30 Best Driveway Gate Ideas and Designs

Last Updated on August 2, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

What better way to upscale an enclosed property, be it your home or a rest house, than investing in a beautiful, eye-catching driveway gate? Driveway gates come in many styles and now some are infused with modern technology to make it look more state of the art and why it is very understandable as to why they add to your home’s value. 

If you are thinking of refurbishing your driveway gate anytime soon or if you have not installed one and now want to, here is a roundup of some of the best driveway gate ideas that you can check on. 

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best driveway gate ideas

Inexpensive driveway gate ideas

This one is for DIYers out there. The designs here do not cost more than $300 since you can just use scrap materials mostly wood, mesh, and aluminum. 

1. Wood and wire mesh

1 wood wire driveway gate ideas

This one is the go-to design of a lot of DIYers and when it comes to inexpensive driveway gates, it is not an exemption. This one combines crafty thick wood slats with spaces filled with iron mesh creating a barn type look like this one. 

2. Traditional ranch entrance

2 traditional ranch entrance inexpensive driveway ideas

You do not need much for this to work out. It is just a notch up from the first one. It has a more geometrical look, with the classic white paint of ranch entrances, columned with just raw wood pillars. The lush contrast is so basic yet beautiful.

3. Cheap metal driveway gate

3 cheap metal driveway gate ideas

This one just costs less than $200. It is made of cheap metal, most of the time pre-made. It is not intended for privacy driveway gates as it is widely spaced. While it is made of cheap metal, it is weatherproof and sturdy too. 

Metal driveway gate ideas

Durable and sleek, metal driveway gates are taking more and more modern designs. They are cost-effective and are also versatile. They are lighter than wrought iron, so they are very manageable. They are perfect for all types of driveway gates. 

4. Rollup metal screen driveway gate

4 rollup metal screen driveway gate ideas

The rollup design is not usually used but modern townhouses would benefit much from this space efficient design. It is a beautiful semi-private driveway gate and by its looks, it gives maximum security and a comprehensive look at that with its neutral tones and inherent light trapping function. 

5. Metal and mesh

5 metal mesh driveway gate ideas

This would rightfully fall under modern metal designs. It is a bifold driveway gate featuring metal blocks and an accent of square mesh design making it a semi-private driveway gate. The sage green color of the entire gate is also something remarkable and cool for the eyes.

6. Ultra-private black metal slider

6 ultra private black metal slider driveway gate ideas

For a sleek looking, ultra-private metal driveway gate, design each slat to be as thick as it can be. But to project a degree of softness and layers, still incorporate very slim spacing in between. Overall, the look is durable, impenetrable and exudes maximum security in all angles. 

Wooden driveway gate ideas

This is perhaps the most used material for driveway gates and in many carpentry jobs. As a driveway material, it is versatile and fits a wide range of design and taste. So here are some designs that you can incorporate in your driveway. 

7. Mediterranean barn door

7 mediterranean barn door driveway gate ideas

It might look like it is straight out of The Hobbit but there is nothing warmer, and more welcoming than this Mediterranean barn door. It is a good driveway fence idea for Hispanic design homes and for more temperate climates. Adding that hinge stamp gives it all the classic wood fence. 

8. Zen style with glass viewing slots

8 zen style with glass viewing slot driveway gate ideas

This one features just raw, polished cedar, framed on concrete fence walls with an accent of glass viewing slots. A viewing slot that adds a layer of security to your driveway because it is impenetrable from the outside. Adding warm lights to it makes it sleeker and more contemporary. This one is a bi-folding driveway gate from SoCal. 

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9. Mid-century style wooden driveway gate

9 mid century wooden driveway gate ideas

Who says you cannot be versatile with wood? This one features an irregularly spaced wood driveway etched in a frame of steel. For a unique touch that is space efficient, you can take this mid-century design anytime. Its fence wall made of rugged flagstone also complements the look very well. 

