35+ Modern and Cheap DIY Kitchen Ceiling Ideas and Designs

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The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in the home not only because this is where the food is eaten but essentially because this is where the family gathers.

While kitchen ceilings could fare well on their own, through the standard look and dimensions, splurging on some kitchen ceiling ideas could have their perks too. 

Aesthetic-wise, resale value or just an expression of decorative functionalism, there are a lot of kitchen ceiling ideas to take inspiration from. In this post, we shall cover some of the most notable ones for you. 

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best kitchen ceiling ideas designs

35+ Kitchen Ceiling Ideas and Designs

As has been said, kitchen ceilings are more decorative than functional. If you want to upscale your kitchen, you can doze in a few bucks to spruce up your kitchen ceilings. Without much ado, let us dive in into some kitchen ceiling ideas which you can consider. 

1. Kitchen ceiling lighting ideas

1 kitchen ceiling ideas

They say that the best lighting for kitchen ceilings would still be recessed lights. However, this should not limit you into exploring lighting combos. For instance, this kitchen here is full of natural light and beautiful lighting fixtures.

The combination of recessed light and white pendant lights cascading down the island offer lots of ambient illumination at night and the skylights by the ceiling allow natural light during the day. 

In this rustic cabin kitchen, a more ornate pendant light is put as the focal point of this compact kitchen. Coupled with rows of canned lights, you can see how warmth is exuded from angle to angle in this small kitchen. 

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2 kitchen ceiling ideas

2. Cathedral ceiling kitchen lighting ideas

3 kitchen ceiling ideas

Cathedral ceilings offer a different kind of sophistication. Featuring angled, triangular ceilings, it is perfect in emphasizing symmetry in the kitchen.

It is specifically a good fit for compact kitchens too. This North Carolina kitchen here is anchored on bright white paint, well-rowed, small, recessed lights and an orb light by dropping down to the island’s center. 

4. Kitchen ceiling track lighting ideas

4 kitchen ceiling ideas

For a more industrial and contemporary look for the kitchen, track lighting would not disappoint. In this compact, urban loft, the effect of track lighting is just outstanding.

The low ceiling, with concrete beams, and simple kitchen arrangement, is made more scenic and cinematic by these track lights outlining the dining table. 

5. LED kitchen ceiling lighting ideas

5 kitchen ceiling ideas

LED lights are not just cheap but also very versatile and workable. They come in many colors, different sizes, and shapes, and can be incorporated in different kitchen interiors.

In this design, LED lights are infused in the fiberglass skylights, and along the backsplash wall. The addition of canned LED lights producing yellow, more ambient lighting adds a special take on this look. 

6. Small kitchen ceiling ideas

6 kitchen ceiling ideas

One of the best ways to make a small kitchen look more angled and a bit spacious is to set up tray ceilings or false ceilings.

In this idea, a continuous S-pattern is installed as sort of a tray ceiling for this compact kitchen. The added angle and texture in the ceiling keep the attention away from the small dimension of this kitchen. 

7. Vaulted ceiling kitchen ideas

7 kitchen ceiling ideas

A vaulted kitchen ceiling is a perfect choice if you do not have a second floor above the kitchen. It is a usual sight for bungalow suburban homes and is well-loved for the illusion of larger space that it gives.

This one here does not only feature a vaulted ceiling but also incorporates a sort of dormer window for natural light to seep in. The rows of canned lighting also complement the yellow surface well. 

8. Kitchen ceiling fan ideas

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When it comes to kitchen ceiling fans, the good old industrial, vintage ceiling fan is still the most favorable choice. Since they come in different colors and build, you can have a tropical, coastal, or contemporary looking kitchen anytime.

In this look here, a multifunctional kitchen ceiling is installed. Aside from being a standalone ceiling fan, it also offers LED lighting by the center. 

9. Drop ceiling ideas for kitchen

9 kitchen ceiling ideas

Drop ceilings are very decorative. They surely elevate the look of the kitchen because it is like there is another island reflecting the regular island in the kitchen.

Aside from this, they also add a layer of insulation to the kitchen and works well as the anchor to pendant lights.

In this idea, a wood drop ceiling is set up to complement the oriental look of this modern kitchen. Minimal recessed lights are lined up for greater illumination. 

