25+ Arizona Backyard Landscaping Ideas

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Arizona is a state of beautiful contrast. In the summer, it could feel like hell with the scorching desert heat but in the winter some parts will be trapped in a waltz of snow.

In both extremes, Arizona backyards are as scenic as they could get and given some push for beautiful landscaping ideas, you could execute one of the best Arizona backyard landscaping ideas and here are some of them. 

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25 Arizona backyard landscaping ideas

Simple and cheap Arizona backyard landscaping ideas and designs

There are thousands of ways to landscape an Arizona backyard but you have to be very keen with what landscaping elements to use.

Unlike the desert regions of California and the Mediterranean, pergolas and decks might not come with impact for an Arizona backyard and that is why we have narrowed down the designs here with these five most common designs for Arizona backyard landscaping. 


Stones and pebbles

What compliments Arizona desert terrains that make a fine stone and pebble arrangement to adorn majorly of the backyard landscape. Aside from really revealing out the identity of Arizona, stones and pebbles give a refreshing and modern take to Arizona backyard landscaping. 

You can make it clean and spacious with plant and flower arrangements for some life like this one. 
Arizona backyard ideas with plant and flower arrangements

You can also make the most out of a cramped up backyard space by keeping a minimalistic yet neat design like this one from Exotic Pebbles and Glass. 

Minimalist Arizona backyard ideas with rock

And if you have time and resources to go all out, mixing several earthy elements in a backdrop of an equally earthy view with fresh tones of flowering plants and right light work like this one from Southwest Boulder

Arizona backyard ideas with pond and rock

Artificial grass and turf

The one harsh truth about Arizona is that water ration could be scarce and maintaining a green turf would be impractical. But that should not stop you from laying down a mattress of greens in the middle of your backyard and make a lush space where you could bathe in the sun and play.

With the mix of pebbles and stones, some palm, small fountains for added refreshment and brick retaining walls, a green mat in the middle would be icing in the cake. Take a look at this idea. 

Arizona backyard landscaping ideas with green mat

Space should not even be a problem when it comes to grass and turfs even on a desert and this idea is enough evidence that along with the right landscaping elements to go with it, it could become a nice hideout for the family. 

Arizona backyard landscaping ideas with grass and turfs

And as if grass and turf is not enough, you could go over the top and also infuse something kids will enjoy like a swing or slide set like this one. 

5 arizona backyard landscaping ideas

Cacti and succulents

You’ve seen a number of Midwest movies long enough to understand that Arizona backyard landscaping will look beautifully well with cacti and succulents. Well, you would be astounded with how much you could play with cacti and succulents for an Arizona backyard landscaping idea. 

7 arizona backyard landscaping ideas

Bricks and stones plus cacti arrangements have proven to be enigmatic for as long as we could remember. With a wood chair and table sets on the side, what could go wrong like this one. 

8 arizona backyard landscaping ideas

Buying ginormous cacti and succulents would also make a lot of plus. With the right furniture and wood and stone elements, you will surely make a Midwest-Hispanic mashup right there in your backyard like this one from Gardenista.

9 arizona backyard landscaping ideas 10 arizona backyard landscaping ideas

With enough space, some cobblestone stairs and a whole lot of succulents and cacti in the middle of other flowering plants and other lush trees, you can have a mystic earthy touch to your Arizona backyard like this one from The Spruce

11 arizona backyard landscaping ideas 

Pool and water features

Water features are always a nice touch when it comes to backyards and generally landscaping. It could be man made ponds, swimming pools or fountains, the bottom line is water features are indispensable especially in a hot Arizona landscape. 

You can always pull off a grotesque idea like a wide tiered pool with big palm trees towering from all angles. A good light work for the pool area will seal the deal like this one.
Arizona backyard ideas with lighting

Overlooking the canyons and some big cacti on the side will also go well on an Arizona backyard with a pool. Some cobblestones and artificial grass would pump it up all the more. Look at this idea from Houzz
Arizona backyard ideas with pool and pergola

And if you want to go all out screaming Midwest, take a look at this design from Desert Xeriscape and let it speak for itself. 

Midwest Arizona backyard ideas

Palms and cobblestones

The two landscaping elements that will make your Arizona backyard landscape most fitting would be palm trees and cobblestones and here are some ideas that will prove that. 

With only palm and cobblestone, you can make your Arizona backyard like it was copied straight out of The Godfather like this one from Southwest Boulder

Godfather Arizona backyard ideas

You would be astounded with what two landscaping elements would do. Call it minimalistic or what but it looks neat and wide and perfect for many additions should you consider it next like these from Homes to Love

Minimalistic Arizona backyard ideas

17 arizona backyard landscaping ideas

More Arizona backyard landscaping ideas

Pool - large mediterranean backyard stone natural pool idea in Phoenix
Source: houzz

a mid-sized drought-tolerant backyard concrete paver landscaping in Phoenix.

a southwest backyard patio design in Phoenix with a fire pit and no cover


Arizona Backyard Oasis


Modern Arizona backyard

contemporary landscaping in Arizona


a southwestern backyard landscaping in Phoenix with a fire pit

Arizona backyard ideas with garden path

Arizona Backyard Entertaining


Arizona backyards prove to be one of the most beautiful especially if you know how to sway with the extreme tides of how climates in this part of the world could get.

Arizona has distinct terrains and an equally unique desert, canyons and mountain backdrops. Given the right landscaping ideas, your backyard is near to becoming a haven and we hope you got one from this roster.

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