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Automatic driveway gate ideas

The dawn of automatic driveway gates revolutionized how we know driveway gates. They can be operated using a remote control, through light censor or voice recognition. They can also be opened through fingerprint. The point is, you do not need to get out of your car to open them and here are some designs that you can follow after. 

10. Automatic folding wrought iron driveway gate

10 automatic folding wrought iron driveway gate ideas

This one is operated by a remote control. Aside from its automatic folding, it is made of durable wrought iron with a sleek design and irregularly slatted pattern.

It is everything you need for a cutting-edge look on a modern design townhouse. 

11. Automatic metal gate driveway

11 automatic metal driveway gate ideas

This one is operated via remote control or through voice censor. It is a sliding gate made of fine metal. This one is trackless but comes with post-mounted rollers. The symmetry of the entire design is neat and cool. It is easy to install and easy to maintain too. 

12. Electric sliding gate

12 electric sliding gate ideas

This one is controlled using a mobile application. They also come with a remote control for people at home to open the driveway when you are already by the curb. This one features a fully private design, made of simple black metal. The good thing is that, the cost of this electric sliding gate is easy on the pocket. 

Sliding driveway gate ideas

Sliding driveways are not just attractive in their own right but are also easy to operate. You do not have to worry about opening it inwards or outwards since all you need is just one slide. As such, it is a space-efficient driveway gate which is perfect for contemporary or modern homes. 

13. Wood and iron classic

13 wood iron classic sliding driveway gate ideas

This combo is a modern classic and a mid-century vibe. It is the proper balance of soft and hard, warm, and cold plus the compact texture and privacy that it offers is just the right driveway gate for a neat look. This is how sliding driveways gates should all look like if we are being honest.  

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14. Laser etched aluminum driveway gate

14 laser etched aluminum driveway gate ideas

Your aluminum sliding driveway gate should not be as plain as it already is. Etching images or symbols in your aluminum driveway could do wonders and project different vibes. For example, this one here projects a cool and zen look. It is modern looking, clean, and dramatic, all at the same time. 

15. Washed wood and steel sliding driveway gate

15 washed wood steel sliding driveway gate ideas

Time and again, wood is a classic material, but it does not have to be just the classic brown wood. You can treat the pallets to make it look washed. A contrast of steel frame would complement the white timber very well. It is everything you need for a clean, fresh look. 

Modern driveway gate ideas

Modern driveway gates are aspired for their unique look and material combos. They are definitely eye-catching and make illusions of space or compactness. Here are some modern driveway gate ideas that you can ponder on. 

16. Laser cut iron and concrete

16 laser cut iron concrete driveway gate ideas

If you have seen modern design townhouses, you must have grown accustomed to this laser cut iron driveway gates on concrete pillars and frames. It is elegant and very posh, complementing well the neutral tones of modern homes. 

17. Contemporary steel automatic driveway

17 contemporary steel automatic driveway gate ideas

This large, sloping estate boasts clean lines of black steel with a glass window accent. It is an automatic sliding driveway gate, and the contrast of gray concrete frame truly completes the look. The contemporary wood mail boxes are also an ergonomic touch to this modern driveway gate. 

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18. Frosted glass modern driveway gate

18 frosted glass modern driveway gate ideas

If you want a notch up when it comes to style, you can use the combo of frosted glass and steel frame. This is a novel, modern look which gives a private to semi-private look. This one is an automatic slider, which is outstanding for its clean lines and cutting-edge look. 

Driveway fence gate ideas

These types of driveway gates give you a cohesive view since the same materials, style and design are incorporated to the fence and the driveway gate. If you want this seamless look, this is a fine touch for your driveway gate. 

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19. Minimalist sliding driveway fence gate

19 minimalist sliding driveway gate ideas

For a naturally modern looking driveway fence gate, you can use this sliding design. It has that comprehensive, chic look using pallet wood. Overall, it is also economical because wood is inexpensive and saves a lot of space. 