10-11. Wood kitchen ceiling ideas

10 kitchen ceiling ideas

Wood, in any regard, is phenomenal. In this kitchen ceiling, the homeowners veered away from the usual stained wood and incorporated a white painted wood kitchen ceiling instead.

It seamlessly integrates with the lighter hues of the entire room, giving symmetry to this well-partitioned kitchen. To give off that ultimate coastal look, complement it with rattan furniture

Here is another wood kitchen ceiling to consider. It is basically a tray kitchen ceiling which made use of stained wood. The recessed lights inside the box and the vintage pendant light in the middle all add class and plushness to this cozy and shiny kitchen. 

11 kitchen ceiling ideas

12. 10-foot ceiling kitchen ideas

High ceiling kitchens do not need very ornate kitchen ceiling designs. Sometimes, a simple vaulted, regular, or tray ceiling would suffice.

The main thing that has to be worked up here to complement the high kitchen ceiling would be incorporating run cabinets and lots of lighting combos. This design here speaks for itself in that regard. 

12 kitchen ceiling ideas

13. Cheap kitchen ceiling ideas

13 kitchen ceiling ideas
Source: LuxeHome Construction Inc.

When going for a cheap kitchen ceiling, you should opt for regular ceiling designs. The strength of this kitchen ceiling design is that it is easy to spruce up.

All it needs would be a good combo of different lighting types. In this design, the rows of recessed lights are complemented with pendant lighting. The all-white ensemble of this kitchen makes it more visually appealing. 

14. Farmhouse kitchen ceiling ideas

14 kitchen ceiling ideas

There is really something timeless about farmhouse designs. One of the go-to ceiling types for this type of design scheme would be exposed beams.

In this idea, the beadboard ceiling is outlined by larger and thicker, exposed, wood beams. Overall, it creates not just an unfinished, rustic look but also an airy, open space kitchen for the family to enjoy. 

15. Kitchen ceiling storage ideas

15 kitchen ceiling ideas

Hanging storage by the ceiling is such a space-saver offering high visual appeal and functionality even to the most compact kitchen.

In this idea, a two-layer hanging storage is installed above the kitchen island. On one layer, recipe books are lined up and beneath it would be rows of condiments and other kitchen utensils. The impact of wood in this one is very strong too. 

16. Shiplap kitchen ceiling ideas

16 kitchen ceiling ideas
Source: Visbeen Architects

Shiplap ceilings are made for regular ceilings and coastal aesthetics like this idea here. It builds on regular, baby blue shiplap with overlapping false trays to mark the symmetry of the kitchen ceiling surface.

It is very neat and simple and it goes well with the clean look and colors of this coastal kitchen. 

17. Kitchen ceiling molding ideas

17 kitchen ceiling ideas

Crown moldings and coffered ceilings are often confused with one another. The advantage of moldings in kitchen ceilings is that it creates a seamless transition between the pillars and the ceiling surface in a decorative fashion.

If you are looking for a neat kitchen ceiling molding idea, you can take inspiration from this idea. 

18. Kitchen island ceiling ideas

18 kitchen ceiling ideas

Kitchen islands have become quite indispensable when it comes to kitchen designs. By kitchen island ceiling we mean a dropping ceiling where the light fixtures are attached.

In most cases, it also follows the dimensions of the kitchen island itself to produce a neater, more symmetrical look in the kitchen. If you are considering having a kitchen island ceiling, you can take inspiration from this idea here. 

19. Wooden false ceiling ideas in kitchen

19 kitchen ceiling ideas

As have been mentioned, the purpose of having a false ceiling is to conceal the surface irregularities, pipes and wiring installed in the ceiling.

If you are into stylish yet affordable and durable false ceilings, you can always opt for wood in your kitchen ceiling. Here is something to take ideas from. 

20. Ceiling tile ideas for kitchen

20 kitchen ceiling ideas

The era of ceiling tiles has come to its peak because of its easy installation, low maintenance nature and variety.

Ceiling tiles are practically good choices for low ceiling kitchens as they offer an illusion of space. You can also customize the look of your kitchen ceilings because ceiling tiles come in different shapes, designs, and colors like this idea here.

