35+ Best Bathroom Wainscoting Ideas and Designs (Photos)

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Like all the other rooms in the home, the bathroom should also be given enough attention and effort. A little sprucing up would always benefit the bathroom especially since it is where quality alone time is spent and not just by homeowners but also frequent visitors alike.

One of the traditional wall accenting would be wainscoting. While it is usually done on living rooms and bedrooms, there is no reason for the bathroom walls to be exempted. 

If you are looking for bathroom wainscoting ideas to give your bathroom a major revamp or upscale it a bit and make it look classic in varying respects, read on. 

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What is bathroom wainscoting?

Bathroom wainscoting is the added expense of wallpaper, chair railing, baseboard or paneling that can be use to decorate or add sophistication for a bathroom.

What is the purpose of wainscoting?

The main purpose of wainscoting is to decorate and add sophistication to a room. This can be done in many different materials, colors and styles that will match your needs exactly.

35 Bathroom Wainscoting Ideas

As have been mentioned, wainscoting is one of the most traditional aesthetic solutions to a plain looking wall. With those fine edges, often in geometric shapes, the wall is given more depth, angle and shape. In this list, we feature some of the most notable bathroom wainscoting ideas out there. If you are currently looking for one, check out the following. 

1. Subway tile wainscoting and white toilet

1 bathroom wainscoting ideas

A subway white tile as a bathroom wainscoting will never go out of style. Matching it with the color of your ceiling gives an extra look in the bathroom.

To add extra vanity to a simple bathroom, put a mirror with a simple frame that matches the color of the room. With the neutral colors and simple decorations, this idea could probably be one of your top choices. So simple but cozy. 

2. Green tile wainscot bathroom wall

The color is looking very fresh and natural that it reflects the color of nature. Having it inside your home gives a more refreshing feeling especially inside your bathrooms.

Complementing it with the colors of black and white makes the green color pop out more. The green wainscoting like this idea surely will keep the lower part of your bathroom area from dirt.

3. Luxurious blue tile wainscoting

3 bathroom wainscoting ideas

When you want your bathroom elegantly looking, you can opt for a luxurious wainscoting like this blue tiles.

Adding decorations that match the elegance of this look like the silver mirror and the gold faucets plus the long ceramic sink on this small bathroom wainscoting idea.

With this design, the key is to maintain it as much as you could for a better look and feel not just for the homeowner but for guests to come. 

4. Gray stone tile wainscoting

4 bathroom wainscoting ideas

A gray color to the bottoms of your bathroom walls is always good to look at. The neutrality and the texture of the stone looks so different that it deserves a second look.

A large bathroom area like this with the use of proper coloring and decorative items, it will look its best. Gray matches almost all colors and choosing to pair it with white looks clean and looks expensive.

5. Light green wainscotting tile

5 bathroom wainscoting ideas

When having a small bathroom area, minimal furniture is added, thus it is your time to get creative with the colors and texture of your tiles. Make sure that everything blends well together because a small area makes you look at everything that is present in the area.

Having a light green wainscotting like this idea is looking fresh and light so pairing it with bold green as a flooring is recommended. With this design, you can have a worthwhile bathroom area while having to enjoy the simplicity the colors of white and green provides. 

6. Dark board wainscoting

6 bathroom wainscoting ideas

Getting away with white and the common colors is always a good idea. Opting for a bolder color like this one also goes with having a different view and feels inside the bathroom.

The presence of the bathtub in the center serves as the focal point since it contrasts the bold color and the patterned tile flooring. This design is simple but the colors bring character that makes it different.

7. Mint Green

7 bathroom wainscoting ideas

Using pastel colors inside your bathroom area makes the room more refreshing and feels light. The pastel green is looking so chic and soft that you can enjoy looking at this at any time of the day.

Choosing the best colors as a wainscotting is also one way of creating dynamics while complementing the overall look of the bathroom

8. Dark burgundy board

8 bathroom wainscoting ideas

As vibrant and bold as the red color, this wainscoting idea is very much of your style. It is not so dark and is not light but can look very impressive because of the impact the color red gives.

