21+ Best Desert Backyard Ideas On A Budget

Last Updated on May 24, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

Living in desert regions is quite challenging given its extreme climates and aridity. But it does offer a unique backdrop and terrain which for homeowners in these regions capitalize on to have distinct yards.

Setting up your desert backyard can be daunting especially if you need to start from scratch.

Landscaping ideas could be overwhelming too when you do not have enough budget to scour for the materials needed to build a dreamy backyard budget. But there is no need to fret because you only need ideas and it is up to you and your creativity to make these ideas come true in a budget. With that, here are some desert landscaping ideas on a budget which we know, you can pull off. 

best desert landscaping ideas

15 desert backyard landscaping ideas on a budget 

There are countless ways to style a backyard but there are specific ideas that you can build it from especially with the unique topography where it will be built.

Given that these are desert backyard ideas that we are talking about, you can only do so much but with the combination of certain landscaping elements, you can transform your desert backyard in no time.

It might cost you a little but if you have idling stones, pebbles and plants, then you are in for a ride with these desert backyard ideas on a budget.

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Drought tolerant plants

Of course, no landscaping element best fits desert backyards that drought tolerant plants. Some prickly landscaping would take time but the outcome is worth a shot.

You can start from small cacti and succulents and tend them through the years for the ultimate desert arrangement or you can just invest in bigger ones now like these ones.

1 desert landscaping ideas 2 desert landscaping ideas


The term refers to the art of landscaping with pebbles and stones as its base element.

Arranging pebbles and stones in a pattern or scattering it in clusters in your backyard gives off the classic Midwestern slash Mexican vibe. Other than that, a wide, open space is always a good idea for summer fun in the backyard. Add it with pots and succulents and it is done like these ideas.

3 desert landscaping ideas 4 desert landscaping ideas


As the term implies, you will need to infuse water features in your desert landscape.

Putting something that the desert representationally lacks is not only refreshing but also compelling to look at and just be around it especially in a desert setting.

You can go earthy or neat but a water feature is a default landscaping element in desert regions. Take a look at these designs from houzz.  

5 desert landscaping ideas 6 desert landscaping ideas

Reflective lighting

Backyards are meant for afternoon get togethers and morning sunbathing. With a reflective lighting looming over you and some water features that will neutralize the temperature, you will get the best of both worlds like these designs from Decoist

7 desert landscaping ideas 8 desert landscaping ideas

Grass scape

Backyards without the slightest touch of green from grass, artificial or not, will look peculiar.

There are a few grass types that could survive without frequent watering but if you think that watering is not even an option, artificial grass and turf are good choices like these ones

9 desert landscaping ideas 10 desert landscaping ideas

Large desert beds

Putting a large desert bed in the backyard is the ultimate desert backyard centerpiece. With the right cacti arrangement and flowering plants in between, large desert beds are powerful to look at and of course, they embody the right desert personality like these ones DFlaz

11 desert landscaping ideas 12 desert landscaping ideasTopography play

Do right by the mountains and the canyons and build a backyard that will highlight the natural backdrop of the desert. Water features may seem enough but there are endless possibilities to what you can add to the entire façade like these ones from Big Horn

13 desert landscaping ideas 14 desert landscaping ideas 15 desert landscaping ideas

Natural carpet

Sure we have highlighted grass and turf here but with added elements. Natural carpet means just making the entire backyard green with just a tall tree in the middle, a few cobblestone steps and that’s it. Take a look at these designs

16 desert landscaping ideas 17 desert landscaping ideas
More desert landscaping ideas

18 desert landscaping ideas 19 desert landscaping ideas 20 desert landscaping ideas 21 desert landscaping ideas


The good thing about landscaping on a budget is that you can get all the best elements in a design and modify it to suit your liking and of course your resources.

You see, there are a lot of ways to transform your desert backyard into an asset space where you could sit down and just be with nature, friends and family.

The main takeaway here is that you need to understand your property’s terrain, what you want to stay and what you might want to scrap.

After putting these all into consideration, you can start eyeing for the grand design you will pattern it from and it need not be expensive.

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