20. Iron folding driveway fence

20 iron folding driveway gate fence ideas

For a clean look which complements any home design and a wide range of color palettes, you can opt for a simple wrought iron folding driveway fence. Its symmetrical yet open look is a beautiful addition to any suburban landscape like this one. 

21. Bi-folding picket fence driveway gate

21 bi folding picket fence driveway gate ideas

For a countryside feel perfect for just gravel driveways, you can have a bi-folding picket fence driveway gate.

This one is made of cedar wood but instead of the straight design, this one follows a slightly curved one for more aesthetics. 

Iron driveway gate ideas

This can be as cheap as you want it to or as expensive as it could get. But iron driveway gates are some if not the most dependable driveway gates out there and there are a whole lot of ideas that you can make with it. 

22. Wrought iron lattice driveway gate

22 wrought iron lattice driveway gate ideas

Thinking of a cool, eccentric design driveway gate with the most upscale vibe? Try a wrought iron lattice driveway gate like this one. The simple concrete pillars it is framed to, along with ornate symbols, and pillar lamps do the trick. This one here is an automatic wrought iron lattice driveway from Beverly Hills. 

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23. Compact wrought iron driveway gate

23 compact wrought iron driveway gate ideas

If you have a lush, green line of trees for a home scene, you can take advantage of having a compact wrought iron driveway gate. It does not have to be thick since you already have the concrete pillars for that. A sloped driveway would also benefit from this classy wrought iron design. 

24. Curved wrought iron driveway gate

24 curved wrought iron driveway gate ideas

Classic wrought iron driveway designs are usually almost always in symmetry to sustain its minimalist look. But contemporary wrought iron driveway designs can be made into the combo of eccentric designs, emblems and even curves like this one. It is still simple and angled but with a twisty dynamic. 

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Folding driveway gate ideas

Bi-folding and double driveway gates are common for offices to regulate the amount of foot traffic at a given time. But they have now found a way of being incorporated in homes and here are folding driveway gate ideas for your home. 

25. Short folding pallet driveway gate

25 short folding pallet driveway gate ideas

If you cannot get enough of the versatility and style of wood, you can take the minimalism of this short folding pallet driveway. This one makes use of scrap cedar, palleted and designed into a driveway gate that exudes just enough privacy for the homeowner. 

26. Timber with iron frame

26 timber iron frame driveway gate ideas

If you plan on having a more decorative folding driveway gate that does not fall short on wood but with the modern finish of iron frame, this design is for you. The combination of vertical and horizontal wood slats with minimal spaces in between give it a modern vibe through its horizontal and vertical combo. 

27. Wood, steel, and concrete

27 wood steel concrete driveway gate ideas

For a folding driveway gate that is like no other, you can have an Asian style folding driveway made with folding wood panels on a black steel frame and enclosed in raw, gray concrete. If you want a focal point for the home aside from your garden, having this one is worth a shot. 

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Rustic driveway gate ideas

If you love classic, simple tones, but solid driveway gate designs for a complete rustic vibe, here are some driveway gate designs to think about. 

28. Farmhouse style driveway gate

28 farmhouse style driveway gate ideas

There is nothing more rustic than this solid farmhouse style made of oakwood. It provides a classy and cozy, countryside appeal. Think of Birmingham, Alabama, or outskirt English cottages. The neutral tones and the crisscross brick pavers add to the majesty of this driveway gate. 

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29. Classic ranch style driveway gate

29 classic ranch style driveway gate ideas

This one is an automatic driveway gate with a simple ranch style design. It is not solid on privacy since it opens into a long ranch way. But its concrete pillars really make a standout statement. And since it is made of wrought iron material complete with the barn colors, this one is a complete knockout. 

30. Lodge style driveway gate

30 lodge style driveway gate ideas

If you are not a fan of a full wrought iron and would want to go for a simpler wood design collab, you can always opt for a lodge style driveway gate like this one from a Texas lodge. It opens to a gravel pedestrian outward which complements the simple concrete driveway it opens to inwards. It is very mid-Western, rustic and very welcoming. 