May it be a small or large bathroom area, it is very evident that giving colors that match the design like this bathroom decorations gives a traditional feel yet welcoming and nice. 

9. White beadboard wainscotting

9 bathroom wainscoting ideas

An all-white bathroom area with a white wainscotting is looking very pure, clean and bright. Putting a different texture but with the same color also adds intensity and impact to the whole all white look idea.

As large as it may seem plus the wide illusion the color white gives and the large mirror present looks very elegant with all the dramatic lighting above the area. 

Having a window just beside your bathtub is also classic. You can see your surroundings while having to enjoy bathing in a cold or warm bath. 

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10. Wooden wainscotting

10 bathroom wainscoting ideas

If you want to achieve a rustic theme, go and use it as a wainscotting in your bathroom areas. This small bathroom idea goes so well with the wood color plus putting this sink design looking old but is very warm, cozy and welcoming. With this wainscotting idea, a very naturalistic vibe can be felt too. 

11. Modern high wainscotting

11 bathroom wainscoting ideas

An expensive and modern bathroom area is very ideal for most homeowners that is why this wainscotting idea is just right for this elegant bathroom area.

The colors and the high wainscotting looks very impressive and added intensity to the neutral colors in which it is looking grand and expensive. Opting for this high wainscotting is also one of the unique ideas homeowner’s would go and choose from. 

12. Full wainscotting

12 bathroom wainscoting ideas

Well, if a half and tall wainscotting works, a full wainscotting can also look way more beautiful like this wainscotting bathroom idea.

The color is just neutral that is contrasting with the black patterned flooring and looks very much nice and elegant. The color and the texture of the wainscotting gives a greater impact and increases the aesthetic value of this small bathroom area. 

13. Black wainscotting

13 bathroom wainscoting ideas

Black is a very elegant color and having it as your bathroom’s wainscotting is a very nice idea. This whole wall design is looking so warm and grand that it deserves a second look.

It is very beautiful with all the lines and patterns plus the expensive sink and decorative items added more to the overall look. With this design, you will enjoy every bath time because it feels so comfortable. 

14. Wonderful Bathroom wainscotting

14 bathroom wainscoting ideas

Having the classic ones looks good but choosing an extraordinary wainscotting like this one is very charming and attractive.

Blending it with a patterned white and pink is a very chic style and all the luxurious sink, bathtub and other furniture complements the whole bathroom design idea. The wainscotting is different from all others in that it gives a unique look to this room.

15. Decorative wainscoting as separator

15 bathroom wainscoting ideas

Having a hard partition of the bottom and above part of the bathroom walls is a better idea too. Other than the usual wainscoting, you can always use a different one like this décor separator.

The bold purple and white combination is also looking very chic and luxurious with the different decorative items present inside. The wood color flooring also highlights the wainscotting especially because of the purple upper wall. 

16. Variety of wainscoting

16 bathroom wainscoting ideas

Going with a different wainscoting from one side to the other creates an excitement to the whole area as you will have to adapt to the changing wainscoting in every angle. This gives you the chance to see and compare the beauty it adds to the total look of the area.

Having a small or a large bathroom area? This does not matter as long as it has two sides to put different wainscoting. Rare but fascinating.

17. Accent wainscoting wall

17 bathroom wainscoting ideas

In a bathroom, it need not be the whole wall that has wainscoting. Instead, you can opt to just have a wainscoting to just a corner and it’ll create a good view.

This idea is not popular to many but once applied, there is no doubt that it also brings class and beauty to the bathroom space area.

18. Grey wainscoting to your marble console

18 bathroom wainscoting ideas

To create an elegant look inside your bathrooms, the right colors and right materials are a very important matter. In this design, the whole wall serves as the wainscoting and the marble console and sink gives a high aesthetic value to the plain grey.

The flooring, which also stands out in this picture. Hence, everything complements each other, however, they too can stand alone – beauty and elegance per se. 

