25+ Best Las Vegas Backyard Landscape Ideas

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With the arid climate of Las Vegas, you are in for astonishing xeriscapes based on desert plants and succulents, rocky designs with beautiful water features. Like other landscapes, you can turn your Las Vegas backyard landscape into modern, brick, contemporary or Hispanic as long as you use the right elements at the right place, at the right time. 

If you are curious about what Las Vegas backyard landscape ideas you can infuse in your home, here are some ideas that you can ponder on. 

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How much does it cost to landscape a backyard in Las Vegas?

Based on the national average, low end Las Vegas backyard landscaping is in between $200-600. Mid-range backyard landscaping is at $700-5000 and high end backyard landscaping would be in between $6000-13000 and more.

Las Vegas landscaping tips

To have the best out of Las Vegas landscaping without having to break the bank, here are some tips to consider as landscaping head start ideas.

  • Use local plants: Choosing among a wide array of desert plants could save you money and effort especially in maintaining them. Choose palm especially yucca for majestic effects, as well as aloe, sage, agave and bottle brush. 
  • Pebble and cactus: A pebble and gravel base and scattered cacti along with stone sculptures are staple in Las Vegas landscaping. Might as well follow the form to save bucks. 
  • Stones and boulders: Aside from pebbles, you can also choose the very cost-efficient combo of larger stones and boulders. You can have colored ones for more dynamics and differently shaped ones for layer and texture. 
  • Dry stream: You do not need elaborate fountains and expensive water features to make your Las Vegas backyard landscape work. Sometimes, a dry stream bordered with stones and a twisty shape can do the trick. 

25 Las Vegas backyard ideas on a budget

best las vegas backyard ideas

And now, focusing on some backyard designs, here are some of the best Las Vegas backyard ideas that you can score. 

1. Raw desert views

1 raw desert views las vegas backyard ideas

For a red-brown clay-like monochrome that offers a raw view of canyons in your backyard, go for dry streams, pebbled pond, and raw boulders and rocks. Plant cacti or other native plants to add color, artificial turf spread on a side and you are good to go. 

2. Warm lights in the desert

2 warm light las vegas backyard ideas

The play of warm lights in an arid environment is so underrated. Imagine Middle Eastern vibes, complete with bottle brush, yucca, and large cacti. Complement that with warm patio lights and warmer yellow lights along the fence lattice columns and floor-level fountains and it is done. 

3. Open space

3 open space las vegas backyard ideas

If you have a wide, open space in your backyard, you could settle for a swimming pool to be your water feature and then elevate the backyard a bit to serve as high ground good for bonfires overlooking the pool area. Just make the elevated side simple: through gravel and pebbles, scattered cacti, and stone borders.  

4. Desert oasis

4 desert oasis las vegas backyard ideas

If you are willing to spend up a notch, be inspired with this modern desert oasis take of Moroccan pools, stone borders, gravel pathways and all in a contrast of natural canyon walling, large, elongated cacti, palms and other landscape plants native to the area. 

5. Dry riverbed

5 dry riverbed las vegas backyard ideas

You can embrace the dry aesthetics of Las Vegas by transforming your backyard into a dry riverbed composed only of wood chips, stones, pebbles, and a small bridge in the middle. Below it should be an arrangement of finer gravel and pebbles resembling a dry riverbed. 

6. Classy Midwestern style

6 classy midwestern style las vegas backyard ideas

Who says you cannot combine classy minimalism and a Midwestern flair? In this design, large succulents, gravel, and concrete pathway were prioritized to give it the Midwest vibe. Other shrubs are also scattered along with a chic iron seating in the middle to give it the cool, classy look. 

7. English cottage vibe

7 english cottage las vegas backyard ideas

If you love an English cottage appeal, do so with bricks and flagstones but with the combination of flowering plants or variegated succulents. Just make a dense arrangement out of them, place the flagstone pathways on a backdrop of brick columns. 

8. Green carpets

8 green carpet las vegas backyard ideas

Just because rain can be scarce in arid areas would not mean that you cannot make your backyard livid with natural green carpets from grass. Make a small patch of lawn in your backyard. Place flagstone walkways and scatter lush plants to complement it. 

9. Waterfalls

9 water fall las vegas backyard ideas

Nothing gets more tranquil than the trickling sound of a waterfall. It is not just a source of refreshment in your landscape but could also be attractive for local birds and other insects which could benefit the thriving desert garden that you could install to complement your waterfall. 

10. Just stones and rocks

10 stone rock las vegas backyard ideas

If you have an open space, you might not need elaborate water features to make it look alive. All you need is a balance of stones, rocks, turf grass and palms. This is a cost-efficient design but a cozy one too. A simple bench seating on the side wraps it up. 

