter, and two rock glasses, it shall truly capture your husband’s heart at an instant. With its textured finish, opulence and masculinity are exuded. 

9. Map glass

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This is one of the most unique gifts out there and your husband would truly love it.

You can have the map of the place where you first met frosted in the glass with an engraving of “all roads take us home” as its finishing touch. It is very intimate, sentimental and a gift for ages. 

10. Wine gift card

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For the husbands who are self-proclaimed wine connoisseurs, you can take a more modern spin at gifting through wine gift cards.

Knowing that they would receive a different bottle of wine every month is a surprise that would keep them excited and grateful for you. 


Aside from the ideas that we have just covered, there are also fundamental questions about anniversary gifting which you should be aware of. In this section, we look at some of the FAQs about third anniversary gifts which you should know of. 

What is the symbol for a 3-year anniversary?

You should know by now that each year would be symbolized by a specific item. Across the world, the recognized symbol for a 3-year anniversary would be leather.

For the longest time, this has been the designated symbol for a third-year milestone. But as time passed, crystals are also now dubbed as the modern 3-year anniversary symbol alongside leather. 

Why is leather the 3rd anniversary gift?

Leather is associated with third-year anniversaries because it denotes durability and flexibility. It speaks of the ways and efforts which the couple exerted to keep the relationship enduring and stable.

It is also a time when the couple becomes aware of the strengths and weaknesses of their partnership and from thereon shall only strive to make it more durable. 

What color is the 3rd anniversary?

The third anniversary color is light brown or generally brown. It is not considered as the most romantic color but it is akin to the color of leather which is the symbol for third anniversaries. In so far as the color of third anniversaries is concerned, light brown is undisputed. 

In year colors especially for anniversaries, jade green and pearl white are also considered as the third anniversary color. This is so because they are the color of the gemstones associated with the third-year milestone. 

What is the modern 3-year anniversary gift?

As have been previously mentioned, the modern 3-year anniversary gift is crystal or glass. This is so because it is said to signify both the beauty and delicateness of a marriage which is still in its early stages. Alternatively, the color for third anniversaries anent to crystal or glass would be white or jade green. 

What is the 3-year anniversary stone? 

Pearl or jade is considered as the three-year anniversary stone. While they appear in different years in the gemstone list, these two are more commonly associated with the third-year milestone. 

Why is jade the 3-year anniversary stone? 

Jade is considered as the symbol of calmness and peace. They are also associated with meanings of renewal, life, energy, fidelity, love and endurance. Because of these connotations that come with jade, it is no wonder that it has become traditionally designated as the third-year anniversary stone. 

Is there a 3-year anniversary flower?

Yes, and it would be the sunflower. It is said that the sturdy stems of the sunflower signify the strong foundation of a good marriage. And because of the flower’s habit to face the sun, it is said to represent the challenges that come with marriage and the many ways they have overcome these struggles and still be cheery about it. 

What are the best ways to celebrate an anniversary? 

There is no one answer to this but if you are looking for ways to spruce up your anniversary celebration, here are some tips to follow. 

  • Have a no-technology date night. 
  • Just have a lazy day together. 
  • Make a playlist of your favorite songs. 
  • Take a daytrip at your favorite spot. 
  • Cruise out and have a scenic drive. 
  • Go camping or go backpacking. 
  • Rent a cabin. 
  • Splurge with food, wine or beer. 
  • Go on a hot air balloon trip. 
  • Go bowling, ballroom dancing or take a class together. 

How to celebrate an anniversary at home?

For a cost-effective yet intimate anniversary celebration, it is always best to just do it at home. If you are planning for one and do not know where to start, here are some tips for you to consider. 

  • Make cocktails together. 
  • Bring out the wedding video and watch it together. 
  • Make homemade gifts. 
  • Dance via YouTube dance lessons. 
  • Make a makeshift campsite in the yard. 
  • Old school wine and dine. 
  • Design sky lanterns and let them fly out by the porch. 
  • Make an outdoor cinema and invite friends to come over. 
  • Play card games over food and drinks. 
  • Make your garden into a date haven on your anniversary. 
  • Do the Netflix and chill activity and just snuggle together. 

Why is it important to celebrate anniversaries? 

Anniversaries hold not only a personal significance but also communal and cultural ones. They need to be celebrated because it is a chance to reflect on the years that came before and how the couple could hurdle the years to come. 

Is there a proper way to celebrate anniversaries? 

This depends on the culture you belong to and of course, your personal preference. As such, there is no designated proper way to celebrate anniversaries. Nonetheless, it would always work to work out on a theme, set out invitations, prepare good food, wine, and other drinks and slip in some fun activities in between to make the celebration more significant. 

Who throws an anniversary party?

By tradition, it should be the children of the couple who’s celebrating the anniversary. In cases of three-year anniversaries, it should be their closest relatives and friends who should be throwing the anniversary for them. And while it is not always a popular opinion nor a call of tradition, the couple themselves could throw it for family and friends to come over. 


The act of giving anniversary gifts might be common but it holds so much significance in establishing the foundation of a relationship. Taking time to really choose and take note of what would make your partner smile on your third-year anniversary would help in keeping the relationship more stable and working. 

The gift need not be too expensive nor ornate. You can stick to the traditional leather, crystal or glass symbolization but of course, you can also make it more personal and intimate.