19. White wainscoting with a grey patterned design

19 bathroom wainscoting ideas

This bathroom has a classic design that every homeowner would love and enjoy. The simplicity and privacy it conveys is a necessary matter especially when talking about bathrooms.

The white wainscoting with a grey decorative separator also created an impact to the overall view as it gave a different color that brings out the classic design of the wainscoting with all the items present in the area. 

20. Sophisticated dark wood wainscoting

20 bathroom wainscoting ideas

Pairing your black luxury bathtub to a sophisticatedly looking dark wood wainscoting is a very brave decision since they both exude class and elegance speaking of the colors and design.

Nonetheless, in this bathroom wainscoting idea, the bricks and white color created balance which make these two overpowering colors give in to each other. Choosing this idea is very likely however will make you spend more.

21. Tin roof wainscoting

21 bathroom wainscoting ideas

For a simpler material and design, you can just cut your used roofing and put it in your bathrooms and function as a wainscoting like this bathroom idea.

It seems old and rusty but it is very creative that many would surely adore. Who would have thought that it can match a plain, clean wall, right? When wanting a different one, go for this industrial design with tin roofing material. 

22. Oblique lines

22 bathroom wainscoting ideas

This wainscoting idea is very complicated yet looks so beautiful and sophisticated. Adding this craft to your plain walls creates a unique look that gives an expensive touch to your bathroom areas.

These repeating lines work best with long bathroom areas to keep it looking infinite and incredibly unique. 

23. Gold and intricate designed wainscoting

23 bathroom wainscoting ideas

With just a single look, one can tell how grand and luxurious this bathroom area is. Using this old gold with intricate designs of shapes and spiral added class which takes you back to the traditional styles. 

Combining it with a peach printed color on the upper part contrasts the wainscoting that you can see both as intriguing and gives an impression. Whatever it is, this bathroom idea still has one of the best and unique wainscoting ideas you should add in your list.

24. White marble wainscoting

24 bathroom wainscoting ideas

To bring a little dynamics to the plain walls, adding a different material like the marble can be a very wise idea. In this you can see how simple the color white gives but the marble element created an impact that is looking way better than the plain ones.

Giving it a try and adding some marble tiles in your bathroom area to function as a wainscoting is also a good choice.

25. Lumber cabin walls

25 bathroom wainscoting ideas

While everybody is busy with pairing the common colors and materials, not everyone knows how the lumber can look very much beautiful when used as a wainscoting in a bathroom area like this design.

Here, you can see that everything is made of wood, which is why pairing a lumber does not cost much. This one is also unique in that you might just want to add all the cut logs and other more to function as a decorative touch. 

26. Vertical wood paneling and wainscoting

26 bathroom wainscoting ideas

This one is common, simple and yet exudes a lot of natural beauty. This wainscoting has a very warm and calming effect that you would want to keep coming back to your bathroom areas.

A good match of color with this wainscoting idea is also important because it can make or break this whole bathroom design. 

Nonetheless, whatever the color, the furniture present from the ceiling, tables, bath tubs and everything that serves as a decorative function gives something that is organized, clean, natural and nice. 

27. Geometric stone wainscoting

27 bathroom wainscoting ideas

Wanting to have a striking bathroom area? Go with geometric designs like this wainscoting idea. This may not look so grand and luxurious but it creates a very interesting look in this whole bathroom design. It builds character and intensifies the color white.

Going for this design is a good choice since it goes well with any design of home. This one is classic and timeless in that it goes with any season. 

28. Multi-dimensional tile wainscoting

28 bathroom wainscoting ideas

Black is already looking sophisticated but using a black multi-dimensional tile as your wainscoting is a different one. It brings you to a high level of design and is giving you a grand and luxurious view even when having a small space for your bathroom areas.

Black goes with any color and it does not seem to care even with the presence of the very bold color of red. This idea is surely a design everybody would dare to try. 

29. Rustic wall panels

29 bathroom wainscoting ideas

When trying to achieve a rustic bathroom theme, try and get creative with your wall panels and have them painted in light brown or any other color that makes it rustic and let them function as your wainscoting.