11. Zen style garden

11 zen style las vegas backyard ideas

The backyard can be transformed into a meditation area if you install the right zen landscaping elements. A contemporary water feature is a prime choice. Get a small but reflecting pool which spills over down a bed of stones and adorned by bowl-type cacti. 

12. Contemporary 

12 contemporary las vegas backyard ideas

Bringing out the contemporary in a desert landscape depends on symmetry. In this design, the backyard columns were used as borders encasing a transition of a small, intimate pool which extends into a linear, longer pool. It is layered with succulents on a backdrop of mountains and dry canyons. 

13. Sloped stairs

13 sloped stairs las vegas backyard ideas

For a unique backyard view (or a backyard climb), you can cover the entire sloped backyard with white pebbles with scattered xeriscape plants. A trail stair in the middle makes it a good area for kids to play on while the adults watch from the patio connected to the backyard. 

14. All palm

14 all palms las vegas backyard ideas

For an ultimate desert look, make a dense palm backyard. Plant all sides with different heights and types of palm. You can install a hammock in the middle of two palms in a contrast of small pools and a compact seating. 

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15. Potted backyard

15 potted las vegas backyard ideas

By succulent pots we do not necessarily mean traditional clay pots. You can also make stone pots and scatter them in strategic locations in your desert backyard. Make different levels of these stone pots to make a stunning hardscape. 

16. Bricks

16 brick las vegas backyard ideas

The classic complement to xeriscape would be bricks. Be it a compact backyard or a wider one, brick pathways and succulent planter never disappoint. Pair it with a pergola or a wooden pavilion, with a central firepit and seating to make it all up. 

17. Shady trees

17 shaded trees las vegas backyard ideas

For a secluded backyard space sprawling with succulent beds, water features, and beautiful seating, you can do the yardwork by placing large shady trees. Opting for this is beneficial in many ways especially in providing a cooler backyard space during extended hot and dry seasons in Las Vegas. 

18. Southwestern design

18 southwestern design las vegas backyard ideas

An elevated space would benefit from this contemporary Southwestern design. It involves a short flagstone pathway, clean lines, cactus plant bed and warm lighting. With the combination of white and brown, it is a calming nook paired with a mountain view. 

19. Reflective sanctuary

19 relative sanctuary las vegas backyard ideas

For another high end, clean backyard design, you can create a calming desert backyard composed of the interplay of a reflective pool, concrete walkways, pebbled garden beds and a line of bowl-type cacti and tall, elongated ones. 

20. Desert courtyard

20 desert courtyard las vegas backyard ideas

A courtyard garden design is as relaxing as it gets as it only comes with neutrals and a cohesive focal point. If you have a compact backyard garden, designate one small space for a pebble bed and scatter palms, agave, snake plants and other succulents in that pebble bed. 

21. Geometric layers

21 geometric layers las vegas backyard ideas

If you live for the vibe of Southern California suburban backyards, you can go for some geometric water features and layer it with concrete walkways. Spread a carpet of green turf and make a dense arrangement of desert native plants and lush flowering greens that can tolerate the Las Vegas aridity. 

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22. Raised succulent bed

22 raised succulent bed las vegas backyard ideas

Nothing defines xeriscaping more than succulents. So, if you are planning a minimalist backyard design, just go with a tiered backyard leading to a central firepit surrounded with seating. But to give it texture and dynamics, make planters on the walls and pack it with succulents. 

23. Whimsical desert backyard

23 whimsical desert las vegas backyard ideas

It does not take much to light up a whimsical desert backyard. For that, you need fine gravel for the entire area and edge it with either brick or concrete. Put large garden lights by the edge and warm lights along the trees and or large plants like this one. 

24. High end minimalist canyon view

24 high end minimalist canyon las vegas backyard ideas

For a minimalist design with hardcore impact, you can design your backyard with a floor level edge pool which seamlessly incorporates with the concrete patio floors. The crisp symmetry added with the warm glow of a modern floor firepit is all you need for your backyard. 

25. Cozy fire pit on flagstone

25 fire pit flagstone las vegas backyard ideas

Flagstones are staple elements in hardscaping. To fully enjoy your Las Vegas canyon view, you can create a multi-leveled backyard with the flagstone firepit as its focal point. Border it with succulents and stones. Have it further surrounded with turf grass and shady trees. 


With everything that we have covered here, Las Vegas backyard landscaping can be one of the most stunning views once the right pieces are installed. It can be enhanced with various design elements so do not be fooled by ideas that it is hard to design desert-like environments because they sure can be limitless and offer outstanding views.

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