21. High ceiling kitchen cabinet ideas

21 kitchen ceiling ideas

Just because you have a high-ceiling kitchen would mean that you have invested all that space in decorative lights.

Having high-ceiling cabinets would also be a good use of space aside from the fact that it adds a different kind of visual appeal to the kitchen.

For instance, this one here features a floor to ceiling cabinet. The industrial stair by the cabinet is a decorative plus. Everything, overall, is seamless and on point. 

22. Kitchen ceiling beam ideas

22 kitchen ceiling ideas

This one is another round of exposed beams and in any regard, it really does not disappoint.

Whether you are working on a rustic, farmhouse, or industrial kitchen ceiling design, exposed beams offer a lot of flair especially if they are arranged in a geometric pattern like this one here.

The thickness of the exposed beams affects the illusion of depth of the ceiling which in this case made the entire space more intimate and cozier. 

23. Kitchen ceiling cladding ideas

23 kitchen ceiling ideas

Ceiling claddings have become popular in recent years because they add an additional layer of support and glossiness to the kitchen.

Made of uPVC, it offers more advantages compared to the usual ceiling plasters. They also come in various colors and sizes now so that is a major upside. Here is a cladded kitchen ceiling which you could take inspiration from. 

24. Kitchen tray ceiling ideas

24 kitchen ceiling ideas

This is perhaps one of the most popular ceiling amendments that you can incorporate even in kitchens. As the term implies, a tray ceiling means infusing a box structure in the ceiling, making it look like it is embossed.

The suspensions in the box are also good spaces where LED lighting can be hidden to give more visual effect to the kitchen. Here is something you can consider for kitchen ceiling trays. 

This one here is a larger, more all-encompassing tray ceiling for the entire kitchen ceiling. If you have a spacious kitchen, the single, larger tray ceiling is more beneficial to maintain that illusion of space. 

25 kitchen ceiling ideas

26. Low ceiling kitchen design ideas

26 kitchen ceiling ideas

The good thing about low ceiling kitchens is that they are very workable anytime they need a revamp. Most of the time, it is just a matter of coffering up the ceiling of infusing different light combos to give it a more spruced up look.

For instance, this one here just made wood partitions, resonating simple ceiling trays. The industrial appeal, complemented with skylights, just makes everything endearing. 

27. Coffered kitchen ceiling ideas

27 kitchen ceiling ideas

This one is another popular ceiling amendment and is often mistaken for tray ceilings. Coffered ceilings are more ornate and high-end. They look like waffles in the kitchen ceiling. They can be as thick or thin as you want them to be.

Thin coffers are perfect for low ceiling kitchens while the thicker ones are specially made for high ceilings. This one here is a simple and neat coffered kitchen ceiling idea which you can adopt. 

28. Kitchen ceiling wallpaper ideas

And if you do not want to build anymore structures up there in the kitchen ceiling, a simple ceiling wallpaper of your choice would suffice.

This is a good way to personalize the vibe of your kitchen and where you could really go for almost anything and change it after a year’s time without thinking of too much cost. Here is a fresh looking, geometric kitchen ceiling wallpaper to check out. 

28 kitchen ceiling ideas
Source: USI Design & Remodeling

And if opulence is your preference, what about this floral kitchen ceiling wallpaper in a backdrop of black and minimalism? It is so broody yet very sophisticated at the same time. It is made for feminine regality and its level of customization is hard to match. Everything is just on point. 

29 kitchen ceiling ideas

30. Kitchen lighting ideas sloped ceiling

30 kitchen ceiling ideas

You might think that a sloped ceiling is hard to work with because of its irregular angle. But really, if you have one, you are in for a modern surprise if you incorporate the right kitchen lighting combo in it. For one, this sloped kitchen ceiling here evokes a modern farmhouse look. 

Aside from concealed canned lights, it features light sticks that look like beams and in between it would be pendant lights cascading to the kitchen island. It has become a whimsical zone of its own with this light play. 

31. Recessed kitchen ceiling ideas

31 kitchen ceiling ideas

Be it tray, coffered, high-ceiling, angled and more, the use of recessed lights in kitchen ceilings is a default part of the entire design scheme.

It is convenient to install and provides ambience in the space. There is nothing more beautifully ordinary than recessed kitchen ceiling ideas and this one here proves just that. 