Added to its aesthetic value is the old furniture that goes with different colors but has a rustic vibe that is why it is a perfect complement to the old colored panel wainscoting idea.

30. Chevron panel wainscoting

30 bathroom wainscoting ideas

While a simple wainscoting works, it is not also a bad idea to have a bit intriguing lines and patterns like a chevron panel for your wainscoting idea. More than the uniqueness it adds to the very elegant bathroom design is the aesthetic value it gives. 

In this bathroom design, the chevron panel wainscoting is given the chance to act as the focal point and with this look, it did not disappoint. The lines and the color fit perfectly well with the old colors and materials put in this bathroom area. 

31. Contemporary coffee beadboard wainscoting

31 bathroom wainscoting ideas

When contemporary is what you want to achieve, it does not need shiny and luxurious materials. In this bathroom area, the contemporary style is achieved through combining the different shades of old color plus the bead board wainscoting that added elegance to the whole look. 

The circular wooden frame of the mirror is also highlighted that is attached to the printed wall that contrasts the wainscoting. Choosing this idea is better in a small bathroom area where you can enjoy the minimal decoration and the natural colors which build up the entire look. 

32. Traditional vertical panels

32 bathroom wainscoting ideas

It does not matter how old or traditional the design is as long as it is still with aesthetic value. Nonetheless, giving it your all and testing your creative senses and mixing it with a touch of modern design like this colourful flooring and a printed sofa as an accent added more confidence and excitement in the area. 

The plain walls did not seem plain anymore not just because of the vertical wainscoting panels but because of the elements combined together to give it a whole new look. 

33. Bright and brilliant wainscoting

33 bathroom wainscoting ideas

When going out of ideas, you can also have bright green wainscoting inside your bathroom areas like this.

While others go with neutral and safe colors for easy mixing and blending of colors to accent you with, this bathroom idea does not mind all the societal art standards. 

The green wainscoting is looking so intensely bright that it is the first one recognized when entering. For some, this idea might be the least but for some who have no art bounds can go with this very unique wainscoting idea. 

34. Cabinetry wainscoting

34 bathroom wainscoting ideas

For a more unique idea, who would have thought that your cabinetry can also function as a wainscoting to your bathroom areas? More than completing the design is actually realizing how beautiful and functional a cabinetry is inside the bathroom. In this bathroom design, just the mere colors are already looking sophisticated and grand. 

Adding more to this is the expensive materials and other paraphernalia that are added inside functioning as a decorative item. Either which, this whole bathroom set with a cabinetry wainscoting can work with all bathroom types may it be small or large, narrow or broad. 

35. Thin bamboo wainscoting

35 bathroom wainscoting ideas

A tall bamboo wainscoting to your bathroom is also one of the best ideas. Your bathroom can look classic and timeless while having to feel refreshed with the naturalistic vibe it adds to the entire look. This wainscoting idea is also not very common so you can also add it to your best list. 


What type of wainscoting can be used in a bathroom?

A wainscoting can be anything that is usually installed above the usual height of a wall in a bathroom. It would be a common choice to use wallpaper or paneling in a bathroom. It is possible to have custom paneling made from bead board, however this could increase the cost of your renovation.

Should you put wainscoting in a bathroom?

Quite often people will choose not to put wainscoting in a bathroom. Keep in mind that since you will likely be touching the walls more often than usual, it can get quite dirty and quickly worn out. For this reason installing wall paper would be a better choice as it can easily be replaced and is easy to clean.

Is the type of wainscoting chosen for a bathroom easy to clean?

Wainscoting chosen for a bathroom should be easy to clean. This way you can prevent your walls from getting dirty and quickly worn out. Wainscoting usually consists of small grooves which are hard to wipe down, this is not suggested if you shampoo or condition your hair in your bathroom.

Can wainscoting be used on the floor of a bathroom?

