15 Reasons Why These Acapulco Chairs Will Make Your Room Chic

Last Updated on June 18, 2019 by Kimberly Crawford

If you are one of those girls who looking for inspiration to decorate your room or your garden, you have seen an invasion of these beautiful beach style seats: the Acapulco Chair.

It is a furniture of 100% Mexican origin, which has gone around the world decorating rooms, terraces, offices, and hotels. There are different colors and fabrics, with accessories or without them. 

1. They were created in Acapulco


acapulco chair in sunset

2. In the 50s, the golden age of this city

acapulco chair on the beach


3. Soon they came to the whole world

Acapulco chair in the living room


4. For its practicality and low price

acapulco on your roof


5. Its design allows the body to breathe

Two-tone acapulco chair


6. In those hot climates

6 Acapulco chair ideas

7. It is one of the most successful anonymous inventions

white acapulco chair

8. They are made of synthetic rattan rope fabric

acapulco chair strung

9. You can find them in finer fabrics

colorful acapulco chair

10. With geometric patterns

Acapulco woven chair

11. In its rocking version

acapulco rocking chair

12. Some designers reinvented them

acapulco chair zen

13. The range of colors

colorful acapulco chairs

14. Bring the darker space to life

acapulco chair color

15. You will want to spend hours sitting in this balcony

acapulco chair in solar

best acapulco chair ideas