FAQs on Driveway gate ideas

Aside from these driveway gate ideas, you would also benefit from knowing other side information that could help you while you build that driveway gate idea. As such, here are some FAQs about driveway gates that you must know about. 

How much does a driveway gate cost?

According to Fixr, the minimum-maximum cap for driveway gates would be at $1400-12000. The average range is $4000-8000, and the national average would be $6000-7000. Even with these figures, it would still depend on the material used for in building the driveway gate. 

Manual driveway gate$1400-10000
Automatic driveway gate$3000-12000
RV driveway gate$1000-9000
Chain link$180-5500

What are the best woods used for driveway gates?

When it comes to wooden driveway gates, you must choose among seasoned hardwoods. The most popular wood types used for driveway gates would be cedar, oak, redwood and accoya. 

What are the best driveway gates?

There is no absolute answer here because driveway gates, at best, should match the aesthetic of your home to improve curb appeal. But among the most versatile ones would be wood, iron, chain link and steel. 

Do driveway gates deter thieves?

The consensus to this question is that yes, driveway gates deter thieves but do not prevent all of them. It is a good burglar deterrent because free spaces are enclosed causing lesser foot traffic for thieves during the night or during dawn. As such, driveway gates are considered as essential in home security systems. Automatic driveway gates are considered as the most effective when it comes to issues like this.  

Should driveway gates open in or out?

The rule of thumb is that gates should open inwards, towards the private property and not towards the street or curb. However, in some rare instances, you can also swing it outwards. These rare incidences of driveway gates opening outwards usually happen for automatic gates. 

How do you secure a driveway gate?

There are three main tips to follow when it comes to securing your driveway gate and they are as follows: 

  • Choose the right design and material: At any given rate, choosing steel is a solid material to reinforce your driveway gate. Compared to wood, aluminum, and the others, it is not malleable and is sturdy. To deter climbing in, set it up to a height that most cannot climb. You can also seal it with horizontal bars with a sharp edge to make it burglar-proof. 
  • Choose the right secure gate operator: There are two basic types of gates: the slide type and the swing type. For slide gates, the most secure gate operator would be a hydraulic rail drive complete with a solenoid lock. When it comes to swing type gates, you should opt for a pad mount gate operator. 
  • Include a magnetic gate lock: Again, there are many gate lock styles but one of the most impenetrable and cannot be picked on easily for forced entry would be a magnetic gate lock. So, if you have the chance to choose a gate lock, go for this. 

Do you need planning permission for driveway gates?

No, if you follow the basic rules. If the driveway opens to a private road, you can build a driveway gate of up to 2meters high without having to apply for a permit. If the driveway gate opens to a pavement or highway, you are granted a 1-meter-high gate leeway but beyond that, you need permission. 

Can the driveway gate add value to the home? 

Interestingly, yes. According to real estate experts, driveway gates, depending on the material used and overall design add 5% to the overall value of the home. This percentage, however, has increased due to the advent of automatic driveway gates. 

Are there different types of automatic driveway gates? 

Actually, there are three types of automatic driveway gates: flat-top, arch-top and flat-top/arch-top with finials. Like manual driveway gates, they also come in different openings. We have the swinging, sliding, folding and dual opening. The most cost-efficient of all when it comes to automatic driveway gates would be the sliding, flat-top. 

Can existing gates be automated? 

Yes. All you have to do is buy an automating kit, install it to the existing gate. However, not all existing gates are applicable for automation. Wood or timber gates might experience increased wear and tear which lessens their life expectancy. This one is used more for metal and iron. 



When it comes to driveway gates, one could be inventive because building one means that you can choose from a wide range of materials.

Other than that, you can also be flexible with the design so you can make it as stand out as possible. But this should not derail you from the main purpose of having a driveway gate and that is privacy and security. So, when the driveway gate planning is on the move, make sure that these two functions are your greatest priorities.