No, it is not recommended to use wainscoting on the floor of a bathroom. This would make the room look smaller and you would be unable to clean under it. It can also get easily damaged if anything were to be dropped on it.

Would a wainscoting made from wood be a good choice for a bathroom?

A wainscoting made from wood would not be a good choice for a bathroom as the moisture in the room can cause this type of wainscoting to rot or warp easily. Wood is also more difficult to clean and maintain since it is porous.

Can a wainscoting made from metal be used in a bathroom?

A wainscoting made from metal would work well for a bathroom since it can easily be cleaned and maintained, as well as being durable enough to withstand the moisture found in bathrooms.

How much does it cost to have a wainscoting put in a bathroom?

It cost around $300 to have a wainscoting installed for one average size wall. This does not include the cost of materials and labor. Materials and labor will depend on what type of wainscoting you choose and how many walls need it. You could expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $100 for additional walls.

What is the average time it takes to have a wainscoting installed in a bathroom? This will vary greatly depending on how many walls need to be covered and what type of wainscoting you choose. It could take anywhere from 3 to 5 days for full installation.

How long will it last if a wainscoting is put in a bathroom?

The life of a wainscoting will vary depending on the type you choose as well as how it is maintained. A quality wainscoting can last anywhere from 100 to 250 years if it is properly taken care of and cleaned. This also depends on what materials were used to make your wainscoting and what type of bathroom it will be used in.

Can a wainscoting put in a bathroom be painted?

A wainscoting that is made from wood, particle board or MDF can easily be painted with a high quality primer and paint. This is because these materials are quite porous so if not sealed properly they can easily absorb a lot of water and become damaged.

Would a wainscoting made from plastic be a good choice for a bathroom?

No, this would not be a good choice as the cost of replacing it every few years would outweigh its benefit. It is also very difficult to clean and maintain as well as being quite flimsy. If this type of material is used it would be best to have it installed above the tub or shower.

Is wainscoting made from metal good for a bathroom?

If you are looking for style and durability then yes, wainscoting made from metal could be a great choice for your bathroom. This is because it can be easily cleaned and won’t easily warp, rot or corrode. It is also not sensitive to moisture like wood which would make it very durable in the bathroom.

Are there any health benefits if a wainscoting put in the bathroom contains no glue?

Many types of wainscoting contain harmful glues that can release formaldehyde which is a harmful chemical. This can cause irritation to your skin and respiratory system as well as leading to things like asthma and allergies. Wainscoting that contains no glue or contains natural materials such as rubber and cork will not release formaldehyde into the air and will be much safer for you and your family to breath in.

How high should wainscoting be in bathroom?

Wainscoting should be installed around the top of the wall to give it that professional look. However, if you want a more unique and sleek look then wainscoting can be as high as needed as long as there is enough space above it for storage such as towels.

Bathroom wainscoting height is measured from the top of the existing wall to the bottom of the wainscoting. This will give you an idea on how much space you have for storage and more importantly if it will fit appropriately.

What is the best height for wainscoting?

The best height for wainscoting varies from person to person and their unique wants and needs. The standard height is around 5 feet which will provide plenty of storage room and still give the look you are wanting.

How do you wainscot a bathroom?

Wainscoting a bathroom is quite simple and can be done in two ways. The first way is to use baseboard and paneling over the walls. Once this has dried you will need to fill any holes or damages with wood filler. Once this has dried sand it until smooth and then paint with a high quality primer and paint that is suited for bathrooms. The second way you can wainscot a bathroom is by putting in a wooden wainscoting of your choice and colors. Once this has dried you will need to fill any holes or damages with wood filler. Once this has dried sand it until smooth and then paint it the same as mentioned above.


During the early times, people opt to have wainscoting because it is an added protection to the bathroom walls against man made hazards. However, as time passed, its function became different. Now, it is more considered as decorative, installed only to increase the aesthetic value of the area. 

Whatever the function it may now serve, it does not take away the fact that wainscoting has its upsides. For this reason alone, we could say that wainscoting the bathroom is a worthy investment and aesthetic project for the home.