32. Country kitchen ceiling ideas

When it comes to country designs, we are talking about wood, bricks, and a little bit of concrete. In this first idea, distressed hardwood is used as a false ceiling in this revamped kitchen.

It has functional moldings surrounding it which is used as an extended storage for heirloom silverware. The open floor design of this country kitchen gives emphasis to the distressed effect of that kitchen ceiling. 

32 kitchen ceiling ideas

If you want a more French countryside look, we recommend the Cathedral style kitchen ceiling using a wood shiplap style like this one here. The suspension in the middle, paving way for an ornate skylight is a good touch to allow more natural light to seep in. 

The choice of fairer colored wood also adds a flair of luxe feel in this kitchen arrangement. And oh, the pendant light is hard to miss. Overall, this modern French countryside kitchen is something to look out for. 

33 kitchen ceiling ideas

34. Kitchen ceiling color ideas

Needless to say, the colors that you choose for your kitchen ceiling has a powerful impact on the vibe that it would evoke. Whatever your choice of design scheme is, it is important that the right kitchen ceiling color is chosen. 

If you are going for a more traditional look for your kitchen, solid colors are recommended. In this idea here, olive green is used to revamp her grandmother’s kitchen.

All the classic elements are still there but the white kitchen ceiling, green beams and pillars give it all the feels of home. 

34 kitchen ceiling ideas

For a more moody, upscale look, this one here makes use of just one color to give off that modern minimalism appeal. The dark mahogany brown color is a thing of beauty.

From the walls, ceilings, fixtures, and kitchen island, it brings a solid view of balance and design cohesion. It is just impossible not to be impressed with this kitchen ceiling color. 

35 kitchen ceiling ideas


Aside from the ideas that we have covered, there is also other essential information which could help you better narrow down your options when it comes to finalizing your kitchen ceiling revamp. Hence, here are some FAQs for your reference. 

What can I put on my kitchen ceiling?

You should know by now that there is virtually an endless list of what you can incorporate in your kitchen ceiling. However, the most prominent ones would be the following: 

  • Ceiling tiles
  • Drywall
  • Wood boards
  • Wood beams
  • Glass
  • Drop ceiling

Is a false ceiling needed in the kitchen?

Yes. As a matter of fact, contractors say that the kitchen ceiling needs more false ceilings than the other parts of the house because there are more pipes, wirings, blemished concrete, and AC regulators to be concealed in there. While it is okay to just leave the ceiling bare, highly consider it if you have a lot of irregularities by the ceiling. 

What is the best lighting for a kitchen ceiling?

It is said that the best lighting for a kitchen ceiling would still be recessed lights. They are the perfect fit to ceilings, can be installed symmetrically or not and at any angle and still expect it to offer ambient lighting. It also gives a vibe of sleekness. Installing 3-6 recessed lights in a medium sized ceiling is set as the standard. 

What is the best paint for kitchen ceilings?

There are also a lot of fine choices when it comes to the paint finishes for kitchen ceilings but the most prominent of them would be the following: 

  • Satin 
  • Egg shell 
  • Semi-gloss
  • Latex or any water-based paint

How much does it cost to paint a kitchen ceiling?

The national average for the cost of painting a kitchen ceiling for a standard 10×12 size would be $0.50-3 per square foot.

This range differs depending on the type of kitchen ceiling paint you are going for. For instance, it would cost you more if you paint a drop ceiling, or use spray paint or have the ceiling painted by a professional. 

Why is my kitchen ceiling greasy? 

The most probable reason why your kitchen ceiling is greasy is due to oil buildup coming from the stoves. As part of your maintenance check, make sure that you wipe off all grease and dirt after cooking.

Also, do not forget to open the exhaust so that it could seep in the oily substances. And most of all, do not allow the oil to thicken up there. As soon as you see oil smudges, wipe them off with a sponge. 


Kitchen ceilings can be left bare but there is just something about splurging a bit for it that would transform the vibe of the entire kitchen. Fortunately, there are a lot of ideas to choose from when it comes to kitchen ceiling designs.

With everything considered, your choice should be based on the dimensions of your kitchen ceiling and the interior to which it shall be fit.